How to Make Money on Chaturbate? & How Much do Chaturbate Models Make? (2020)

Chaturbate is one of the most interesting and popular webcam sites on this planet.

The reason for this is that we find people from every country, ethnicity, and culture here.

Not only that, many models who want to begin their career as a webcam model also prefer it over other sites because it’s easy to sign-up as a model on this cam site.

Moreover, the traffic is so huge that even amateur models and beginners can make a decent amount of money by performing on the live shows. 

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That being said, Chaturbate has a roster of thousands of cam girls, boys, couples, trannies, and much more. Therefore, a model has to perform well to survive on this platform. However, it is not hard to make money on this site if you are good enough at what you do.

If you are thinking of becoming a cam model then Chaturbate is perhaps the most recommended cam site because of the enormous support and assistance it provides to the beginners.

Being consistent and using a high-quality cam are few of the essential things that might give you sufficient exposure on this site. You can earn well on this site even if you are not a professional model.

We will tell you how to earn money on this webcam portal even without signing up as a model in the below sections. In this article, we will also discuss how much the cam models earn on this site.

Besides that, we will also provide them with various tips and methods through which they can supplement their income on this cam platform. Let us start with the various methods to earn money on Chaturbate.

How to make money on Chaturbate?

There are two ways of earning through Chaturbate. You can either sign-up as a broadcaster i.e. model on this site or you can become an affiliate. To earn by becoming a Chaturbate Affiliate, you have to simply join the 'Affiliate Program' of this site.

For that, you must provide an affiliate link i.e. a link to a website that you own. Whenever, the traffic diverts to this webcam platform from your website, your chances of earning a commission increases. However, you get paid only if that visitor signs-up on Chaturbate.

Also, it provides two commission programs and you have to choose one program between them. You can either choose to accept $1 per sign-up i.e. you earn one US dollar every time a person who has been diverted from your site registers on this portal.

It works more or less like a typical referral code program. However, you won’t receive any commission from that lead once you receive $1 in your account.

If you are happy with this commission then you can opt for the commission program in which you will receive 20 percent of the total money that that person will be spending on Chaturbate.

For example, if a person who has been diverted from your site signs-up on Chaturbate and spends $100 in a week then you will receive 20% i.e. $20 as a commission.

How to Make Money on Chaturbate

This is a good way of earning money because you will continue earning commissions until the person keeps tipping the models, purchases private videos, or spends money in any other way. However, there is also a certain amount of risk in preferring this commission model.

This is because not all people who sign-up on this webcam site prefer tipping the models or spend money on this site. The main reason behind this is that Chaturbate offers free live shows to members where a person can watch sex shows, stripteases, and much more by just entering a live show.

Therefore, your chances of earning commission get minimized if that person is not interested in spending money on a webcam site. As a result, it completely depends on your luck and the type of traffic your website attracts.

For example, if your website attracts mostly students then their chances of purchasing a paid plan or entering a private show or even tipping a model are scarce. Therefore, you must also understand the type of audience that your website has.

In such cases, you can go for the $1 per person commission model. This model is especially beneficial to those affiliates who own a website that attracts millions of people per month because then they can earn a good commission even if they earn $1 from each sign-up.

For earning through the affiliate program, a person has to use affiliate links of Chaturbate on his/her website. However, these are not the only ways through which an affiliate can earn money on Chaturbate.

The affiliates can also earn money by uploading porn content on their website that is linked to Chaturbate. For example, you provide a link to an adult video on your website that redirects to Chaturbate. Now, you can earn money whenever a person, redirected from your website, purchases a video.

There are many other ways of uploading porn that can earn you money. Moreover, if you are an affiliate then you can also make surplus money by referring models. You will receive $50 if a girl referred by you signs-up as a model on Chaturbate.

Therefore, your chances of earning money increase here if you refer numerous girls or boys as a model.

Making Money as a Broadcaster

You can also earn surplus money through this webcam site if you become one of their models or cam performers. For that, you must sign-up as a broadcaster i.e. a person who broadcasts live shows. Many girls, boys, and transgender individuals earn well on this site.

However, for that, they have to work hard as money won’t start flowing automatically after their registration. Chaturbate provides one dollar to the model from every 20 tokens earned by them. Tokens can be earned through live shows, private shows, and many other ways.

Models can even upload their nude selfies, sexy photos, and adult videos in their profile.

A specific number of tokens can be set as a price for each of these videos and pictures. This might prove to be a great way of earning money as members can download your videos even when you are offline or not performing.

Tens of thousands of people visit this portal every day. As a result, you can earn a good income in a short time if you are providing steamy shows and hot content to your fans and admirers. You must keep in mind that it is difficult to earn when you are a solo model.  

This is because they have to master numerous things like stripteases, dancing, seducing the audience, etc. for making them pay tips or tokens. It can be difficult for those boys and girls who are not natural performers. Such guys and girls can think of signing-up as a couple on Chaturbate. ​

Performing as a couple is easier because they just have to seduce each other while interacting with the audience. Also, your partner can support your performance and help you earn more by indulging in steamy sex shows, massage shows, squirt shows, and much more.

Being kinky is essential if you want to impress your audience. Private shows will help you to gather plenty of tokens because they are charged on a per-minute basis. Also, each model can set the price of their private shows depending on their popularity, hotness quotient, and many other factors.

More guys and girls will be interested in booking a private show or private chatting if you master various ways of seducing them in the live shows. However, showing a lot of nudity in the live shows might not be a good thing especially if you want to lure the members into booking private shows.

There are numerous blogs on this portal that provide tips and act as a guide for beginners. You can read them to learn how to seduce your audience and make them pay more tokens.

How Much Money do Chaturbate Models Make?

After performing for a couple of weeks, the models get a vague idea about how the system works and they start earning plenty of tokens even for the live shows. The models have to upload a tip menu on their profile.

For example, if you are a solo performer then you can specify some tips for a particular move or action that you will perform in your live show. You can set a particular number of tokens for showing your boobs or pussy.

Similarly, you can set the number of tokens for spanking your ass, for activating your sex toy, for stripteases, oil shows, squirt shows, etc. Including more services on the tip menu can help you to collect plenty of tokens each day.

However, some models avoid doing that because they want to reserve the best performances for the private shows. Some models also set a target of tips after which they give a specific performance. ​

For example, a model might keep the target of 250 tokens after which she can perform a live masturbation session for the audience. Now, each of the members can give some tokens to help the model to reach the target. As your fan base increases, the target is achieved quickly.

Once a target has been achieved, the model can set a new target with an increased number of tokens.

Popular models get 2k to 10k viewers at a time on Chaturbate. Some models get more viewers comparative to other models, depending on their popularity; and for them, earning tokens through live shows becomes easier than earning through private shows.

The models can turn their private shows off if they are looking forward to earn from public shows. Even couples can upload a tip menu in their profiles to collect more tokens. For example, they can set a particular number of tokens for kissing, for pressing boobs, for licking ears, etc.

The couples can set a target after which they can perform a live sex session for their audience. Couple performers reach the targets easily because the members love watching them in naughty positions.

However, they also need to control their urges because they can easily lose control and end up having sex with each other before they reach their set targets. Amateur models can easily make a couple of thousand dollars per week if they are consistent and work hard.

The popular cam girls and boys easily make up to 10K dollars per week on this webcam portal. Earning up to 10K US dollars per month is not difficult if you work for 3 to 4 hours daily.

Therefore, we can say that Chaturbate provides great earning opportunities to both the amateur as well as the professional cam performers.

How to Register as a cam model on Chaturbate?

  • Anyone can become a broadcaster (model) on Chaturbate without much fuss. For that, they need to fill a sign-up form.
  • The sign-up form asks for limited details such as name, birthdate, password, email address, and gender. Upon filing this information, you can read the terms and conditions of the site.
  • The privacy policy must also be read to be familiar with the kind of data privacy and protection they offer to the models.
  • After that, they can submit the details. Once the details are submitted, you will be asked to provide some identification proof to confirm your age.
  • This is done because people who are below 18 years of age are not permitted to perform on this site. You can upload any of your IDs and the moderators of the site will check its authenticity.
  • It hardly takes 24 hours to get your account verified. You can start filming and earning tokens once your account is verified.
  • For starting your journey on Chaturbate, you will have to set up the webcam first. You won’t need the assistance of a technical expert for doing that because it is quite easy.
  • You just need to install the drivers of your webcam after downloading them. All the information related to the drivers and plugins will be provided on the official website of your webcam manufacturer.
  • Configure an account and type the name of the camera that you are intending to use for streaming. Select the correct webcam model from the dropdown list that will be shown to you.
  • Choose the right resolution, screen format, bit rate, and other settings that you prefer to use. Always select a high-quality image resolution and high FPS (frames per second) while configuring a webcam because that will determine the overall quality of your shows.
  • Ideally, the resolution must at least be 720p or 1080p and the FPS should be around 30 frames per second or more.
  • You will also have to provide the payout details before you start your cam shows because Chaturbate will require a payout mode to deposit your bi-monthly earnings.
  • Broadcasters who live in the United States can provide their bank details because their earnings will be directly sent to their bank accounts. Broadcasters who live outside the United States can pick Payoneer as a payment mode.
  • To redeem your earnings, you will first have to check the ‘Token Statistics’ tab. Here, you will be able to see date wise and session wise earning details. From this tab, you will also be able to convert tokens into money.
  • The conversion needs to be done before the payment period is completed as Chaturbate has adopted the bi-monthly payment system.
  • Also, do not forget to update your details and hobbies in the 'My Bio' section. You can include some basic details in your bio such as your name (pet name), place of birth, current place, date of birth, etc.
  • Apart from these basic details, you can also mention your hobbies and interests. A small 'About Me' section has been provided in which you can describe the things that turn you on and the things that can be a turn off for you.
  • Many models also include a tip menu in their profile and highlight it to display it properly to their fans and followers. It is a good practice because it gives the viewers an idea about their fees before entering the live shows.
  • After filling in the profile details, you can upload a good photo of yourself as a profile picture. After that, you can also upload the photos and videos that you want to sell on this platform.
  • The price for these photos and videos can be set by the models themselves. Usually, models charge between 10 to 300 tokens for every picture or video. You must not set the price too low because the viewers might think that the content is not good enough.
  • However, we recommend the models not to charge too high especially if they are beginners because it might affect your total sales.
  • If you want to block specific regions or countries from viewing your shows then you can do that by using the ‘Settings & Privacy’ section.
  • However, blocking too many countries is not a good thing as it might cut down your revenue on a large scale.
  • You can even use the ‘Settings & Privacy’ section to choose the tokens per minute that you want to set for your private shows.
  • Generally, amateurs and new performers tend to keep their charges low because they are more interested in grabbing the attention of the viewers.
  • However, the per-minute charges can be increased as you start getting more popular among the viewers. The maximum you can earn through private shows is 99 tokens per minute and the minimum limit is 6 tokens per minute.
  • We recommend you to choose a rate that you find appropriate for your private shows.
  • A good thing is that these rates can be modified anytime later and therefore, you can change them whenever you feel like.
  • Moreover, you can also set up apps and bots in your profile. Bots are essential because they help you to stream smoothly and enhance the overall experience of streaming as well as viewing.

For example, bots can be used to send automatic messages to the viewers as they enter the chat room or can send notifications to your fans whenever you start performing in a live show.

  • Bots are mostly used to keep the environment of the chatrooms viewer-friendly and you also do not have to message every fan and viewer as the bots can do that job for you.
  • On the other hand, the apps can be used to change the theme of the chatrooms, to play some games with your audience.
  • Bots and apps are important because they not only provide you greater control over your content but also play a key role in improving the overall experience of your viewers.

Benefits of Becoming a Model or Broadcaster of Chaturbate

  • Cam models of Chaturbate can set their work schedule. Moreover, they can work at the comfort of their home and get to decide their own rules.
  • The models can control their video streams completely by restricting some users from seeing them. You can perform as per your discretion.
  • Chaturbate provides you the opportunity to connect with numerous viewers each day. Moreover, you can become a part of its community to connect with other models and members.
  • You do not have to pay any fees or subscription charges to become a model on this cam site.
  • This site takes a part of the model’s earnings as a commission. Therefore, the models do not have to pay any commission to this site as it automatically deducts its cut from their earnings.
  • People are giving up the traditional methods of viewing porn and most of them prefer cam sites as a way to release their sexual tension. Therefore, they do not mind spending some money over sites like Chaturbate that offer live entertainment and action to them.
  • Girls and guys can earn through their solo performances and they can also stream couples’ shows whenever they feel like. Couples tend to earn more on this platform and some models earn well from both solo and couple shows.
  • If you face any issues while managing or controlling your chat rooms and shows, you can directly connect with their customer support team.
  • Female models usually earn more than male models. However, that does not mean that the male performer cannot earn enough to sustain their living.
  • Good cam performers earn well irrespective of their gender if they put some extra effort.
  • Sex toys that can be controlled via tips on Chaturbate. This forces the members to spend more tokens as they get turned on by controlling the vibrators of the performers.
  • We recommend the cam models to use some kinky sex toys if they want to earn more on this portal.
  • Its payment system is quite satisfactory. Models get paid biweekly irrespective of how small or big their earnings are.
  • The same thing can be said about affiliates. Chaturbate never misses to pay models and affiliates on time and has earned the reputation of being credible when it comes to the payments.

Some Tips for the Beginners

Amateur models and beginners might get a bit upset over their first-week collection.

However, we suggest that they must focus and stay motivated even if they do not earn much initially. Chaturbate will start showing your profile on the top as you gain more fame or if you have more viewers than other cam models. This does not happen in a day or even a week.​

Therefore, for your first tip you have to be patient while using this or any other cam site for that matter. Beginners should not appear mean and greedy to the viewers. Remember that the viewers are as sensitive as you are and being rude to them will never help unless you have thousands of admirers already.

Also, the models must not beg or shout for tips in the chat box. The chatbox is mainly provided as a platform for introducing yourself and conversing with the audience. Therefore, try to be as calm and patient as possible even if it is your first show.

We would advise the new models to copy-paste their tip menu in the chat box at the beginning and after that, they can start chatting with their fans and viewers until the tip menu disappears. Once the tip menu disappears, it can be made visible again by doing the copy-paste of the tip menu on the top.

The models can also customize the tip menu as per their mood and convenience. Therefore, it is better to have a short version of your tip menu on the top to keep the audience updated about your fees and that you are not performing for free.

Some models also perform for free in the beginning without asking or waiting for tokens. This is because they are more focused on improving their skills and performance. This is a good idea for amateur models who are conscious and feel shy while performing live in front of thousands of people.

Also, it is a good practice of thanking the members individually after they have tipped some tokens to you. Even the viewers like to be appreciated and your simple thanks might motivate them to tip you. Some models tend to get sarcastic and rude when someone tips them a few tokens.

You might feel upset about it but do not express yourself through your face and you must not chat with anger in your chat box. For example, many models become sarcastic and say weird and mean things when someone tips them just one token.

This is not a good idea because you never know how well off a person is. Your small act of rudeness might make them unfollow you. Some people have a habit of checking the temper of the models. Therefore, they tease them by paying a few tokens at the start.

Once they find the model to be polite and nice, they tip them more tokens than the model can expect. Models tend to bestow some privileges to their regular tippers by making them moderators. However, it is observed that such moderators stop tipping once they become one.

Therefore, we would suggest the models provide this opportunity to only a couple of fans. For example, one or two moderators will be enough if the chatroom has around 500 viewers. Some viewers tend to behave badly in chat rooms.

This can make the models angry at times and they might feel like insulting the viewer back. However, it is not a good practice as it would show your bad side to the rest of your audience. If a viewer behaves badly, you can request them politely to stop doing that.

However, if he continues to do so then you can simply block him from your shows. Similarly, even the models are expected to behave nicely with their viewers. We have seen some models who ignore their viewers completely.

Some models feel that the viewers will tip them even if they don’t interact with them. This might happen on some occasions but not all viewers are alike. Some viewers might not tip unless the model replies to their messages. Therefore, we would recommend the models to speak nicely to all the viewers.

Being friendly with the viewers and followers will help the models to earn more. However, models must not become too friendly or the viewers might expect some free favors from you. The best way in this case will be to behave professionally while speaking in a nice and friendly way.

Use a nice and comfortable place for your shows because you will have to be in your best mood while performing. Choose rooms that are quiet because you will need to converse with your fans on various occasions.

Also, the room must be lit properly and you must ensure that nobody disturbs you while you are performing because you need to be focused and pay attention towards your audience. Last but not least you must use an HD cam for your feeds to provide a great experience to the viewers.

It has been observed that girls and boys who use HD cameras tend to earn more than those who stream on standard or low quality webcams. Do not sign-up as a model (broadcaster) on Chaturbate if you are a minor. Some people manage to create an account even if they are minor by doing forgery.

However, remember that the camera never lies and it will not take long before the moderators understand that the model is underaged. In such cases, their accounts get permanently banned.

Therefore, we recommend you to be patient and wait until you turn 18 as you can miss a good earning opportunity for a lifetime if you are impatient.

Tips to Help you earn more money on Chaturbate

  • Chaturbate allows its broadcasters to sell videos and nudes. Therefore, you must upload enough nude selfies, images, and adult videos on your profile.
  • This not only attracts more fans but they can also purchase your content in exchange for some tokens which will ultimately improve your earnings.
  • Reserve your best performance for the private shows because viewers tend to spend more in one-on-one private chat sessions.
  • The models can set multiple goals for their live shows.

For example, they can flash their boobs after reaching 100 tokens and once the tokens reach 200, the models can flash their ass cheeks or pussy.

  • Such small goals will not only make your fans greedy but they will unknowingly end up spending a lot more tokens than their actual budget.  
  • Instead of setting up one large goal, the models can set many small goals to accelerate their earnings.
  • The models can stop streaming if their goals aren't achieved.
  • Also, the models can ask the viewers to come in private shows if they want to get their other requests fulfilled.
  • Remember that all the models of Chaturbate do not indulge in nude shows. Some of them earn decently even by performing in non-nude shows.
  • It lies totally on your discretion whether you want to be a part of a nude show or a non-nude show.
  • It is generally observed that models who host nude shows earn more than models who do not.
  • Even non-nude cam performers can seduce their audience if they are good at teasing, seducing, and dancing for their audience.
  • For example, even a non-nude cam performer can spike up the interest of their viewers by occasional flashing of their tits or ass.
  • Models who want to earn more have to engage in dirtier shows like massage shows, oil shows, shower shows, masturbation shows, squirt shows, etc.
  • Couple models can indulge in multiple sex postures, mutual masturbation, anal shows, and other kinky shows to seduce their viewers.
  • It is observed that squirt shows are usually the highest priced ones when compared to solo performers.
  • It is also observed that couples prefer starting slow and the viewers have to wait for a long time until they see some real action. This mostly happens because the models lack creativity.

For example, a couple can engage in a sexy game like 'Truth or Dare' for engaging the audience. To make it sexier, they can keep only dares in the game and for each dare, they can ask their partner to perform some naughty stuff that can even be pre-planned.

  • This will not only entertain the viewers but will also build up their anticipation. Due to this, they will spend freely to see the couples doing more kinky stuff rather moving to some other couple show.
  • Even the solo performers can play different types of titillating games with their viewers to engage them.
  • We also recommend you to shed all your apprehensions and inhibitions while you shoot for cam videos because a conscious model will not be able to perform freely in live shows and we need not tell you how much this can affect your earnings in a negative way.


These were some of the recommendations, suggestions, and methods that might help you to use Chaturbate as a part-time or full-time income source.

However, a particular trick or method might not work every time and you must keep experimenting with newer ways, adapting accordingly if you want to become an ace cam model.

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