Roulette-Cams Review (2020)



Roulette-cams is a video chat portal that specializes in amateur cam models.

It has many pornstars in its database and you can see some professional cam models as well.

The best part about this cam site is that you don’t have to purchase any premium package or fees for accessing the live shows.

You can even watch the live chats which are known as party chats on this site as a guest user.

Moreover, you have to pay for the premium features you want to access.

If a particular model grabs your attention and you wish to see more of her then you can request her to come for a private chat. However, you will be required to pay for the private chats as they are not offered for free.

Apart from the female performers, you can also watch shows of couples and male models. Many models offer a particular kind of fetish show that enables the viewers to fulfill their kinky dreams and fetishes. The models also upload sample videos and photos on their profiles.

Some of these pictures and videos can be watched for free but for watching full-length clips and exclusive photos, you will be asked to pay some gold coins. Registration is free and you only need to provide your email address, nickname, and password while signing-up.

Moreover, you don’t have to submit your credit card information while signing-up. We saw over 2100 models online when we logged in and it was not a busy hour of the day. Therefore, we expect that you will find over 2K models online at any time of day. 

The models can be filtered according to their region as well. This feature is not offered by many cam sites.

For example, if you are interested in watching the shows of European models then you can choose the 'Western European' filter and similarly, if you wish to see the shows of hot African models then you can choose the 'Africa' filter as well. 

Special Features of Roulette-Cams

Roulette-cams is one of a kind of cam platform. Though it has roulette in its name, there isn’t any option available for using the roulette feature to watch the shows of random cam performers. Nevertheless, it is a happening cam site as you will find models of different types here.

The thing that separates it from other cam sites is the availability of special kink and fetish shows. Many other cam sites also provide fetish shows but their number is limited. However, you will find an overwhelming number of kink and fetish shows on this cam portal.

The live shows of the cam performers can be viewed by everyone for free of cost.

You can also ask for a sample performance from a model if you like to see that before paying anything. The model won’t charge you for the sample show but you will be required to pay a certain number of gold coins if you want to watch a full-length video. Gold coins are used as currency on this cam site.

Free users can also interact with the models by sending messages in the common chat room. Though some of the models don’t use high-quality and HD cams, the overall audio and video quality of the shows is quite satisfactory. 

The models perform from their homes and therefore, you will experience an entirely new setting for each of the cams.

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The profiles of the models contain much useful information about them such as their sexual orientation, height, weight, ethnicity, body-type, pubic hair, boob-size, features, languages spoken, and much more. 

Most of the models even like to describe the kind of shows they prefer performing in and also mention their turn-ons and turn-offs. These models also state their skills and expertise in a separate paragraph.

Therefore, you can get plenty of information to check whether the model will provide the kind of shows you prefer or not. You will also see the tags under which a model can be found.

For example, if a model performs shower shows and oil shows then she will be tagged under the respective tags. Each model is tagged under multiple tags and this makes it easy for the users to find them when they use from the list of tags to refine their search.

Members can save their favorite cam shows and preferred performers for visiting their pages again. They will receive notifications before a scheduled show of that particular model starts. The notifications will be sent on the user’s registered email ID.

The viewers can even rate the performance of a particular model. The members can choose between 1 to 5 stars for rating the performance. Since the viewers have the option of rating the shows, the models need to be careful and friendly with them while they are performing.

If a viewer is interested in a cam-2cam show then he can request for that. The cam-2-cam shows might cost as much as the private shows or a tad higher depending on the model and her rates.

You get both basic and advanced search tools to refine your searches. Apart from these exciting options and features, you will also find many other interesting things and shows on this cam platform.  


The website of Roulette-cams might not be the best when it comes to look and design but it is far better than other shabby-looking websites. 

The layout is pretty good and its functionality is quite impressive as well.

The navigation of this site is quite impressive and you will also like the overall appeal of this site as it doesn’t use any flashy or dark colors.

Therefore, you can use this site discreetly without making it obvious that you are using an adult cam site for the people sitting beside you. 


The homepage of Roulette-cams starts with the thumbnails of the live performers. The size of the thumbnails is medium by default but you can modify them according to your preferences. The breakup of the online models is provided on the left side of the homepage.

For example, if there are 2K models online then you will be shown separate sections for male and female performers.

Surprisingly, they haven’t reserved a section for the couple performers but you can find a category dedicated to it. Moreover, you will also find the breakup of both the male and female list of models as per different categories and tags. 

The shows that were recently watched by you can be seen in the 'Recent' section. You can find over 80 models per page irrespective of the size of the thumbnails you choose and the rest of the models will be divided into multiple pages. Each of these pages will contain the next 80 live performances. 

When you will select a live show, you will be shown a large screen streaming player. It buffers smoothly and shows the performances of the models in real-time. You will find the gold menu of the model on the right side of the streaming player below the description of the show. 

The video quality and streaming speed (in Kbps) of the shows can be changed according to the viewer’s requirements. For example, you can choose to watch a show in 720p and 2345Kbps if you are watching the show on your desktop else you can watch a show in 144p and 184Kbps if you are watching it on a smaller device.

There is also an option called auto, that determines the screen resolution and streaming speed automatically as per your internet connection and device. You can also switch the streaming player's size to a full-screen mode for watching the show on a much larger screen.

The default screen size is also quite big when compared to other cam sites and therefore, many viewers prefer using the default site only for viewing the public and private chats.

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The name of the model is displayed on the top right corner of the page and towards the left of their name, you will find a heart icon. You can click on this icon if you want to mark that particular model as one of your favorite performers.

Below the tip-menu, you will find a small chat box that is used by the viewers interested in chatting with the models when they are performing. You can also save a particular message for using it later in the conversations or when you are chatting with another model. Emoticons and smileys can be used while chatting as well.

The font size can be modified as per your choice. The number of viewers in a live show can also be seen below the chatbox. If you want your chat messages to be hidden, you can click on the 'eye' icon that is generally used for spy shows.

The 'About Me' section of the model can be seen below the model’s live stream. You will also find a messaging option through which you can send a private message to a model. However, this option can be used by premium users as well.

For getting the status of a premium user, you have to enter your credit card details only.

They will never charge you for anything unless you are choosing one of their paid services. For checking the videos uploaded by a performer, you can explore the 'My Video' section that is placed alongside their 'About Me' section. 

Similarly, there is a separate section for photos and free videos that are uploaded by the performers.

Alongside them, you will find a section reserved for the comments of the viewers. Only the viewers who have availed a paid service offered by any performer and those who have paid gold coins to them in the live shows can use this section.

Viewers generally use this section to comment about the looks, performance, or any other aspect of their personality or nature.

They can also check the schedule of the model by visiting their 'My Schedule' section. With so much information and options nicely available on the profiles of the models, we can say that the makers of this site have done a really good job. 

At the bottom of the homepage you will find 'About Us, 'Contact', 'Become a model', and some other pages. If you want to read some details about Roulette-cam then you can click on it's 'About Us' page.

A page called 'Calendar' will take you to the weekly calendar of the site. Any special performances or upcoming events will be listed on this page. For example, a schedule of a live show or gold show of a pornstar might be listed here.

The 'Support' page will take you to the support services that are offered on this portal.

Some of the FAQs can also be found on the 'Support' webpage. However, a distinct webpage is reserved for FAQs as well. 

On top of the thumbnails, you will find some options for filtering the live models. You can even use the 'HD' filter that can be used for watching the HD shows only. Similarly, audio and phone shows can be watched by using their respective filters. 

Gold shows and party chats can also be viewed easily by using their respective filters. Also, you can use the region menu to streamline your search of the models as per their regions.

Multiple locations, countries, and continents are featured on this menu and can be used by cam lovers if they want to see the models of a particular region or country. Besides this menu, you will find here the language list that will be used for changing the language of the site.

English is set as the default language of this site but you can also choose from the 8 other languages that are offered by Roulette-cams for their viewers who don’t understand English.

Popular languages like Portuguese, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Swedish, Dutch, and Norwegian language options are available in this drop-down list. To the right of the language list, you will find a basic search tool.

This search tool can be used by the viewers by searching the models according to their name, category, specialty, etc. For example, if you want to watch lesbian shows then you can type lesbian in the search bar. Also, if you are interested in watching an anal show then you can type accordingly.

To the right of the basic search option, you will find the advanced search engine of this site. This option can be used for applying multiple filters, show types, categories, and preferences together at a time.

The advanced search engine has filters like straight, lesbian, and bisexual on their list of options. Moreover, the advanced search engine can be used separately for males, females, trans, and couple-performers. 

The option of choosing the filters related to ethnicity, age range, hair color, performance category, languages spoken by the models, breast size, body type, pubic hair, eye color, etc. are available in the advanced search engine.

The results generated by the basic search tool and the advanced search engine are accurate because they use the profile details available on the profile of the performers. As each performer has plenty of details on their profile, these search options will turn out to be satisfactory for you.

Above the advanced search engine, you will find the option of switching from basic to a premium account. Towards the top right corner of the screen, you will also find some additional options related to your account. 

The first option is nothing but a 'heart' symbol that showcases the list of the models that you have marked as your favorite. Besides that, you would be shown a mailbox that can be  used for viewing the previous chats with the models. 

Premium users can also save the videos of their favorite models. This is a paid feature and it cannot be accessed by the free users.

The saved videos can be viewed on a separate page that is named 'My Videos'. The recent purchases made by you can be seen on the 'Recent Purchases' page. This site will also provide you the option to set a daily spending limit. 

For example, after purchasing the gold coins you can choose the number of coins that you want to spend daily. If you set the limit of 50 gold coins then you will receive an alert when you have spent close to 50 gold coins. 

The 'My Account' page can be used for editing and adding personal details to your profile. It is worth noticing that you will be required to enter your credit card details for entering some basic details like your country name, first name, last name, etc.

You will not be charged anything but they will ask for credit card details for verification of the account. 

The benefits of using a premium account are also listed under the 'My Account' page if you are not a premium member already. The logout option is placed next to the 'My Account' page.

To the top left corner of the homepage, you will find some options related to the models and performance of Roulette-cams. It starts with the 'New Models' page that can be used for checking out the performers that have recently joined the platform. 

Besides that, you will see a page called 'Calendar' that we have already discussed above. Next to 'Calendar', you will find the 'Contest' page which will provide you the details about the latest contests hosted by this site and their results. 

These were some of the main options and features available on this cam site. Overall, it is a happening cam portal filled with brilliant performances and a wide array of options. Therefore, you must join it today to explore endless cam shows, hot videos, and other premium stuff. 


A free account will only provide you the options that can be accessed by a guest user of some other site. For accessing different premium services and features, you have to get a premium account.

You don’t have to purchase any paid plan for this as you can directly buy gold coins that are the currency of Roulette-cams. Gold coins can be purchased in bulk and the price of one gold coin is equivalent to $1. 


  • Viewers can watch live cam shows or they can also watch pre-recorded shows of the models.
  • If you want to show your love or appreciation towards a model, you can tip her with gold coins. It can also be used for encouraging them to perform sex or masturbation during live shows.
  • If you want to show your love or appreciation towards a model, you can tip her with gold coins. It can also be used for encouraging them to perform sex or masturbation during live shows.
  • Some models also offer phone chat i.e. voice-to-voice communication service. For accessing this service, the member has to give out some gold coins as per the charges laid down by the model and then they will get a private number to talk with the model.
  • The private number is not the actual phone number but a confidential number that is provided by the site to the model. For accessing this feature, the viewer must be in a paid chat session with the model.
  • The private number is not the actual phone number but a confidential number that is provided by the site to the model. For accessing this feature, the viewer must be in a paid chat session with the model.
  • Every time you watch a show, a list of similar shows will be featured below the chatbox. This would help you to find your kind of models without much effort. 
  • Members also get an option to review a private chat/show that they were recently in with a particular model. Moreover, they can also leave their comments or ratings about that particular performance which will ultimately impact the model’s overall ratings as well.
  • The private shows are charged on a per-minute basis. The moment you will disconnect the chat, the billing of the private chat will be stopped.
  • Viewers can request for a cam-2-cam show with a performer during the private chat session itself. Most of the models accept this request as even they are interested to meet their viewers and fans.
  • We recommend you ask the performer whether they would be willing to enter in a cam-2-cam session before you send them a request. 
  • You can also discuss the type of performances that can be expected from a performer in the guest chat before you book a private show. This is because the model must accept all your requests because you are interacting with him/her in a private chat room. 
  • Most of the cams and adult videos are streamed and uploaded in HD quality. Therefore, you won’t have any issues with the quality of the show. 
  • The models of Roulette-cam are friendly and don’t mind interacting over a microphone and chats during the performances. However, if a performer behaves rudely with you then you can also register a complaint against them with the site’s support team.
  • Members who book longer exclusive and private chat sessions get appropriate discounts. The discount percentage depends upon the time for which you have booked a particular chat session.

For example, you will get a 10% discount if you have booked a chat session of 30 minutes and if you have booked a chat session of 60 minutes then you will get a 20% discount.

Note: Please note that the discount is applicable even if the chat is continued after the booked session is over.

These sessions are therefore called discounted block sessions.

For example, if you have booked a session for 15 minutes then you will receive 5% off this time and this discount will also be applicable irrespective of how long the session will continue after the completion of 15 minutes. The same rule applies to all the pre-booked chat sessions. 

  • The quality of the customer services offered by this site is top-notch. You can connect with the customer executives over email, phone, and live chat support services. 
  • The advanced search engine is extensive and allows you to shortlist the models using multiple filters. 
  • No ads or pop-ups can be seen on this site. As a result, you will be able to enjoy your chat sessions without any distraction.
  • The quality of the models is exceptional on this site. You can find hot Asian and African models on this site. Moreover, there are American, European, Italian, Russian, and many other cam models available on this portal.
  • You will be alerted through email notifications whenever your favorite performers come online.
  • This is a perfect site for people who enjoy performances of amateur cam models.
  • The data of members is kept confidential and is not shared with anybody. This allows them to enjoy a carefree experience here.
  • Though they haven’t launched a mobile app yet, this site is mobile-friendly and works well on many smartphones. Therefore, you can now enjoy your favourite cam performances on the go.
  • Most of the models are multilingual i.e. they can speak in multiple languages


  • The overall look and appeal of this site deserves improvement.
  • The models are allowed to offer limited adult services when compared to the models of other cam sites.
  • The free user gets to watch only a few minutes of a live show. Therefore, they won’t be able to see the whole scene unless they opt for a paid service. 
  • Most of the exclusive features apply to paid members. Majority of the webpages of this site can be accessed by the premium users only. 

Support services

If you face any technical, billing, or general issue then you can visit the 'Customer Service' page of this site. Here you will find multiple options for lodging your requests, feedback, complaints, and queries.

Moreover, live chat, email, and phone support services are offered by Roulette-cams. For more information about their support services visit -


Roulette-cams can be compared with cam sites like Chaturbate that also features amateur cam performers. However, the database of models of Roulette-cams is far less when compared to Chaturbate. Also, Chaturbate offers multiple types of shows and services for its members.

Roulette-cams also offers many types of shows and services but it cannot be compared to the vast array of features and services that are available on sites like Chaturbate, LiveJasmin, or some other top cam sites.

However, Roulette-cams might improve its offerings and features in the coming days as it has the potential to entertain the audience in an interesting way.

Top Models of Roulette-Cams

Makkenzye is one of the new performers of this site but her looks can make you fall for her.

She likes to interact with both men and women viewers as she is bisexual. Her innocent face and sexy ass makes her one of the best looking models on this site.

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Dangerous Passion is known for her beautiful and chubby buttocks. If you want to interact with a nasty and sexy MILF who is a bit healthy then she will prove to be the right cam performer for you. 

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Final Verdict

Roulette-cams can be your go-to site if you want to watch some of the hot performances at affordable rates. It is a feature-packed and impressive cam site that will satisfy your sexual desires and kinks easily. Therefore, we recommend it for our readers.

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