Top 20 Asian Cam Girls (2020)

Asian girls are known for their calm demeanour and extremely cute faces. These oriental women know how to speak and behave, and that’s why they are the most searched when it comes to webcam shows.

Luckily, there are many Asian cam sites where you will find leading Asian cam girls. In this article, we will talk about the top 20 Asian cam girls, who we think deserve your attention.

These ladies don’t just look good, they are extremely popular among their fans too. The girls that we have picked come online regularly. You will find them online almost daily.

These girls are ever-ready to perform live nude and sex shows for you. However, there is a price that you will have to pay.

Barring sites like Chaturbate and MyFreeCams, most of the cam sites allow sexually explicit shows in private rooms only.

These girls are ever-ready to perform live nude and sex shows for you. However, there is a price that you will have to pay.

Barring sites like Chaturbate and MyFreeCams, most of the cam sites allow sexually explicit shows in private rooms only.

Top 20 Asian Cam Girls
Top 20 Asian Cam Girls

Nevertheless, the ones that we have picked are affordable. Most of the Asian cam sites are loaded with more than 1000 Asian cam girls. The majority of them are pretty, but then we can’t list them all here. We have hand-picked these girls based on a few parameters.

We want our viewers to watch the performance of only those girls whose shows are the best in the industry. The parameters that we have considered to rate these girls on are looks, attitude, personality while interacting with the fans, and cost for private shows.

We know for a fact that none of the top Asian cam girls come for free. This means that you will have to pay them if you want to see them naked. The ones that you will see here are no less than pornstars. They can be seen wearing subtle to rich makeup.

They often wear alluring clothes, and the ones we have penned down below are the cutest! Regarding their personality and attitude, these Asian babes yet again score a full ten out of ten.

We know for a fact that you would certainly not like to waste your time on someone who doesn’t know how to talk and behave. Therefore, the ladies that we have picked are the epitome of grace. They are sweet to everyone.

Finally, most of these cam girls will charge you between $0.99 to $5.99 per minute for private shows. All of them do come for public shows, but they prefer getting naked privately.

But there’s one catch, we have listed a few Chaturbate’s top Asian webcam models too, and if you are lucky, you will find them performing naked, and sex shows publicly. The reason being, they receive a generous number of tips from their fans on the public shows.

This encourages the girls to perform sexually explicit shows in the public chat rooms.


Webcam model’s name


Webcam account link



Sunday to Friday

Innocent June

Innocent June

Weekly thrice




1. Sachika22

Sachika22 is a popular webcam model and registered with Sakuralive. Sakuralive is the best place to find some of the hottest Asian webcam models. 

Sachika’s real name is unknown, but she is from Japan. This webcam model loves to chat, and she has big breasts. You will see her flaunting her breasts by wearing deep neck t-shirts or dresses.

Sachika is 28 years old. You will find her online daily, except for Saturdays. She can only speak Japanese.

As far as her appearance is concerned, Sachika looks really adorable. She is fair skinned and has long black hair.

The good thing about this webcam model is that she uses a full HD web camera to broadcast her live show.


Sachika22 comes online every day, except Saturdays. She doesn’t have any fixed timings, though.


Sachika often comes for free public chat shows; however, if you would like to have her all for yourself, you will have to pay $2.99 per minute for the private shows.

2. Innocent June

Innocent June is available at Live Sex Asian. This pretty little girl is only eighteen years old, but she already has massive followers.

This is the reason why as soon as we started to see her free public show, she joined a private room! June has average size breasts. Her hair is long and pitch black, and her skin colour is fair.

June doesn’t have any tattoos on her body. The model uses an HD web camera to broadcast her live show.


June comes online thrice weekly. But whenever she comes online, the model stays online for 6-8 hours.


June will perform nude shows only privately. And for that, you will have to pay her between $2.99-$6.99 per minute for private shows.

3. Crazzy_Cherry

Crazzy_Cheery is a bombshell. She is an Asian but stays in New York, and she is only interested in talking to men.

Cherry was born on 15th August 2000, and she is a registered webcam model with Chaturbate. She has 154,240 followers. This Asian webcam model can speak English fluently.

So, if you would like to watch a sultry Asian babe performing bold moves on live camera, then Crazzy_Cherry is your girl.


Cherry comes online daily. However, she doesn’t have any fixed timings for her shows.


Crazzy_Cherry performs nude, and sex shows for free. She prefers public chat rooms. Her public shows are tipped. The more you tip, the better her show will be.


CcRENA, yet another popular Asian cam model registered with Sakura Live, comes online regularly, except Mondays and Saturdays.

You will find her online for at least 4 to 5 hours. CcRENA is 30 years old, and she loves to enjoy and have fun with her fans.

She can speak English and Japanese. In case you want to chat with her privately, you can ask her to do so.


The model comes online on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays.


For private shows, ccRENA charges $1.99 per minute. That’s her standard rate.


KARENccY is a registered model with DXLIVE. Karen sometimes comes online seven days a week, but usually, she keeps Thursdays and Sundays for herself.

This 21-year old adorable looking girl loves to play with sex toys while performing live. You can ask her to come private if you want, but she does offer free nude public shows.

Karen prefers to come online at night, and she can speak both Japanese and English.


Monday to Wednesday, Friday to Saturday


Karen offers free nude shows, but if you want to go private with her, you will have to pay $1.50 per minute. She is affordable.

6. ChoSarang

ChoSarang is from Japan, and she is 26 years old. She prefers to speak to men only, and ChoSarang has medium length hair which is brown in color. The webcam model can speak English fluently.

You will have to visit Sexy On Cams to start interacting with her. ChoSarang has a fantastic body, and her pussy is shaved, and her fetishes are vibrators, role-playing, oral fixation, and masturbation.


Daily, but she doesn’t stay online for a very long time.


ChoSarang is not pricey at all. She charges $0.99 per minute for private shows, but she performs free nude and sex shows.

7. Euryalee

This gorgeous looking oriental babe is from Thailand. Euryalee is the pseudonym of Eve who is a registered webcam model at Chaturbate.

Eve loves to play with her body when she is online and explore her sexuality. She loves to tease and make her viewers go crazy for her. Eve is a student, and she is only 18 years old.

Euryalee has 6,806 fans  and she stays in Osaka. The model comes online daily, and she can speak in English.


Euryalee comes online daily, and prefers to come online at night.


Euryalee has no problem performing free nude shows for a couple of tokens. But to have more fun, ask her for a private show. She generally charges $1.99 per minute.

8. MalieHali

If you have ever visited the Asian Camly site, you might have come across Malie Hali. This young and vibrant Asian girl is counted among the top webcam performers of the Asian Camly site.

Malie is 25 years old, and according to her, she has a pleasant personality. Well, we saw her performing, and she indeed is a sweet girl. She loves to wear sexy and sensual dresses.

Her kinky attributes are feet, roleplay, and voyeur. Malie has average size breasts. The model’s hair and eye color are brown.


Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.


Malie loves to chat with her fans through the public chat room, but if you want to chat with her privately, you will have to pay her $2.99 per minute.

9. Yukari Paradise

Asian Camly has given a chance to a lot of beautiful Asian girls to showcase their talent to the world. Yukari Paradise, who is a registered webcam model of Asian Camly, joined this platform only a few years ago.

She is now counted among the top models of this platform. Yukari’s real name is unknown. She weighs 48kg. Her hair color is black, and her eye color is brown.

Yukari has average size breasts. Some of her kinky attributes are feet, spanking/paddling, dominant, roleplay, and submissive. You can send private messages to Yukari through the webcam site.


Yukari is a new webcam artist, and you will find her online daily for up to 6 hours or so.


Her public chat shows are always free. Yukari performs sex and nude shows privately, and her charges are $2.99 per minute.

10. TinnaKorn

Who doesn’t love a girl with adorable dimples in both of her cheeks? Tinna is yet again available only at Asian Camly, and arguably has the cutest smile among our top 20 Asian cam girls.

If you have a thing for seductive eyes and a cute smile, you must watch TinnaKorn perform live for you. This brunette is playful, and she is well-educated too.

The webcam model is 25 years old, and her sexual orientation is straight. Tinna’s zodiac sign is Scorpio, and she speaks English fluently. Her kinky attributes are feet, voyeur, and roleplay.


Tinna comes online from Monday to Saturday. She likes to take a break on Sundays.


Tinna leaves no stone unturned to tempt and lure you in a public chat room. You will see her playing with her body, teasing you, blowing kisses, and more. But she performs nude and sex shows privately, and she charges $2.99 per minute.

11. BellaGajos

Let’s talk about BellaGajos now. This BBW Asian webcam artist is voluptuous, and she loves to get naughty in front of her webcam. BellaGajos uses an HD web camera to broadcast her shows.

She doesn’t mind showing her skin in public chat shows, but her private chats are way better! The webcam model can speak English fluently. BellaGajos lives in Russia and is half Korean.

The model is only 19 years old and has massive breasts. She loves wildlife and enjoys travelling.


BellaGajos is in demand, and she knows it. She comes online on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. Unfortunately, the model doesn’t have fixed timings.

12. xxJESSCUTExx

Here’s the thing, while most of the webcam models come online wearing heavy makeup, our pretty girl xxJESSCUTExx prefers to represent herself without any makeup.

This natural beauty is soft-spoken, she knows how to keep her audience entertained, and she loves to interact with her fans. xxJESSCUTExx is a 22-year-old Asian girl.

The model has a petite figure with long luscious hair. She is straight and can speak English.


You will find her online on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.


XxJESSCUTExx likes to keep everything non nude on her public shows. But ask her to come private, and watch her undressing and teasing you. She charges $1.99 per minute.

13. Yyuummii88

Yyuummii88 is a registered webcam model at Sakura Live. This webcam model can speak Japanese, English, and Chinese. She loves to get naughty. Her hair color is blonde, and she has brown eyes.

Yyuummii88 looks adorable and has a girl-next-door appeal. She has a slim figure and enjoys talking to her fans.


Yyuummii88 comes online daily. She stays online for more than five hours.


Yyuummii88 prefers performing sexually explicit shows privately only. She charges $0.99 per minute.

14. xoMARIMOox

XoMARIMOox looks nice, and her personality is even better. This soft-spoken Asian bombshell is a registered member of Sakura Live. This pretty lady can speak Japanese, English, and Chinese, and she is a model by profession. 

XoMARIMOox is 27 years old, and she comes online four times a week. xoMARIMOox enjoys performing live cam shows, and she used an HD web camera to give her fans a better experience. 

You will love talking to xoMARIMOox for sure.


xoMARIMOox comes online four times a week, and the days she comes online are Sundays, Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays. She stays online for at least 12 hours.


xoMARIMOox charges $1.99 per minute for private shows.

15. PrettyJean05

We wish we could have known the real name of PrettyJean05 because it seems this webcam model is not at all shy to get dirty on her private shows.

PrettyJean05 is an outgoing person, and she loves to make her fans happy. She has long nails, a shaved pussy, she has a petite body, and has shoulder-length hair.

PrettyJean05’s sexual orientation is straight; hence she only entertains men. PrettyJean05 is willing to come for two-way private chat shows whenever you want to.


PrettyJean05 is a registered webcam model at Asian Babe Cams, and she comes online daily.


Her two-ways private chat shows typically cost $1.99 per minute. Join Asian Babe Cams to get access to all of her pre-recorded shows.

16. Ehrin

Another of our favorite models of Asian Babe Cams is Ehrin. You will often find her busy in private shows.

The model has mentioned in her bio that she is kind of shy, but once she gets to know you, she leaves no stone unturned to pamper you. Her turn ons are funny people and real gentlemen.

She doesn’t like people who are rude and bossy. Ehrin is 27 years old, and has a petite figure. She is straight and chats only with men.


Ehrin comes online daily; however, her timings vary.


You will find Ehrin busy with private chat most of the time, and she charges $1.99 per minute for her private shows.

17. Pancakee

Do you want to see a webcam girl performing free public nude and sex shows? If so, then meet our girl Pancakee. Pancakee loves to perform live orgasms, and she is an avid dancer.

You will often find her playing with her vibrators and butt plugs. The moment we saw Pancakee, we knew that we were in for a treat. This webcam model is 18 years old, and she loves to roleplay.

She has a petite body and often wears makeup and wigs to enhance her look.


Pancakee comes online from Wednesdays to Sundays. She is a student and aspires to become a renowned webcam model one day.


Her private show will cost you $1.99 per minute. We don’t think you would mind spending this much for Pancakee. Her real name is Satou, and she is from Osaka, Japan

18. AmiraMillie

Amira can be both sugary and shy. Her vivid personality can drive you insane. But the best way to know the real Amira is by asking her to come online for a private chat show.

Amira looks adorable, and she is always there to listen to her audience’s requests. Amira is 20 years old, and she comes online regularly.

She has a standard breast size, and loves to pose for the camera. Amira is also a traveler, and she loves to explore new things.


Amira comes online daily to entertain her fans.


To chat with Amira privately, you will have to shell out $3.99 per minute.

19. Naughty_Tilly

Tilly Mae who goes by the name Naughty_Tilly is a registered webcam model at Chaturbate. This gorgeous Asian bombshell is followed by 62,428 people on the adult webcam site.

Tilly loves to perform sex and nude shows in the public chat rooms. She doesn’t really prefer coming for private shows. Tilly is 27 years old, and she is interested in men, women, trans, and couples.


Tilly comes online from Mondays to Saturdays, and the model can speak English fluently.


This webcam model performs sex shows in the public chat room, which is free. Tip the model to vibrate her sex toys!

20. Tatawiin

Tatawiin’s real name is Tiana, and she is a webcam model registered with Chaturbate. This 20-year-old girl is a true beauty. She is charming yet so naughty.

She enjoys teasing her viewers and accepts requests if you tip her well. Tiana can speak English well, and she is interested only in men.

She comes online daily. Tiana is from Korea, and she loves to make new friends. If you want to know her more, become a fan of Tiana!


Tiana has started her career as a webcam model pretty recently, and you will find her online daily.


She performs free nude and sex shows. You will have to tip her though, to demand things from the model.

Parting words

So, that was our top 20 beautiful Asian cam girls. These models are available on different platforms. We enjoyed the public and private chat shows of these Asian divas. Each one of them are well behaved, and they come online regularly.

And if you look at their prices, these webcam models don’t really charge a bomb. If you have a thing for hot Asian babes, then you must check out all of these twenty stunners.

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