Webcam Modeling Jobs (2020)

Webcam modeling is not everyone’s cup of tea but countless girls, boys, and even transgender individuals aspire to become a webcam model due to the monetary benefits that are associated with it.  

Who would not want to earn around $3000 to $10000 per week by performing a few hours in front of a webcam?

However, it is not an easy task if you want to earn that much, then you will have to be one of the best webcam models on the internet.

Cam sites like Chaturbate, My Free Cams, Live Jasmin,, etc. are already helping hundreds of models to earn their living. Apart from these sites, webcam models are also using apps like Snapchat to sell and advertise the adult services offered by them.

Moreover, platforms like Skype can also be used to become an independent cam model. Also, there are sites like ManyVids, OnlyFans, Sitedaddy, etc. that help models to supplement their income in various ways. 

There are so many sites and platforms on the internet that it can easily confuse you. Therefore, you can consider these aspects while initiating your career as a webcam model:

Earning desire

  • Most people who want to become a webcam model are smitten by the amount of money that the cam models make. However, you must be practical and judge your true earning potential.
  • There is no need to go after thousands of dollars if you cannot devote that much time or are not willing to do the required hard work for it. You can set a reasonable target for yourself so that you do not start over expecting right from the start.
  • Instead, you can pursue the skills that are required to become a top webcam model and you will soon be earning more than your expectations.


  • Cam modeling requires a model to engage in nudity, sexual acts, and many other things. A person might not be comfortable with these things. 
  • There are non-nude shows as well but you will still have to flirt and be an extrovert to impress your audience. Moreover, non-nude shows do not bring that much money into your wallet.
  • However, if you are not comfortable in adult stuff then probably this profession is not meant for you.


  • To become a top webcam model, you have to put in a lot of hard work and effort. Some smart ideas of earning money will also help you but there are no real shortcuts here.
  • On the other hand, many models do not understand the fact that the choice of platform can play a major role in evolving their skills. 
  • This is because of the kind of environment, rules, and regulations, and other performers of that particular site will have a considerable impact on your performance.
  • Therefore, you should be careful while choosing a cam site or platform and must do a thorough research of all the available avenues. 

Now, let us see the best webcam sites that can help you to become a successful cam model:

My Free Cams

My Free Cams was launched in 2003 and is still one of the most happening places for the cam performers across the world.

It is a cam site where you will see the best and hottest cam models who earn thousands of dollars every week.

To become a cam model on My Free Cams, you will have to go through a long procedure.

Firstly, you will have to fill and submit an application form along with your photos and videos.


After that, your application will be screened and if the moderators consider you good enough, they will send a link to your email id that would lead you to create an account. Once you create your account, you will have to fill in more details and attach the necessary documents.

Your account details and documents will be verified and they will offer you a modeling contract. After signing the modeling contract, you can start performing in the cam shows.

Types of shows available on MFC (My Free Cams)

The models of MFC can host live shows and private shows as usual. New performers might offer free live shows but most of the models do not offer free shows.

Private shows offered at a fixed rate (60 tokens per minute) and all the models have to oblige these rates. Apart from that, group shows, gold shows, spy shows, etc. can also be offered if you want to earn more.

However, MFC models usually do not engage in explicit sex and couple shows. Also, a model need not engage in any kind of nudity if she is not comfortable in doing that.

Payment details

The members of MFC have to purchase tokens for tipping the models. They do not have to purchase any kind of premium plan as all the premium services can be bought from the tokens itself.

For every earned token, the model receives 5 cents i.e. $0.05. MFC provides more than 60% of the earnings to the models and keeps the remaining amount as a commission. 

The payment is processed twice in a month (usually on the 1st and 16th of each month). They are very punctual when it comes to paying the models. The models just have to enter their account details and the money will be transferred in their account directly.

Models can also request an early payout and they can also modify their payment information if they do not want to receive the payment in the previous account. 

Models can also contact the ‘Model Support’ team if they are facing any issues related to disbursement.

Benefits of becoming an MFC model

  • No registration fee is asked from the models and they do not have to pay any commission in advance. MFC deducts its commission directly from the earnings of the models and therefore, they do not have to worry about anything.
  • It is one of the highest paying platforms and therefore, many models prefer it over other cam sites.
  • My Free Cams has been awarded on numerous occasions by AVN and XBIZ for being a top webcam portal.
  • Both amateur and professional cam models perform on this site. However, even the amateur models use HD quality webcams and aesthetic settings to stream their shows. Overall, it is a good place for performers who want to hone their skill-set.
  • The best models of MFC earn more than $50,000 every month and some of them even make more than 1,00,000 USD each month.


  • More than 1,00,000 models have already signed-up on MFC and over 1500 models are active at any given time. Therefore, the models have to overcome the odds if they want to impress and attract the audience. 
  • Only female models are allowed to perform on the site. This means that portal cannot be used by guys, transsexuals, and transgender models. Also, the age of the model should be between 18 to 45 else her application will be rejected. 
  • Cam performers of MFC cannot increase or decrease the rates of their private shows as per their will.


My Free Cams is a great webcam portal for amateur models who want to develop their skills. However, the application process is a bit lengthy and strict. Moreover, you will always have to be at the top of your game if you wish to surpass other performers and earn well. 


Chaturbate is probably the best site for amateur models who want to earn while improving their skills.

It allows men, women, transgender, and even couples to perform in the shows.

Not only that, but it also has a huge viewership and millions of people use it as an alternative to porn.

Therefore, it is always overcrowded with people who want to get rid of their sexual tension by watching someone naked on the cam. 

Chaturbate is perfect for the cam models who do not mind getting naked and performing dirty moves in front of the camera. 

chaturbate lp

It allows the models to set the rates of the private chats.

Entry in the live shows is free but the models can set a tip menu for performing their preferred moves like stripteases, flashing tits, twerking, etc. Therefore, plenty of earning can be done from live shows as well. 

The rates for private shows can be set between 6 and 150 tokens per minute. Apart from the shows, the models can also earn by creating their fan clubs. 

The members can subscribe to a fan club by paying some tokens and after that, they get access to all the sexy pictures and videos uploaded by the performers. Members who are not interested in subscribing to fan clubs can purchase the videos and pictures individually. 

As a result, models can keep earning a good amount of money every week. The recruitment procedure of Chaturbate is also very ordered and can be completed in a couple of steps.

Initially, the models have to fill up a form and they will be asked to provide documents and other details after verification. Once the documents are verified, the model can create an account and start performing after entering the payment details and making the necessary settings.

Almost anyone can become a model on Chaturbate if their age is above 18 and they can produce valid documents. Moreover, models of any race, ethnicity, country, sexual orientation, and body type can apply as a model on this site. 

Payment system

Chaturbate pays the models on a bi-weekly basis. This means that the models can withdraw their earnings every two weeks. For that, they will have to check the earning statistics present in the 'Account' section of their profile. 

After that, they can request for payout and the money gets credited promptly to their bank account. This site is very consistent with their payments and therefore, models from around the globe prefer it for streaming themselves.

Members can purchase a premium plan to access some special features like private messaging and an ad-free experience. They will also get some bonus tokens after subscribing to a premium plan which can be used to tip the models. 

However, members can directly buy the tokens in bulk for accessing all the premium features of the site. The number of tokens earned by a model determines his/her earnings. Each token will add 5 cents in their earnings and the rest of the amount is kept by the site as a commission.

Benefits of working as a model on Chaturbate:

  • You will not have to pay any subscription charges or fees while applying as a model on this site.
  • Moreover, you do not have to pay any commission upfront. The site itself deducts the commission from your earnings and the remaining amount is transferred to your account.
  • Anyone with decent looks and a good webcam can become a model on Chaturbate. Most of the performers even do not use an HD webcam and they still manage to earn well due to the enormous traffic generated by the site.
  • Therefore, the models can earn well with minimum investment and expertise on this cam portal.
  • You can even sell your nudes and sexy clips on this site to make some extra money.
  • There is no restriction on the models of Chaturbate as they can perform in other cam sites as well.
  • On average, a model can earn up to $5000 per week through tips alone.
  • The models can restrict members of a particular nation or nation from watching their shows by blocking those countries.
  • If a member is behaving rudely or indecently then the models can block them straight away.
  • The performers can use different types of sex toys and vibrators to make their shows kinkier. 


  • Approximately 6K models are active on this site at any given time. Therefore, to attract the viewers, the models have to put up a good show.
  • Most of the performers are beginners who have just started their webcam modeling career. Therefore, there is very little to learn from these models. This also hampers the growth of skills in the models to some extent.
  • If you are not comfortable in showing your kinky and naughty moves on the webcam then Chaturbate is not the ideal site for you. Non-nude shows aren’t encouraged on this site as most of the performers do not mind getting nude and nasty during the shows.
  • Chaturbate is not the highest paying site on the internet. Therefore, to realize your full earning potential as a cam model you might have to switch to sites like LiveJasmin, My Free Cams,, etc.
  • There are many free roamers on the site. This means that most of the members are not interested in tipping as they only visit the site for watching the live shows that are offered for free. Too many freebies that are offered on this cam portal hampers the earning potential of the models to some extent.
  • As most of the models are novice and amateur cam performers, they do not know the art of seducing and playing with the audience. As a result, they end up performing and revealing their body more than required.
  • This affects their earnings as members do not have to pay any tips to see them naked. Moreover, this also affects the earnings of other models as the members do not care to pay tips when some other performers are doing the same stuff for free in the live shows. 

If you have little experience as a cam model then Chaturbate can prove to be a dream site for you. However, do not expect to earn more than $10k per week even if thousands of members watch your show every day.

Also, you can perform with your partner by signing-up as a couple. Couple performers receive more attention than the others as they are allowed to perform live sex and kinky shows in front of the camera. 

As a result, models who perform as a couple end up earning way more than the models who perform solo action in their shows.


ManyVids is one of the most profitable places for webcam models who are looking for jobs. It allows both solo and couple performers to stream live and private shows.

Not only that, but the models can also sell their private pictures and videos on this site.

Apart from that, they can even record their live shows and private shows for selling it as an adult video from their profile.

The adult content can be locked and to watch them, the members will have to pay tokens.

ManyVids also offers the cam-splitting feature through which the models can stream their live shows on multiple platforms. 


This enables them to earn more through their live shows.

For streaming live shows, the performers need to create an account first. After that, they will have to upload a profile photo, a minimum of three videos, and at least five pictures in their profile.

After uploading them, the site will provide a newcomer badge to the models and they will also be given access to MV Live for camming purposes.

Models can also earn by selling their lingerie and other merchandise.

The payment system in ManyVids

ManyVids provide 6 cents i.e. $0.06 per token to the performers. It gives away 60 to 75 percent of the earnings to the performers and keeps the remaining amount as a commission fee. 

The models can set a token menu in their profile for their live shows. Only the members who have a minimum of 200 tokens in their wallet can participate in the private shows.

The private shows are charged at 60 tokens per minute for all the models. The payouts are made twice a month. The first payout is done on the 1st of every month and the second payout is done on the 16th of every month.

The payment is calculated by considering the tokens earned by the models through their live shows, private shows, and by selling their private videos, photos, and merchandise.

Advantages of becoming ManyVids models

  • Models can set a target of tokens for the public shows after choosing a room topic. The character limit for the room topic is 150 characters. This means that the room topic should be short, meaningful, and seductive.
  • The room topics should provide an idea to the members about the type of performance they can expect to see during the show. Moreover, the room topic can be edited as many times as the model wants. For example, if you are planning to do a striptease performance in a public show then you can set the topic as ‘Striptease show after 350 tokens’. This suggests to the members that the model will start performing a striptease show after the members help her to reach a target of 350 tokens.
  • Try to be as creative and sexy as you can while writing the room topic that will create a huge impact on the members.
  • Models can use interactive sex toys to make their sex show more happening. However, only Lovense sex toys can be connected with the members while performing in live and private shows.
  • The store items can be pinned in the profile for promoting them along with the other adult content.
  • Performers can restrict individual viewers or the entire region from watching their live shows by using the blocking and geo-blocking features respectively.
  • ManyVids does not penalize a model for the chargebacks that are claimed by the members. For example, if a member faces a certain issue after purchasing a token package and claims a refund for the same then the models will not be charged for that. This means that even if the member uses the tokens from that package to tip the models then those tokens will not be deducted afterward.
  • This allows the performers to be care-free about the tokens that are bestowed upon them by the members.
  • Models can also earn by referring other models to ManyVids through the referral program. When the referred model starts earning, the model who referred her will be given a 5% commission on selected earnings.
  • All the live shows of ManyVids get screen-capped as per their DMCA rules. This means that the site will track down the user who is pirating your content from the website and will get it removed. The models do not have to pay any fees as all of them receive this service for free.
  • Models can sign-up on ManyVids without paying anything and the registration process is also smooth and uncomplicated.
  • The performers can also offer sexting and phone sex services to the members for maximizing their earning potential. Apart from that, they can also accept custom video and photo requests from the members by charging extra tokens for them.For example, if a member asks a model to provide him a video in which the model is masturbating or places any other special request through the message or chat box, then the model can set a per-minute token charge for that video or image.
  • The minimum threshold for requesting a payout is $50. This means that the models who have earned less than $50 will not be eligible for a payout. However, their accumulated earnings will be transferred to the next payment cycle.

Limitations of using ManyVids for webcam modeling

  • The models aren’t allowed to set the charge for their private shows as all the models perform at the same rate.
  • The database of members on ManyVids is far less as compared to other cam sites like Chaturbate or My Free Cams.
  • ManyVids mostly used by models who are not interested in full-time jobs. Also, many models use this site just for promoting their adult services.
  • In the model referral program, the money earned by the referred model by camming is not considered while sharing profits.
  • Couple performers earn far more than the solo performers on this platform.
  • Models cannot start camming unless they upload their photos and videos on this site.
  • Even the top performers of this cam site end up earning only a few thousand dollars per week. As a result, models unable to realize their full earning potential through this site. 

ManyVids is a cool option for the models who want to supplement their income. We recommend users to use other camming platforms too while using this site for camming.

Moreover, the models can use the cam-splitting feature of MV (ManyVids) to stream on multiple cam sites simultaneously. Also, it is a suitable platform for those models who are looking forward to selling their adult content and services. 


LiveJasmin is one of the most popular webcam portals on the internet. This is because it has some of the sexiest webcam models of the internet.

Moreover, these models perform in public and private shows regularly to woo their fans. 

The models of this site do not have to show nudity or perform explicit sex scenes to earn well. 

Many members are seeking friendship and company of hot girls on this platform. Moreover, it has men, women, and even transgender models in its roster.

Also, performers can even indulge in couple shows on this cam site. Members need to pay tokens to request access to private shows and other services. The models can also earn by selling their fan clubs.

For performing as a cam model on LiveJasmin, you must be at least 18 years or older. You will need a webcam and a computer for streaming and also a dedicated place from which you can host your live shows.

Models can stream through the official website of LiveJasmin or they can use the standalone application.

Payment system of LiveJasmin

LiveJasmin has adopted a bi-weekly payment system to transfer the earnings of the models. However, the percentage of earnings transferred to the models depends on their popularity. 

There are six levels of popularity. The lowest level is ‘Aspiring’ and this covers all the models who are earning below $100 per payment cycle. These models receive 30% of their total earnings and the rest of the amount is charged as a commission.

The models who earn between $100 to $300 per payment cycle are listed in the ‘Accomplished’ level and they earn 35% of their total earnings and the remaining amount is charged as a commission fee.

‘Famous’ level is for the performers who are earning between $300 to $650 per payment cycle. Such performers get 40% of their total earnings.

‘Star’ level is for the performers who are earning between $650 to $1500 per payment cycle. Such performers get 45% of their net earnings.

'Superstar' level is reserved for the models who are earning between $1500 to $2500 per the payment schedule. These models are eligible for 50% of their net earnings. 

‘Legend’ is the topmost level and it is meant for the models who earn above $2500. These models receive 60% of their total earnings.

The models are eligible for the payouts only if their net earnings (excluding the commission) is $100. However, the models who earn less than $100 get their earnings transferred to the next payment cycle.

Models get 25% of their total earnings that they have made by selling their fan clubs. This percentage remains fixed for all the models irrespective of the level to which they belong. 

Models can charge $4.99, $9.99, and $14.99 every two weeks for their fan clubs. 

Benefits of becoming a LiveJasmin model

  • Performers of LiveJasmin can earn through live and private shows. They can also provide their special services through VIP shows. The rates of VIP shows can be more or equal to the rates of private shows. 
  • Apart from that, the models can also indulge in cam-2-cam shows for earning more.
  • Fan clubs help the models to earn extra. The members who are part of a fan club get access to the exclusive and private content of that particular model. 
  • Moreover, they can send a message to the models at half the regular rates. Also, they can give up to 500 points to the models for nominating them for the awards.
  • Models of LiveJasmin can also earn more by downloading its mobile app. The mobile app can be used to offer adult services like voice calls and video calls.
  • Also, the app can be used to sell exclusive photos and videos. Moreover, they can also post regularly on this app. These posts can either be charged or can be offered depending on the choice of the performers.
  • The popular models are allowed to create their website under LiveJasmin. The models can use their name for this website and they can add personalized content on it. The chat rooms, adult content, and fan clubs of that model can be directly accessed through this website.
  • Also, the whole website is dedicated to only one model which means that the performers can promote their adult services and become a professional model by using this feature.
  • This cam site allows models to include sex toys in their shows. However, for that, they will have to use a device called VibraToy.
  • Models can connect this toy with their laptop or computer with the help of Bluetooth. Whenever a model connects this toy, she earns an extra token per minute. Also, the models who use this toy get a badge that reveals that they are providing interactive sex shows with the help of VibraToy.
  • The cam performers can disable the countries in which they do not want to stream their shows. Up to 3 countries can be disabled by using the blocking feature excluding the home country of the model. This means that the performers can restrict their shows in a maximum of three countries apart from the home country.
  • The cam-splitting feature allows the models to stream their shows on several platforms simultaneously. This feature can be enabled for only public shows. While using this feature, a model can also engage in a private show by putting all the public shows on a halt for some time.
  • However, a powerful internet connection and the cam-splitting software is needed to utilize this feature.
  • Models can also earn through a referral program by referring other models to this platform.
  • The performers can also work under a specific studio as studio accounts are permitted on this site. The studios get paid for the earnings of all their models first. After that, they can pay the models who are operating under them while keeping a cut for themselves.
  • LiveJasmin receives a lot of traffic every day. Therefore, the models can earn a huge sum of money through this site. The top models of this site earn up to $5000 per week.
  • The registration process is simple and can be completed quickly by the performers. 

Limitations of using this site for camming

  • LiveJasmin is more suitable for the experienced and professional cam performers who know how to showcase their skills in live and private shows.
  • Due to the top-notch performances of the other models, the newly joined models need to take a lot of effort to reach the top. 
  • LiveJasmin charges more commission from the models as compared to the other sites.
  • LiveJasmin charges more commission from the models as compared to the other sites.

LiveJasmin is a great site that provides lots of earning options and opportunities to the models. However, it can charge less commission from the models who do not earn that much.

Also, models have to face a healthy competition to survive here and therefore, their skills get enhanced with time. We would recommend this site to those models who have some prior experience.


If you are not interested in joining any cam site for modeling then you can also use Skype as a modeling platform.

The advantage of using Skype for modeling is that you can keep all the earnings to yourself as you are performing as an individual model.

Moreover, Skype supports high resolution streaming and can be used for providing other services like phone sex, sexting, etc.

You can even sell your nude pictures and hot videos on Skype without any issues.

How to become a model on Skype?

If you are a successful cam model and want to make extra money without paying any commission, then you can promote your Skype Id through the platforms on which you have a huge following.

You can also promote your Skype Id through social media sites like Instagram, Snapchat, etc. However, if you are not an established cam model and have just started camming, then you can take the help of the listing sites that advertise your Skype Id by charging a small monthly fee.

Sites like SkyPrivate, CamLust, etc. are ideal platforms that offer up to 85% of the earnings to the models. You can also use these listing sites because it helps your fans to pre-book your shows.

Moreover, you will be able to create a detailed profile on these sites where you can specify all the services and things that you can include in your performance.

For example, if you are not comfortable doing anal sex shows or BDSM shows then you can mention that clearly in your profile. Moreover, you can also list the amount that you charge for your different shows and services. 

A good thing about using these sites is that you do not have to worry about the payment. However, if you are planning to go perform shows without any assistance then we would recommend you to ask the payment in advance from your clients. 

This is because there is no assurance of payment once you have performed in the shows. You can also charge extra if a client asks you to do something which is not listed in your services.

Most of the models who perform in Skype work on a per-minute basis and offer discounts for members who book longer shows with them. 

Also, you can either sell your pre-recorded videos or can offer to make custom videos as per the request of the clients. You can demand extra money if the client asks you to do something which is not included in your expertise.

Advantages of using Skype for modeling

  • You can connect with people across the world through Skype. Many of these people are willing to pay a high amount of money if you can please them.
  • If a person demands something extra during the show or before the scheduled date, you can increase your rates accordingly.
  • Moreover, you can perform whenever you have sufficient time. You can choose not to work on weekends and you can create a schedule to accommodate multiple shows daily.
  • If you are not comfortable engaging in video calls, you can also offer sexting services through Skype.
  • You do not have to reveal your contact information as call, messaging, and shows can be arranged directly via Skype.
  • Even a decent laptop camera can be enough to stream live via Skype. You can also connect it with high-quality cams to impress your clients.
  • Also, you can accept different modes of payment as per your convenience. You can also accept gift cards as payment.
  • Models can even earn through non-adult shows on Skype.
  • Skype shows allow you to engage in cam-2-cam interactions which are much more fun and interesting. Also, while engaging in cam-2-cam sessions, you can seduce your clients into paying you more.

How much do they earn?

Skype models who are new in the adult modeling industry charge anywhere from $1 per minute to $3 per minute. Professional Skype models charge much higher and their charges can be anywhere between $5 and $10 per minute.

Sites that list Skype Ids of models only charge 15 to 25% of their earnings as a commission. However, no commission needs to be paid if you are operating as an independent Skype model.

We advise you not to accept payments through PayPal, Google Wallet, etc. as they do not allow payments for adult services. There have been many cases in the past where the models have been fooled by the clients by using these modes for payment.

They can do this because cam models cannot claim money for selling adult services. As a result, the customers can claim a refund even after paying by saying that they have not received the service.

These platforms do not penalize or block the accounts of their customers but the account of the cam model can be permanently blocked for offering sexual services on the internet.

Therefore, we recommend you to be careful about such scammers.

The earnings of the Skype models depend completely on their charges and the time they dedicate to it. Cam performers who work as a part-time model on Skype earn up to $2000 to $4000 per week whereas full-time models can earn up to $7000 per week. 

However, for earning such kind of money you will have to promote your services ferociously and your skills also play a major role in your final earnings.

We would recommend you to be consistent with your timings and you will have to adopt a friendly way of communicating with your clients if you want to become a top Skype model.


Skype is not an ideal platform for amateurs who get easily disheartened after a couple of bad experiences. However, it is a nice platform if you want to experience your camming potential without registering on any cam site.

Professional cam models can use it to enhance their earnings whereas they can also use it to promote and provide adult services.


Snapchat is also a cool app for those models who do not want to register on any cam site. Snapchat accounts can be created on mobile and you can earn through this platform without indulging in live shows.

This is possible because you can sell your premium Snapchat accounts through listing sites or social media platforms.

For accessing posts and premium content, people will have to pay a subscription fee. 

Also, it is beneficial because the posted items get removed after some time and your fans will always be waiting for your next update.

Therefore, you can maintain the interest level of your fans and they will be tempted to continue their monthly subscription.

Many models sell their premium content like videos and nudes through Snapchat. Moreover, models can also host live shows using this platform. It is a good way of earning because this app will never ask any commission from you.

Apart from these platforms, you can also use OnlyFans, Sitedaddy, and other portals that provide a major part of the earnings to the models.

Final Verdict

These were some of the best platforms that you can choose to earn money through webcam modeling. However, these are not the only platforms that are available on the internet.

We request you to do some research on your own and you can also read the online reviews posted by models about the aforementioned cam sites and social media platforms.

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