321SexChat Review (2020)

321sexchat is a chat site that caters to the sexual preferences and fantasies of each individual. ​

It has plenty of chat rooms and each of them are dedicated to a specific adult niche, fetish, and fantasy.

Therefore, it is a dream site for the people who prefer to get kinky and nasty over steamy chat. 

321sexchat is a well-known chat site that has been operational since 2004.

It is one of the busiest chat sites and therefore, you can find plenty of users to chat with. 

All the chat rooms offer free chat services to their members. 


Moreover, users can register on this site for chatting purposes or they can even log in as a guest user. Guest users also get to choose a username, gender, and age for starting their chat in any room of their choice. The option of creating an account using Facebook profile is also available on this site.

However, the guest users are not allowed to create multiple accounts with the same name because the site won’t accept the guest users to login with the same username. Each chat room is opened on a separate page and you cannot access multiple chat rooms at the same time.

For example, if you select the BDSM niche and start chatting in a particular chat room but you are not impressed then you can decide to check another chat room of the niche or any other niche as per your choice.

However, you won’t be able to hit the back button for entering other chat rooms as each chat room is opened in a separate window. As a result, you will be left with no other choice than closing the current window and selecting the preferred chat room from the homepage of the website.

We recommend the users to register on this site for accessing all the chat rooms seamlessly as the sign-up process is free and easy to complete. This site has many interesting options to explore but we will talk about them in the later sections.

Remarkable Features of 321sexchat

As its name suggests, 321sexchat only consists of members who are interested in sex chats only. Moreover, you don’t have to provide any of your details while creating an account. As a result, you can hide your identity and chat discreetly with other members of this site. 

This also helps you to share your secret desires without any inhibition to anyone you want. Apart from sex chats, this site also features many adult cams. These adult cams are also differentiated according to their respective categories and sub-categories.

However, if you try to view the live streams, you will be redirected to Cams, a popular site that features thousands of live sex cams.

We also found some advertisements for Cams on its portal. Therefore, we can only guess that they are partnering with them to provide a perfect blend of adult cams and sex chats to the viewers. 321sexchat focuses on multiple porn categories.

It also provides separate categories for chat rooms that are dedicated to gay and lesbian users specifically . People who are interested in kinky role-play chat can use the 'Role-play' category for interacting with the users who share the same interests. 

Apart from the adult chat rooms, this site also provides a lot of useful information to the users who are interested in online dating, chatting, role-play ideas, and much more. A separate section is dedicated to articles where you can find various interesting content about sex, dating, porn, etc.

There is a separate 'Reviews' section where you can find reviews of some of the best chat sites. The design and look of this chat site is quite simple and plain. However, the developers have taken enough efforts to provide a hassle-free experience to all users and visitors.

You will also come across a chat roulette category which will allow you to connect with random live performers. It also provides a dedicated support service to the users who are facing issues while using the site.

Top Free Adult Webcam Sites

Many interesting avatars are provided which can be downloaded directly from this site free of cost. These avatars can be used by registered users in their profiles for increasing their chances of getting noticed by other members.

Members can also use emojis while chatting and they constantly keep updating these emojis to provide better smileys and emoticons to the users.

Most of its features are offered for free but members can also pay for additional perks and privileges. For that, you don’t have to purchase any periodic premium membership but you can give a small donation to its makers for unlocking all its exclusive features for you.

Therefore, a lifetime VIP membership can be availed at a minimum cost of your choice. The free version is great and rewarding on its own and therefore, we doubt whether the members of this site would be interested in its lifetime membership. 

Nevertheless, it is a great site for chat lovers who want to make the most of their interactions with random strangers. Some people also make some cool friends in their free time but most of them want to satisfy their sexual urges by talking dirty with random people.

You will not only get to chat in public chat rooms and groups but you will be able to interact one-on-one with members who manage to grab your attention. For that, you have to click on their names and send a request for a one-on-one private chat. 

If they accept your request, you can chat with them for satiating all your horny desires. There are so many users on this platform that you might find someone living thousands of miles away from you alongside many local dates near you.

Therefore, you can use your chat sessions for dating someone interesting in real life by using this platform. All these features make it one of the best chat sites on the internet. We will discuss some of its other benefits and limitations in the sections below.


The homepage of 321sexchat looks simple but it has a good layout that gives it a better and promising chat site feel.

The white, magenta and black color scheme of this site imparts a decent look to it.  

The homepage of this portal displays all its adult niches that are dedicated to chatting. Each of these categories have multiple chat rooms.

There are some ads as well but they are not flashy and disturbing at all.

The registration process can be completed within 30 seconds and it is a two-step process. 


Firstly, you need to provide your details like username, password, email ID, age, gender, etc. After that, a verification code will be sent to your email ID and you need to enter that code. Sometimes, the site might take some time to send the verification code to your email.

Therefore, you must wait for a few minutes before requesting the code again. You might check your spam folder as well for the code because it gets delivered to the spam box at times. Also, you won’t find any pop-up ads here which is again a good thing for the users.

Some of the links and options will only redirect you to other sites. For example, we found some options like ‘Meet & Fuck’, ‘Sex Dating’, etc. below the adult chat rooms. However, when we clicked on them we got redirected to a dating site.

Similarly, when we clicked on several cam categories that are featured on the top of the site, we got redirected to another cam site. Some of the popular chat categories of this site are 'Sex Chat', 'Role-play', 'Porn Chat', 'BDSM', 'Mobile Chat', etc.

You may also find chat rooms that are dedicated to people who are interested in transgenders, bisexuals, gays, and lesbians.  A separate category is provided for the individuals who are turned on by furry fetish.

Towards the left side of the homepage, you will find options for setting avatars and the emojis that are uploaded on the site. Below that, you will find a 'FAQ' section that will provide details regarding how to change your chat avatar, how to edit profile, how to send private messages to other users, etc.

You will find details about the cam services, sending friend requests, how to become a moderator of this site, and many different topics are discussed as well.  

Overall, the FAQ section is quite detailed and will provide you information about a lot of important things that can prove helpful especially for the new users. For accessing live sex cams, you can click on the ‘live sex chat’ option that is provided on the homepage.

It offers different options for viewing couple sex cams, teen cams, MILF cams, amateur cams, tranny cams, BDSM cams, and much more. However, all these options will divert you to Cams.com. The upper part of the homepage is quite useful for cam lovers.

Below the cam show options, you can see all the categories that are packed in kinky chat rooms. Each chat room is filled with multiple users for you to interact with as they are public chat rooms.  You can use different stickers, emojis, fonts, and HTML text to make your chats more interesting.

For learning how you must use them, you can visit the ‘FAQ’ page. Below the chat categories, you can find some hook-up and dating options. These options will divert you to Adult Friend Finder that is an international dating and hookup platform.

Options like phone sex, sexting, and video calls are also offered by this site and it is a good option for those people who want to explore the online dating scene.

After these options, you will find some details about online adult chatting sites, the reasons due to which people prefer them, and various other details. Below that, they have highlighted some of the coolest features about 321sexchat. Members can send a private message request to other users.

Once they send a request, a pop-up will appear on their display and they will be notified about your request. You can start interacting with them after they accept your PM request. You can chat with multiple users at any time with the help of a private messenger.

Members can also send whispers to other members in the public chat rooms. These whispers won’t be visible to any other user except to the person who is its intended recipient. It is also a good way to let other users know that you are interested in chatting with them using one-on-one settings.

Regular pages like ‘Rules’, ‘Contact’, ‘Sitemap’, etc. are provided at the bottom of the homepage. There is another option named as 'Chat Rooms' which will provide you with a dropdown menu of the sex chat categories offered on this site.

Besides this option, you can find an option called help that contains three different pages viz. 'Rules', 'Banned', and 'Contact us' in it.  

In the rules page, you will find all the rules and guidelines that must be followed while interacting with other users through public and private mode settings.

If you do not follow these rules and guidelines, you might be banned or blocked from the site.

For unblocking yourself, you can click on the ‘Banned’ webpage. Here you will find the process that must be followed by banned users.

For getting unblocked, you need to fill-up a form with your chat username, age, gender, email, country, IP address, the chat room, or rooms from which you have been banned, etc.

Many details have to be provided and if you manage to give the name of the exact chat room, the process of unblocking speeds up. Only 50 unblocking requests are accepted every day and therefore, you need to be patient after submitting your request.

This process can also be followed by individuals who want to unblock their entire account. The ‘Contact Us’ page can be used for going through the FAQs, for checking the status of your unblocking request, etc.

Even a contact form is provided for the advertisers, webmasters, and professional organizations working on this webpage. Once you enter a chat room, you will come across many people chatting in the common chatroom. You can also set your status as online, busy, or away as per your choice.  

There is also a section called news where you will find the latest news and updates about the features and services provided by the site. For availing the VIP status, you can click on the ‘VIP’ option. VIP members can use special emoticons while chatting in private and public chat rooms.

They can choose different colors for their profile name. Moreover, VIP users can also create their chat rooms and view their chat history. Also, VIP users are always featured on the top of the user's list and therefore, they will get more attention from other members.

They can even use different gradients, fonts, and colors while sending text messages.  Only VIP users can set an animated image as their profile photo. Members can also participate in quizzes and contests for entertaining themselves in their leisure time.

Towards the right corner of the chatroom, you will find a profile section that can be used for editing of details. A good thing about this site is that even the guest users are allowed to update their profiles. Minimum details such as username, age, and gender are displayed on the profile.

You can also get some extra details about yourself in the ‘About Me’ section. This is completely optional but it will help you to attract more users and friends. Towards the left side of the profile page, you will see a notification (bell) icon which alerts you whenever someone sends you a message request, shares an image, etc.

Besides that, you will find a message box which lists all the messages received from other users. When you click on a message thread, a chat window will appear at the bottom of the screen and you will be able to chat with that person in real-time.

You can also clear your chat thread or delete a message by clicking on the ‘cross’ button. Moreover, you can also click on the ‘clear’ button to delete all the messages at once. For adding members to your friend's list, all you have to do is click on their name and after that, click on the 'Action' tab.  

In this tab, you will find two options viz. 'Add friend' and 'ignore'. You can click on the 'Add friend' button to add your favorite members to your friend's list. Also, you can even remove the friend request if you find that the person is not replying promptly. 

Therefore, we can say that this site functions similar to any social media site for people who love engaging in dirty chats and flirting.


All the options and features of 321sexchat are offered for free. Therefore, you might never feel the need of a VIP membership to get your throbbing dick or wet pussy satisfied. However, a lifetime VIP status for this site is offered for a one-time payment of $20.

However, only registered users can purchase this membership. After registering on the site the users can pay the amount of $20 from their PayPal account. Members can also purchase lifetime memberships for their friends.

However, no other option for payment other than PayPal is available for purchasing the VIP status.


  • 321sexchat allows you to watch plenty of adult cams for free. Therefore, cam lovers don’t need to visit any other platform for watching live masturbation and sex shows.
  • Registered users can send friend requests to other members too.
  • Guest users can use the same account for chatting purposes as per their choice.
  • 321sexchat also allows members to host their shows without spending anything. For that, they need to switch on the webcam button for connecting it with the site. 
  • This site is designed to be compatible with all types of smartphones and tablets. Therefore, you can use its services on android and Apple phones without any issues.
  • The mobile chat option allows users to connect with other users via chat rooms and other options easily. This is because the mobile interface is optimized to provide maximum connectivity and speed to the members.  
  • Members can either use their profile picture or they can set the custom avatars that can be directly downloaded from this site. Hundreds of custom avatars are available on this site that will help you to set a new avatar for your profile every time you log in. 
  • Pictures and videos can be shared in the chat rooms easily. Moreover, you can also share images with your friends over the private messaging option.
  • Girls and guys who use this site have no problem in sharing pictures. Also, they can talk to you without any contempt because they don’t know you personally. 
  • You can even talk as dirty and nasty as you want for making the chat more erotic and sensuous. However, you must not disrespect others in any way unless they ask you to do so because it acts as a major turn on for them.
  • Many members also indulge in sharing their pictures in the public chat rooms for engaging in steamy chats with multiple users within the chat room itself.


  • You will receive many spam messages in your inbox from fake users or bots who will ask you to visit a particular site for sexual favor. Be aware of such people because they are ready to dupe you off your money. 
  • Apart from sex chats, you will be able to view the live shows of horny cam models. The live shows can be viewed for free but you might have to pay for the private chats. Also, you might have to register on the cam site (Cams.com) once again because it is not linked with 321sexchat.
  • Whenever you enter a chatroom, you will be bombarded by the message tone set in the public chat room. A distinct tone is set for messages and notifications also.
  • For disabling these tones you can directly turn off the volume of the site. However, people who are not much tech-savvy might find it very irritating.
  • The overall appearance and layout of this site leaves a lot to be desired. It is still better than many sex chat sites but we want them to add more colors and themes for keeping the users interested in it.
  • It is better to check the profile of a person before sending them a private message because some members might be handling them with misleading profile pictures and usernames.
  • For example, a person with the profile name BlackDick might be a woman looking for hung black dudes but many female users might think the other way. Therefore, we advise you to check out the profile of those users as it will provide a correct idea about their sexual orientation and different choices. 


There are many free chat sites on the internet and to say the least, many of them are quite impressive. Free Chat Now is a chat site that provides a simple interface and many adult chat rooms for the users. Like 321sexchat, it also allows you to chat as a guest user.

Moreover, many adult chat rooms are catered towards specific sex categories. However, it has some pop-up ads and redirecting links that can frustrate you easily.  Also, 321sexchat scores over this website when it comes to the design, layout, and overall functionality of this website.

YesiChat is another adult chat portal that can be used for chatting with random users.  The best feature of this site is that it offers a one-to-one chatting feature that lets you connect with random users. You can connect with multiple random users with the help of this feature.

Also, you can just cancel the chat box if you want to end the conversation and move on to the next user.  It has many group chat rooms as well and you can also create your own chat room and add your friends in it.

However, the laid back and uninspiring design of this portal discourages many people to do that. Also, most of the users chat anonymously i.e. as a guest user, and much of your time is wasted in introducing each other. Therefore, it might not be as promising and entertaining a chat site it claims to be. 

If you want to chat with random users through video chat then you can prefer sites like Omegle and Chatroulette too. These sites also provide you with the option of chatting through texts if you are not keen on showing your face.

Therefore, 321sexchat has a lot of competitors but it still manages to stay unique and entertaining among the most of them. By offering dedicated chat rooms for adult chat lovers, it has become one of the biggest chat sites in terms of traffic and registered users.

Customer support services

321sexchat offers some options when it comes to supporting services. The best part being it provides a long list of FAQs and articles that will help in resolving your basic issues and queries.

However, we did not find any sort of live chat support service and telephone numbers for the support staff on its website. You can register your feedback, queries, complaints, or requests by clicking on the 'Feedback' option. This option can be found on the 'Contact Us' page of the website.  

They have also provided a separate section for the users who were blocked previously by this website. This section is named as ‘Banned’ and it helps those members who want to get unlocked and use the features of the website again.

Final Verdict

These were some of the features and drawbacks of 321sexchat. It is one of the best platforms for individuals who love sexting but you must stay cautious of the fake accounts and bots that are mostly active on this site.

However, we recommend this site due to the wide variety of features and options that it provides to its members. Moreover, it is completely free and you can also get some additional perks by paying a minimum amount as a one time charge.

Register on the website today and explore the adult chat rooms that cater to most of your wildest fantasies. 

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