How Much do Camgirls Make? – WebCam Model Income/Earnings [Real Numbers Revealed]

The adult industry has been growing for a very long time.

Be it live cam shows or videos-on-demand or adult eCommerce websites, it is a niche that is capable of making money within a very short time.

These adult websites get a lot of traffic when compared to sites like Netflix, Amazon, and Twitter together.

About 30% of the traffic on the internet can be found streaming on adult websites like Pornhub which has hired very expensive billboards located on the New York Times Square, which has diverted a lot of advertising to porn sites.

Definitely, the adult industry has taken over every industry. 

camgirl money

According to reports, the value of the adult industry is approximately $97 billion, whereas Hollywood makes about $10 billion with  the release of about 600 movies in a year. It is a fact that adult industry makes about $15 billion every year due to the release of about 13,000+ films.

So, how much one can claim from this insane amount? In order to understand the earnings of a webcam girl, you must understand that there are various factors that have an impact on the earnings of these models.

Their earnings will increase as they grow with the firm and get exposure, more customers and also customer loyalty by way of retaining those old customers.

Once they gain experience, these models can get a lot of new channels to look into, join networks, earn through affiliate income, and learn about earning more from their current customers as well as new customers.

Factors which Impact the Earnings or Income of a webcam model

There are many factors that affect the income of a webcam model. They are listed below:-

1. Attractiveness

This factor tops the list of factors. It is a fact that cannot be denied that models who are more attractive earn a lot more in contrast to the models who are less attractive in the industry of webcam modeling.

However, in this industry, looks are not the only factor and hence one must not worry much about their looks. There are many more factors that affect the income-earning capacity of a webcam model.

You must remember that different people have different preferences and they get attracted to distinct things only. You just have to identify the right customers for whom you can be attractive.

 You need to understand that you must evaluate yourself keeping in mind people from different parts of the world have different cultures. Your viewers have different standards and preferences.

2. Rate of Payout

The payout rate of a model is the percentage that is paid to models by the websites. This is paid according to the payment made by the viewers. The percentage of payout varies between 30% to 70%. There are 2 different types of rates charged:

Pay per minute

In this system, the viewers pay on the basis of minutes they watch the show. The time spent by a viewer on your show is the basis on which they will be charged. The rates can be fixed between $1 to $2 or there can be flexible rates which can be changed as well.

Sites offering Pay per minute make earning a lot easier than a site that is dependent on tipping solely.

Tipping base

Here, the viewers have the option of deciding the amount which can be paid. However, a lot of people are freeloaders who just want to watch the show free of cost and generally don’t want to pay.

There is a huge deviation in Tipping base sites which indicates that the gap between a good and bad day and that between a lower-earning and higher-earning model is huge.

3. Personality

Personality is the most crucial element in this world of webcam modeling. A person who is humorous can earn more in comparison to someone who is dull. The key to earn more money and have more customers is keeping a positive attitude. Remember that nobody likes a negative person.

4. Disclosing the Face

If a model does not show her face, it can affect her income in a negative way.

The model's earnings are going to fall by 30% to 50% in case she does not show her face. In the case where the model has a great body and lacks a very pretty face, then the model can earn more by not showing her face.

5. Number of Customers Who are Regular

The backbone of every single business is having loyal customers. This also holds true for the industry of webcam models earning as they earn a lot only through regular customers. However, it is quite tough to maintain a strong fan base.

A model must have a regular schedule and also must perform regularly along with being active on different social networking sites all the time. This keeps the fans updated about the model all the time.

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6. Show Quality

 It is a known fact that those performing acts which are unique and uncommon will catch the attention of viewers.

Initially, webcam models might find it tough to earn money through this mode and a lot of the models move on to X-rated performances for attracting more viewers in the beginning. These performances can earn the model a lot of money.

Even fulfilling special requests of their viewers or completing their fetishes could earn them a big tip in just one performance.

7. Blocked Region

Most of the models block the regions so as to avoid people living in that specific area viewing them.

A few websites permit blocking a complete state as well as the country. However, this could negatively impact the business of the model as a large area and large traffic of potential customers are blocked from a specific state or country. Blocking states having a huge population is not advised.

8. A High-speed internet 

Just like your HD camera, having a high-speed internet is quite crucial. Prior to purchasing good clothes and makeup, get yourself a good internet connection with high speed. Without a high speed internet, a model cannot show how amazing she is.

Also, the HD camera will not perform well, if the speed is low. HD quality shows generally need an uploading speed of 1 to 1.5 Mbps.

A High-speed internet along with an HD camera are the main reasons why webcam models residing in a developing country are unable to earn a lot in contrast to their counterparts from other countries.

9. HD webcam

Many times new models wonder about the income earned without having a good internet connection, without the right equipment like a good HD webcam and lighting. The equipment is the main aspect which determines your show's quality.

In case a model is quite attractive, a low-quality webcam won’t do justice to their performance. A good HD cam is one of the basic things which is often ignored by models. Without a great HD camera, it is tough to compete with other models.

In case you do not intend to invest in a great HD webcam, broadcasting your performance can be a total waste of time.

10. The Setting of Light

Once you have a great HD camera and high speed internet, the next step is to have good lighting. One must remember that one has to sell the performance and the show has to appear awesome. Viewers always prefer an attractive model.

The lighting has to be set properly so as to enable the viewers to see your face as well as the body clearly. The lighting must not be very bright and must be very natural.

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11.  Devoting Time in the initial weeks

Generally, the webcam sites offer a promotion period in the first few weeks.

At this time, a model has to work the maximum as it can help them build up their regular customer base. In case the model misses this period, it can become quite tough to get the required customer base as there won’t be any support.

12. Jitter and Pin

When it comes to the quality of broadcasting, these are crucial factors. Ping refers to the time taken for information to be exchanged between the model and the server which they are connecting to. In case the ping is 50ms or more, the connection is quite slow which leads to time lag.

Jitter refers to the variation in connection response speed; the lower it is, the higher the ping will be. There are many factors that lead to a higher ping and jitter. The main issue is the physical distance between the server and the model, a very old router and an old Ethernet cable.

13. Longer working hours indicates less average for an Hour

A statistical analysis indicates that when it comes to long working hours and average income in an hour, there is a negative relation between these two. In case you work for a longer time at a specific site, your average income will drop down.

This could be due to the viewers getting bored of the repetitive content by the same model.

14. Time of Working

The time a model works in a day has a direct impact on the income. The time you select to work depends on the website as every website has a different time as per the traffic. Nighttime is a high traffic time for viewers.

Therefore, you must be aware of your viewers origin if you wish to understand the best time for your show.

15. Attitude

The personality or the attitude of a webcam model is essential to ensure the existing clients are retained and new ones are attracted. If a model appears uninterested and bored, the viewers might feel the same as well. You must remember that a lot of viewers are paying just to see you.

This indicates that a model has to offer good customer service.

16. Rough Times

Though the profession of webcam modeling appears to be lucrative, a beginner cannot expect to earn a lot of money. This indicates that every show won’t result into great earnings. There are times when it will be tough to earn and get tipped, as well as income, can go really low.

17. Fraudulent Ads

There are plenty of fraudulent ads that can be found on the internet where one can become a webcam girl and earn a lot of money, maybe about $100 an hour or even $10,000 in a week.

These ads are not trustworthy because they often give you an unrealistic figure when it comes to the income earned.

How does age affect the income of a webcam girl?

A very popular question that is asked by people is whether age has an impact on the career and earnings of a webcam model and whether a teenager can become a webcam model.

You must know that these days, there is a market for almost each and everything.

Whether you are in your 40's or in your 20's, you can always become a cam girl and earn.

However, a younger cam girl will definitely earn more in contrast to a model who is older.

Other Factors that Affect the Daily Income of a webcam model?

In case you are a beginner, you must accept the fact that you cannot earn in thousands within a month.

There are indeed webcam models who earn about $50K-100K in a month, however, you must remember that they are very popular and they have made this their full-time profession and they know the tricks of the trade.

If an average is to be considered, a webcam girl can earn about $200-$1000 in a day, provided she gives about 3-5 hours of her time in a day. However, this cannot be a regular feature. In this industry, there are both-good and bad days. So, you must be well prepared for the unexpected.

Also, the cam website takes its share in terms of commission which is usually about 35% on average. As per Beta Beat, who is a popular webcam girl, she earns about $5 a minute. However, she has been in this industry for quite some time and now has a huge fan base.

It also indicates that private sessions offer good money and every model has to work really hard to earn well.

Another cam girl stated that she earned about $3 a minute. So, ideally, the popular webcam girls can earn about $50,000 in a month, and these girls have a huge fan base and this has become their full-time profession.

Also, remember that the network takes about 30% to 60% of the income, so this must be kept in mind whenever you calculate the profits.

Also note that once you started getting tipped, the ratings of the room go higher and you will attract more visitors to your room and this will in turn increase your earnings.

There are many Quora threads wherein real cam girls, as well as webcam models, have answered about their earnings which are mentioned below:

  • Mils Schreier Berg is a Male Model who earns an average of $30-60 an hour.
  • VixBabe, who is a Veteran cam model as well as a fetish model earns an average of about $20-200 an hour. She has a lot of experience in the cam model line.
  • Ava Miller is a Webcam Model and earns about $1600 in a month and works for 4 hours a day.
  • Betty Ringman invests about 30-40 hours and earns just $300-1000 in a month.

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Expenses Incurred by a webcam Model

Now, since you are aware of the income earned by a webcam model and the factors that are affecting it, there are expenses that are incurred by them too. The list of expenses is as under:

High-speed internet

Good internet connection with high speed will cost them around $60 to about $100 a month.

High-speed internet is quite important for a model for earning a higher income as a cam model. A high-speed internet must be purchased even before you invest in makeup and clothes. Viewers do not really care about your good outfits. They pay more attention to the model.


Most of the companies do not wish to collaborate with adult-film companies. Hence the models need to pay a certain amount of fees to those companies that help in their money transactions. Payoneer and Paxum are popular in the cam industry.


When money is withdrawn from the Payoneer account and transferred to the local bank account, you will be charged processing fees by the bank or landing fees, or even intermediary fees. This could be anywhere between $30-$70. The exchange rate has an impact on income too.

Payoneer takes 2% of the market rate whenever any type of currency is converted.


Paxum is one of the main players in the adult industry. When you exchange currency using this platform, no fees is charged. However, withdrawing will cost you about $50 on making use of wire transfer.

HD webcam

A top quality HD webcam will cost about $70 which is just the initial investment. In case a model does not invest in this, failure is certain.

 Makeup, toys, and clothes

When you become a webcam girl, you will require some good outfits, good makeup and some toys which are necessary for entertaining the viewers. Viewers love to see unique things. If you want to meet the demands of your customers, you need to invest some money and buy these things.

Accounting costs

When you are the owner of a business, there are some expenses that can be deducted from the income.

Clothes do not fall in this category, however, toys can be deducted. You need to have an accountant to understand what can be deducted from the income and what cannot. Preparation of the taxes will cost you anywhere between $200 to $500.


When you become a Webcam model, you become an independent contractor which means that you are the owner of a business when it comes to calculation of taxes. Anything you earn must be a part of your taxable income. The higher the salary, the higher the taxes.

How much money does a webcam model make:  Male Vs female Models

Well, this is a question whose answer is inevitable - a pussy will earn more in contrast to a cock. The gay market has not earned that kind of demand but itis still emerging.

In any industry, good marketing is required for increasing  sales and revenue. You cannot depend on the network to bring the traffic for you.

Money Waves in the Life of a webcam model

Becoming a webcam model is not easy. They can earn well within weeks, say $5,000 and maybe just around $500 in some other weeks. This is one aspect that a webcam model has to be prepared for. It is part of the life of a webcam girl and the profits could vary weekly.

There are various other means through which a webcam model can earn money. The various passive income sources are as follows:

1. Affiliate income

Affiliate marketing is one way of earning money without the need to put in extra efforts. The webcam model needs to change their marketing links to other affiliate links. As the webcam websites as well as cam networks have to pay a lot of money to referrers who bring in the paying customers, webcam girls can use this trick to earn money.

2. Free Gifts through Wishlists:

Wishlists can help a model get some free gifts as well as Amazon gift cards for buying anything they want to.

3. Other adult services:

Other than a cam show, you can even sell other services which will help you earn. For instance, you can opt for phone sex, sell your clips on other sites like clips4sale, do skype shows, sell your used undergarments, have snap chat accounts, etc. These activities will surely help you earn more.

How Much Money does a webcam model make:  Male vs female Models

Well, this is a question whose answer is inevitable - a pussy will earn more in contrast to a cock.

The gay market has not earned that kind of demand but itis still emerging.

In any industry, good marketing is required for increasing  sales and revenue. You cannot depend on the network to bring the traffic for you.

Income & Camming Sites

How much income does a model at Myfreecams (MFC) make?

In case you are at  the top of Miss MFC, you can earn anywhere between $100,000 to about $170,000 in a month. In case you fall within the top 20, you can make around $30K and in order to be in the top 100 list, you must  earn $15K in a month.

How much income can one earn on the Chaturbate camming network?

The income varies depending on popularity and other factors. You can earn more if you make use of many cam websites.

How much money can a webcam model at  LiveGirl earn?

LiveGirl is a new webcam platform. A webcam model can earn an average of about $300 here. A few girls also earn around  $600+ in a single day. Also, you can get some gifts from customers. The platform gives you a reward of $10 extra whenever you earn gifts or tips of $20 in a day.

Or you get an additional $20 reward whenever you earn gifts or tips worth $50 in a day. In case you earn tips worth $100, you get extra $40 and you get extra an additional $100 if you earn tips worth $230 in a day.


There are many factors that contribute to the income of a webcam girl. These factors can help a webcam model in earning either thousands of dollars or just about $500. It is quite tough to come up with the income of a webcam model without considering the factors.

You can earn money, however, it requires commitment, smartness, and hard work. In case you follow all the advice that has been shared, you can definitely reach the top and earn a lot of money.

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