DxLive Review (2020)

All of us are fans of adult webcam sites.

They offer plenty of models to choose from, most of the models are good-looking, they are available for both free and paid shows, and the adult sites provide plenty of features. 

Now, we know a lot about the leading western webcam sites, however, do you know about the leading Japanese adult webcam site? We are talking about DxLive!

DxLive is a Japanese adult webcam site, and it features loads of good-looking and super adorable Asian webcam models.

This an exclusive female-only webcam site, meaning you will only find female performers and no other genders here. 

This platform is ideal for everyone wanting to chat with cute Japanese babes. If you love Asian babes, then you will surely enjoy DxLive. All the performers of DxLive are amateurs. These are real girls broadcasting live feed straight from their bedroom.

DxLive is a legit webcam site and not a scam. The main feature of this adult webcam site is its models. They are adorable, sweet, but so unpredictable.  The good thing about these Asian models is that they are friendly. All of them behave well, even if you are a guest and not registered.

This is what made us happy. When we visited the site, we came across 500 of them, and to our surprise, all of them were friendly and had a pleasant personality.

We usually think that Asian girls are mostly shy; however, you will see an altogether different persona of these Asian hotties here on DxLive. They are smart, and they know what their audience wants.

We don’t think that the models of DxLive use HD cameras because the majority of them were seen using SD web cameras. And even if they do, you will find just a couple of them. Models use remote toys, and many use double remote toys, meaning they use sex toys both for their vagina and ass.

You can take a look at the type of sex toys these models use on their profile picture. The website of DxLive looks good, and the homepage displays the list of available models. One thing that genuinely sets DxLive apart from the usual webcam sites is that these models are more into roleplaying and eroticism.

You won’t find any tip menu as such, and this platform is a member-only site. This means, even to enjoy a free show for a few minutes, you need to become a member of DxLive first.

That being said, even free videos have certain limitations, such as you won’t be able to chat with anyone unless you pay them. That’s how the entire site works. We have reviewed DxLive properly for you so that you  properly understand how does this site work.

Readers may note that by default, the site will appear in the Japanese language; you will be provided with the option to choose the English language. We have taken a look at all of its features, checked out the top models, and also weighed its pros and cons.

Why is DxLive so popular?

DxLive, as we said, is a dedicated Asian webcam site with models only from Japan.

It is a Japanese webcam site with some of the cute looking Japanese models. The models of DxLive are very different from the western webcam models.

They are more into roleplaying and eroticism rather than straight-up masturbation.

It is not like that you won’t find them, but the Japanese have a different way of commencing things and turning others on is one of them, and that’s what makes this site different, exciting, and very popular.

The site launches five new fresh faces every day, which is why they have a considerable model catalog. So far, there are 42649 models registered with them, and each one of them is from Japan. You will find all the basic categories on the homepage.

If you are only interested in interacting with the most popular models of DxLive, you must visit the popular page, else, if you want to see who has joined this site recently, you can click on new girls. To get in touch with the girls using remote toys, hit the remote toy option.

We liked the website of DxLive. It looks nice and sleek. We know that Japanese are into animation, and you will see that this site is somewhat inspired from animation. The models that use sex toys have an animated sex toy icon on their profile, which looks cute.

Just like the girls, the site looks attractive as well. In terms of video quality, we don’t think anyone will have any issues because video streaming is effortless, and the quality is top notch. The models mainly perform from their bedroom.

You will see a cozy bed in their rooms. In terms of shows, you will get to choose from peeping mode, chat mode, private chat, 2-way cam chat, remote toys, and double remote toys. You can also send a secret message to your favorite model.

And if you want, you can send them a gift too. Rather than tokens, you will be spending points for the paid chats, and for sending gifts and messages.

If you have always wanted to visit an exclusive Asian webcam site where you get to watch horny Asian babes performing nude, you must visit DxLive today. You will fall in love with the models and their behavior.  You may find few cam girls performing kinky acts.

Also, you can always ask them about their sexual preferences. You can interact with the model by messaging her if she will be interested in fulfilling some of your wildest kinky desires; you never know who might be interested.

So it would be better if you start chatting with them and understand them directly. Once you become a member, you can watch as many performances as you want, and you are free to send as many messages to as many models as you wish.



Estimated last month’s visit: 4,026,632

Website design and navigation 

Here’s what we think about DxLive’s website. The site looks good.

We won’t say that DxLive has the best website design because we have seen some of the really attractive webcam sites.

Anyhow, they have an excellent website, which works seamlessly. The site has various relevant categories mentioned right on top of the homepage. 

On top of the site, you will see tabs, such as home, search, first time, how-to, and FAQ page. Below that, you will see other tabs, such as now online, all, remote toys, new girls, popular, and microphone. Just underneath it, you will find additional details. Finally, you will see the list of online girls.

Each profile has the name of the performer, type of remote-control toy she is using, and her profile picture. Needless to say, each performer is from Japan. Navigation is excellent and smooth. You will be able to jump from one model’s page to another within seconds.

You will experience smooth streaming on the website.


We know you have been waiting to know about the models of DxLive. DxLive so far has 42649 registered models with them, and all of them are from Japan. There will be 1500-2000 models online at any given time, but sometimes the number might come down to 1000 only.

It depends on when you plan to visit the site. Normally during peak hours, you will easily find 1500-2000 models online who are always willing to chat. The models of DxLive are amazing.

All of them have a unique and charming personality, and they will leave no stone unturned to convert their visitors into fans. There is a tab for popular models on the homepage, where you will find the list of top performers of DxLive.

There are no trans, couples, or males on DxLive. You will only find female performers. All the models are amateurs, although they are professionals, and they know what you want from them. They love to chat with their fans in private.

You will get an option to peep into any of the model’s solo performances. If you want to watch free shows or paid shows, do remember that you need to become a member of DxLive. The ladies of DxLive are sexy, yet extremely cute. Well, that’s why we love Asian chicks, right.

Here are some of the top models of DxLive that you must check out.

RANomM is a 25 years old webcam model registered with DxLive. Her profile page has some of her photos. However, none of the pictures were revealing or nude.

She comes online only at night, and she speaks Japanese only. RANomM uses sex toys in her show.

It seems like MooMoo is shy to show her face publicly because none of her photos revealed her face. Even then, she is counted among the top performers of DxLive.

She has uploaded many revealing photos but without showing her face. MooMoo is 29 years old, and you will find her online mostly in the afternoons.

Another camgirl of DxLive that we think you will love to interact with is RUMInm. This cute Japanese diva is 25 years old, and she comes online every night.

If you are lucky, you will see her performing with attractve sex toys. RUMInm can speak in Japanese and English both.

Mobile site

Let’s be honest here about the mobile version of DxLive. There are only a few adult webcam sites that work perfectly on mobile phones, and we are glad DxLive is one of them. The site appears on mobile devices as it normally appears on desktop and laptops.

However, you might have to zoom in for reading the content of the website. Apart from this, you won’t find any glitch while navigating the mobile site of DxLive.

Signup and Login

To join in, you need to click on the join option available on top of the website. Once you click that, you will see the points purchase page. For becoming a member, everyone has to purchase points. As we said, DxLive is a member-only site.

And to become a member, you need to buy some points first. Once you choose the number of points, click on the purchase option. After that, you will be taken to another page. You need to enter a user name, password, and enter your email address twice.

For billing information, new members need to add their first name, last name, zip code, and country. Then comes the credit card information. You have to enter the details, and finally, hit the “purchase now” option.

You will receive a confirmation email, click on that to activate the account. If you don’t receive the confirmation email, you must check your spam box for that. Click on the link to activate your account, and now you are all set to start your DxLive journey.

Top features of DxLive

  • There are over 42,649 models to choose from. The models are attractive, and all of them are willing to perform in private shows.
  • There are different types of shows available for you, such as peeping mode, chat mode, private chat, 2-way cam chat, remote toys, and double remote toys.
  • The website looks good, and navigation is easy too. You won’t find navigating  DxLive challenging at all. The site has segregated all the categories for user’s convenience.
  • Once you become a member of DxLive, you can send messages to the girls by spending just one point, and if you love someone, then you can show them love by sending them gifts.
  • All the models are from Japan, and this is a dedicated Japanese adult webcam site. Hence there will be loads of online models to choose from.
  • Models have their photo galleries on their profile page, and you will find few details about the model on their profile page too.
  • Models also use sex toys. Some of them use single remote toys, while others use double remote toys.


Not everyone might be familiar with DxLive, but there are many horny Japanese men who always check out DxLive at least once a day.

It is not easy for anyone to come across beautiful single ladies under a single roof, and that’s why this site has become the perfect platform for those who want to mingle with equally horny women.

If you have visited Streamate, then you must be knowing that it is popular in America, just like DxLive is popular in Japan. There are many men who want to hook-up with charming Asian babes and for them nothing satisfies their needs better than DxLive.

If you want to become a member of DxLive, you need to purchase points. Also, you will be required to enter your credit card details too; otherwise, you won’t be able to watch anything as nothing is available for the guests.

The following are the packages available for you, and you will see the same charges available on the website too.

  • $50.00: 25 points
  • $100.00: 50 points
  • $200.00: 110 points (you will get additional 10 points)
  • $300.00: 170 points (you will get additional 30 points)

DxLive is an amazing Japanese webcam site with a plethora of shows to try. If you want to chat with sexy Japanese babes, then you will find them right at this website.

You won’t have to look for other websites to find some of the best-looking Japanese webcam girls ever who will be interested in doing some naughty stuff on camera.

  • Peeping mode: 1.2 points per minute
  • Chat mode: 1.2 points per minute
  • Private chat shows: 1 point per minute
  • 2-way cam-2-cam chat shows: 1 point per minute
  • Remote toy shows: 1 point per minute
  • Double remote toy shows: 2 points per minute

If you study the chart, you will notice that for everything, you will be spending only 1 point per minute, whereas, for the double remote toy show, you will be paying 2 points per minute. In terms of price, we think DxLive is extremely affordable, and that’s why they are leading the Asian market.

Certainly, registration is not free here, but then the price you pay for the paid shows is really affordable. DxLive does not have any spy or group shows. All you can watch is available only in private mode and peeping mode.

Site performance

Cam Quality






Girls Online




Unique Girls






Bonus Material


Our score: 77/100

Site Statistics

  • Top models: YUKINAxx22, Tsubaki707, Sachika22, MIORIxlove, XChizucoX, MIOmew, MOvMo, MooMoo5, OooMAHI, xxxxMIA, uxuHINAuxu, AINOooo, suuchan, RANomM, CHIELI3, QpNATUMIqQ, xxMINAxx00, EMIRIyy, xxMAO33xx, RUMInm, YUKIohh, Ta1saChan, Menya, MIKAxSA, Aiko00422, NaNa18, QxxYUUN, NICOxandxx, mmAINAmm, AM1sss, xxMAO33xx, mayu5121, KOHARUx55, OcannaO, moaMiruku, MIKAxSA, MEIxchan, kanon123, DENMAchan, Asa24, KeikoSexy, Sumiye, xsRUSAsx, RUNAst, emoImoe, NONOluv, poHARUoq, YUIdx203, YUMImim, Doer, and much more.
  • Models: All the models of DxLive are from Japan, and they mostly speak Japanese. Although, you will come across some models who speak English too. The models are stunning, and they have nice personalities.
  • The total number of models registered: 42651
  • Types of shows available: Peeping mode, chat mode, private chat, 2-way cam chat, remote toy, double remote toy.
  • Most popular features: Around 42651 models. Models are only from Japan. The mobile site is great. Shows are affordable with lots of models to choose from.
  • Amateur models: All the models of DxLive are amateurs.
  • Live broadcasting quality: Good.

Competitors of DxLive

There are a lot of Asian webcam sites. Many try to search out Asian cam girls on generic adult webcam sites, but what they don’t know is that things become a lot better when you visit any of the dedicated Asian sites. Because only there, one will find 100% legit Asian cam girls.

Everyone loves these cute looking Asian chicks, so what can be better than finding them on platforms that are loaded with hot Asian girls only. So, we have figured some Asian webcam sites that we think are good competitors of DxLive.


For those who want to interact with hot Asian chicks, visit LiveSexAsian. Here you will find more than 2000 models registered with LiveSexAsian.

If you wish, you can sign up and start chatting with the ladies for free and you can chat as much as you want.

You will find models masturbating, playing with different sex toys, doing a striptease, and more.

The site doesn’t have a vast catalog model, but wait until you see the camgirls perform and show you what they have got. 

You will be amazed to see that none of these Asian chicks shy away from getting dirty in front of the camera. You will find at least 100 of them online at any time. Most of the girls come online at night, allowing you to masturbate with them.

The girls are masters of seduction and exotic performance. Most of them have long hair, sultry bodies, and sexiest faces. After appreciating what you see on the homepage of the site, go and click on any of the model’s profiles and read their complete bio.

The bio page will have information such as eye color, hair color, ethnicity, size, and their sexual preferences. You will also get to know what turns them on and off. If the credits are available with you, you will get to enjoy live shows immediately.

If you like someone, you can send private messages to them. The models have their photo galleries available for everyone. There are all sorts of categories available for you, such as hairy pussy, big ass, big tits, BBW, anal, amateur, and more.

If you wish to filter the models, you can do that easily. There is an advanced search bar, which will let you find the right model suitable for you. The models use HD web cameras. This platform is also visited by 173,340 people every month. Also the site is visited by 2,082,655 people annually.

Sakura Live

If you are an ardent Asian webcam lover and you haven’t visited Sakura Live, then you are missing out on a lot of exciting things. Sakura Live is another top Japanese webcam site with loads of Japanese webcam models.

The pink background of Sakura Live clearly states that all of the performers are females. The camgirls look very innocent and naïve, and the main page of Sakura Live is filled with loads of them.

The girls have all sorts of hair color, name any color, and you will see at least a single model with that hair color for sure. You will see models with hair colors like blue, pink, red, purple, black, blonde, and more. What really sets this site apart from other sites is that it will translate everything on the site right away.

You can translate the site into Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. All the models of Sakura Live are between 18-24 years. We found many girls with huge breasts. Most of the models have beautiful physiques, and all of them are interested for private shows.

In terms of kinky fetish, Sakura Live is filled with them. If you want to watch some hot Asian cam girls performing live for you, you must visit this site. Last month, the site was visited by 412,832 visitors.

Chaturbate Asian Cams

Well, who doesn’t know about Chaturbate, right, but what you might be unaware of is the fact that Chaturbate has the biggest list of Asian webcam models!

Every month this fantastic webcam site is visited by more than 300 million people, which is a very large number. Most of the visitors visit Chaturbate mainly to chat with Asian babes.

Just click on the Asian tag that is available on the homepage, and you will see the models right away.

You will see cute looking Asian girls smiling in front of the camera, flashing their tits, and even masturbating with interactive sex toys.

These ladies are always available for free sex shows too. One more thing that sets Chaturbate apart is the availability of HD cameras. 

You will find model index pages along with proper bios of the models; you can buy their preloaded videos  too. It doesn’t matter when you visit Chaturbate and explore whose profile, but whenever you do, you will find models available for you all the time.

And the best part is the plethora of free chat shows available for you, meaning you don’t have to pay anything to the models. Even the choice of registration lies upon you. Here,  guests are free to chat with the models as much as they want, and watch the free live shows.


  • DxLive is a dedicated Japanese webcam site, where you will get to chat with Japanese webcam models only.
  • All the models are attractive, and have charming personalities. The models are always up for private shows.
  • If you want to explore the cam shows first, you can begin by peeping into the cam shows of the models by paying 1 point per minute.
  • The homepage is nicely segregated into essential categories. New models join this platform everyday; five to be precise.
  • Models of DxLive use sex toys; both single and double sex toys, and the models are willing to come for private shows all the time.
  • Most of the shows are available for 1 point per minute; the shows of DxLive are affordable. As we said, all the shows except the double toy shows will cost you only 1 point per minute.
  • You can also buy points in bulk.


  • We would have preferred to see more models online at any time rather than just 1500 of them, and, in fact, on certain days we saw only 500 of them available, which can be a real disappointment for regular viewers.
  • We would have preferred to see more models online at any time rather than just 1500 of them, and, in fact, on certain days we saw only 500 of them available, which can be a real disappointment for regular viewers.
  • Most of the models speak Japanese, which could be a great problem for non-Japanese speakers.


In case you feel like contacting DxLive, you can visit their contact us page. There is no direct phone number or an email ID available there; however, they have a contact us form, which can be filled by members to connect with the DxLive support team.

You won’t be dissatisfied with them as the website has an excellent support team.

Contact us page:

FAQ page:


We would like to recommend DxLive to everyone who wants to watch beautiful and naughty Japanese cam girls. We loved everything about this site. Even though you might not find a lot of models online, the ones who will be available are amazing for sure.

The cost of paid shows are incredibly affordable, and the models are always ready for private shows. You can send private messages to as many models as you want by paying only 1 point. In case you have a favorite, you can send them gifts too.

Navigating the site is easy, and you will find the list of online models right on the homepage itself. The site is the perfect destination for those who haven’t tried a Japanese webcam site yet.

Parting words

This was our review on DxLive. We hope you have found this review helpful, and that this review will inspire you to visit DxLive. Visit the site once and evaluate the pros and cons by yourself. Also, don’t forget to check out its cool features.

You will enjoy your time there. Also, don’t forget to visit us again for more such reviews.

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