My Free Cams vs Chaturbate (2020)

My Free Cams and Chaturbate are the two biggest names in the adult camming industry.

Both of these are extremely popular and enjoy a wide member base across the world.

The thing that is similar between these sites is that both of them offer plenty of free services to the customers.

My Free Cams was launched in 2002 whereas Chaturbate was launched way later in 2011.

Therefore, we can see that Chaturbate   entered the camming industry a lot later than My Free Cams.

However, it is way ahead in terms of popularity and viewer base if we look at the  current statistics gathered from across the world.

Both these sites offer live shows, private shows and  free chat services to their customers. Chaturbate allows performers of all the genders whereas My Free Cams is only dedicated to female performers. However, both these sites allow models of all the ethnicity.

The models who want to be a part of My Free Cams should be above 18 years of age. However, models who are above 45 years are not allowed to perform on this site. On the other hand, Chaturbate allows individuals who are above 18 years of age as a model and there is no upper age limit like MFC (My Free Cams).

From the viewer's point of view, both sites are similar when it comes to the type of shows offered. Chaturbate allows viewers to follow models. However, viewers can add models to their friend’s list only in MFC whereas Chaturbate does not provide this facility.

Chaturbate permits viewers to be a part of the fan clubs of their favorite models whereas no such provision is offered by My Free Cams.

My Free Cams offers a ‘Member’s lounge’ where members can discuss and interact with models on any topic. However, Chaturbate does not leverage its users with such services. Both of these cam portals do not offer real hook-up and meeting opportunities to the viewers.

My Free Cams allows viewers to record their private shows without any restrictions. On the other hand, Chaturbate has left this decision on the models. This means that its models can restrict recording of their private shows.

Depending on the charges of the model, a viewer might have to spend around 6 to 150 tokens per minute for private shows on Chaturbate whereas viewers of My Free Cams have to spend a fixed 60 tokens per minute for private shows.

Therefore, we can say that Chaturbate offers a wide price range to the viewers as compared to MFC whereas MFC facilitates better communication platforms between models and viewers. Tokens can be purchased in bulk from both these sites.

The price of the tokens varies depending on the number of tokens purchased by the members. The moderators of the chat rooms are decided by the models in Chaturbate whereas the site assigns the moderators for the chat rooms of all the models on MFC.

Both these cam sites pay 5 cents from one token to the models. Models can set customized backgrounds for the chats in My Free Cams whereas Chaturbate does not offer this feature. Both these cam platforms allow models to design profiles as per their wish.

Now that we have covered all the basic similarities and differences between these cam sites, let us focus on some of the other key differences of these sites in detail.

Differences from a model's point of View

My Free Cams was considered one of the best cam sites for cam performers until the last few years. It should be noted that its fans or members are generous when it comes to spending tokens as compared to the other cam portals.

However, things have changed rapidly in the last couple of years. Some changes were made in the policies without informing the models which limited their earning opportunities. Therefore, it no longer remained the best camming platform for the models.

On the other hand, Chaturbate was upgrading its features and at the same time providing more earning avenues to the models. It allowed the models to earn also by selling their videos and pictures. Models were able to restrict regular users from accessing their private content.

Only the members who were part of their fan clubs or who were willing to purchase their adult content were able to access their content. Also, My Free Cams is one of the few sites where you can see models earn through non-sexual shows.

On the other hand, Chaturbate is all about sex shows and adult stuff. Here, you will hardly see anyone performing in non-sexual shows. This does not mean that you will not see girls performing explicit sex shows on MFC as it completely depends on their choice.

However, despite these facilities, models started preferring Chaturbate over MFC because they wanted to earn more. This was also because Chaturbate’s member base was increasing rapidly and it exceeded the member base of MFC just after a few years it was launched.

Also, it allowed members of all genders and sexual orientation as models whereas MFC only approved female cam girls. The competition was much stiffer on MFC whereas Chaturbate had more audience and allowed models to perform in different cam categories.

Therefore, if we consider the present scenario, Chaturbate is the first option for every model. It is also an ideal place for girls, boys, and transgender models who want to start their career as a cam performer.

This is because it has variable earning schemes for models when compared to MFC and that’s why we see more amateur models on Chaturbate as compared to MFC. On the other hand, MFC is more suited for professionals who want to earn at fixed rates per minute.

As we have already mentioned, all its models charge only 60 tokens per minute. This is a good amount for amateur models but professional and experienced models might expect more.

Chaturbate allows models to fix the price per minute for private shows.

Amateur models can start with as less tokens as 6 tokens per minute whereas experienced cam performers can charge up to 150 tokens per minute.

This means that it offers the flexibility of rates not only to the models but also to the members.

It also permits models to choose a rate as per their skills and experience. 

Moreover, they can change their rates anytime as per their requirements. Also, Chaturbate does not have the upper age limit whereas models above 45 cannot perform in MFC. All these things make Chaturbate  one of the most preferred cam sites of the models of all age groups and ethnicity.

However, MFC still enjoys the loyalty of many cam models who have managed to earn nicely through it over the years. On Chaturbate, you will see many shows that have around 10k viewers and sometimes even more. However, these numbers are far less when we see the shows of MFC.

However, members of Chaturbate seem to be more interested in enjoying free stuff. As a result, we can see only a few guys tipping in the shows despite being overcrowded by thousands of members. However, this is not the case with MFC.

Here, you will see fewer guys but most of them give tips to the models at one point or the other. Models give less attention to individual members on Chaturbate since thousands of guys and girls are interested in connecting with them.

On the contrary, MFC models focus more on individual members since they need to please a small audience. Since MFC models have less audience to please, they also face more competition and have to perform their best to sustain the fan base.

On the contrary, Chaturbate models can perform more freely as they do not have to put in too much effort to attract viewers. With that said, it can be observed that Chaturbate is better for amateur models since they have created their name and reputation by performing consistently.

On the other hand, MFC is more suited for the models who want to polish their skills quickly to become one of the top cam performers in the world. 

Chaturbate v/s My Free Cams – Website Traffic & Rankings

Chaturbate is a clear winner when it comes to traffic. On average, around 150 to 200 million people visit Chaturbate every day whereas the website of MFC gets hit by around 65 to 70 million people.

This means that the number of people who visit the website of Chaturbate exceeds by almost three times the number of people who visit the MFC website. Also, Chaturbate  is the fifth most visited site in all the adult sites across the world and also ranks 54 in the global site ranking.  

MFC, on the other hand, ranks 314th in global site ranking and is positioned at the 31st rank when it comes to the adult sites.


Moreover, an average visitor spends around 4.30 minutes and visits up to 3.5 pages on MFC whereas an average visitor spends around 11 minutes and explores up to 10 pages on Chaturbate. This means that an average visitor spends around 3 times more time on Chaturbate than on MFC.

Also, approximately 5K models are online on Chaturbate at any given time whereas around 1.6K models are active on MFC. This means that Chaturbate can help visitors to connect to 3 times more models at a time as compared to My Free Cams.

If we dissect the traffic country-wise, Chaturbate is more popular in the United States, Brazil, Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom whereas MFC is more popular in France, Germany, Canada, United States, and the United Kingdom. 

From these statistics, we can say that Chaturbate is more popular than My Free Cams. These statistics also tell that Chaturbate is more suited for models as they get exposed to better traffic.

The models on MFC are less busy and can pay more attention to individual members which might work in their favor. However, this possibility is also canceled out to a great extent as the number of active models is far less than the number of active models on Chaturbate.

Overall, Chaturbate is far ahead in terms of website traffic and rankings. However, these statistics also reveal that both these sites are extremely popular among the cam models and cam viewers.

Therefore, both these sites can prove to be one of the better options for those who are yearning to explore adult cam sites.

Chaturbate v/s My Free Cams – Viewers Point of view

Both these cam sites have hot and attractive models from all parts of the world. However, Chaturbate offers more options since it includes cam performers of all genders and sexual preferences.

Therefore, bisexuals and pan-sexual members might enjoy a better camming experience on its portal as compared to MFC. However, MFC can prove to be the ideal place for bisexual women and straight men since it only allows female models.

Also, Chaturbate has numerous straight and gay couples who perform in live sex shows and private shows. This privilege is not offered by MFC and therefore, members who want to watch gay/couple live sex and adult content might prefer Chaturbate over MFC.

On the other hand, MFC is also suited for men who want to hang out with girls and women who do not believe in too much nudity and sexual acts.  This is because it also encourages female models who are not interested in doing nude shows.

Although, members who only like to get aroused by the models might like Chaturbate more. Therefore, we can say that MFC is more of a social cam site as compared to Chaturbate. You will see couples and singles perform without any clothes and inhibitions on Chaturbate.

On MFC, you might have to explore a bit more to find adult performers who do not mind posing nude and performing explicit sexual acts. As a result, we can say that it promotes far less nudity and sexual shows as compared to Chaturbate. 

That being said, the members of Chaturbate can feel left out at times because the models cannot pay attention to every one of them. On this portal, you might find fewer models interested in private chats since they can earn more from live shows. 

Members can enjoy a bit more attention of models on MFC because the models generally perform for a smaller audience. Also, its models seem to be more interested in private shows.

Therefore, we can say that people who are looking for one-to-one private chats might get a bit luckier on MFC as compared to Chaturbate.

Also, its cam performers tend to reserve their best skills for the private shows whereas on Chaturbate you will see plenty of models doing all their stuff in live shows itself.

As a result, we would recommend Chaturbate for the members who are willing to indulge in live sex shows and free shows whereas MFC is more ideal for people who are looking for private chats and shows.

MFC has also the largest community when it comes to adult cam sites. Through this community, members can communicate and build friendships with models. However, Chaturbate does not provide this facility to its members. 

Chaturbate v/s My Free Cams – Registration Process for Models

On Chaturbate, the registration process for aspiring cam models is very simple and straightforward. They just have to fill a form to register as a broadcaster. Few details like name, date of birth, country, email id, etc. are to be filled in this form.

After that, the models have to go through the guidelines and tips that are laid down for the cam performers. Once they have read that, they should also go through the privacy rules and guidelines. Once they have finished reading both these things, they can submit their application.

The moderators of the site will screen their application and will approve them if everything seems to be genuine and right. After that, the models have to submit their IDs to confirm that their age is above 18.

The moderators will go through these documents and their profile will be approved within 24 hours if the moderators verify the documents. The models can only  start streaming after uploading their photos, profile information, payment details, tip menu, etc.

The newly registered models can also upload the photos and videos that they want to sell for making extra money through this cam site. However, the registration process for the models is a bit more lengthy and complex in My Free Cams.

Here, the models have to fill an application form at first. This application form is similar to the one most of us fill  while seeking regular jobs. These pieces of information include name, a short description of themselves, email addresses, photos, etc.  

These applications are then reviewed by the admins and moderators of the site and the ones which seem appealing get approved. Once their application gets approved, they will receive an email that will contain a link that is meant for creating an account on MFC.

While creating the account, the models will have to go through the guidelines and rules that are to be followed by the cam performers. The payment information and other details are also provided in the ‘Information for Models’ page.

After that, the models need to provide the necessary details like username, screen name, etc. Once they have filled all the details, their account is once again monitored by the moderators and might get approved in 24 hours.

If the account gets approved, the model will receive an email that will ask them to sign-in in the 'Model Login Area' in order to complete  their profile. Here, the model can set a profile headline and upload a photo that is to be used as their profile image.

As per the rules of MFC, the profile pictures must not contain any sexually explicit or hardcore images. Also, nude pictures will not get approved as profile pictures. Similarly, the photo must not contain a watermark, logo, or text of any kind and the face must be visible in the photo.

After that, the models must enter their name, date of birth, and other details. They should also provide a government ID that confirms their age during this process. The ID must include the name, date of birth, and photo of the model.

After this, the model needs to sign a contract using a digital signature. Upon completion of this process, the documents and other details are reviewed once again. If everything goes right, the profile of the model gets approved and she can start camming.

However, the profile can also get rejected if any false information is provided by the models. Therefore, we can see that the models have to go through a long ordeal to become a model on MFC whereas the registration process is quite simple on Chaturbate.

This can also be one of the reasons due to which the count of models is far less on MFC as compared to Chaturbate. We can also see that Chaturbate is more popular among the models of different parts of the world as compared to MFC.

This might be because the quality of models is generally much higher on MFC as they tend to reject models based on their overall personality and looks as well.

Chaturbate v/s My Free Cams – Registration of Members

My Free Cams allows you to access some features of the site as a guest user. However, only limited features can be accessed by the guest members.

For example, guest users cannot participate in the conversation through the chat rooms and they cannot send friend requests to the models. Moreover, they even cannot send a request for a private chat to the models. 

Similarly, Chaturbate also allows members to watch live shows without registration. The guest users cannot interact with the models through the chatbox of the live shows and they cannot follow or request a private chat either. 

My Free Cams provides a free registration option to the new users. For that, the visitor has to go to the homepage of the site and then they can click on the ‘Free Registration’ option. After that, you can choose a username and enter the email address.

Once you have entered your preferred username and email address, you must check on the box that says that you are above 18 years of age. Now, you can choose a password and enter it twice to confirm it. Once you have selected a password, you can click on the ‘Create Account’ button.

After that, you will receive a confirmation email from the site. Sometimes, the email gets diverted in the junk box as well and therefore, you have to be careful about that. In the confirmation email, you will find a confirmation link on which you have to click to activate your account.

No credit card details or payment information is needed to create an account on MFC. This is a great thing as some of the other cam sites might ask you to choose a membership plan or at least they want you to enter your credit card details even if they are offering free registration.

However, this cam site does not ask for any details and therefore, you can create an account on it without any worries. The procedure of account creation for members on Chaturbate is also fairly similar to that of My Free Cams.

You will need to choose an email address and a strong password. After successful registration, they  will send an activation link on your email address and you just need to verify that link to start  enjoying private and live shows.

The payment details or credit card information is not asked in the sign-up process of Chaturbate as well. Therefore, it allows the free account creation process to the users. However, some of the users have complained that their accounts were suddenly blocked.

This might be because of the issue raised by the models but one doesn’t have any means to track the exact reason. As a result, they have no other choice than to create an account with a separate email id.

No such issues have been reported on MFC as of now and therefore, we can say that MFC scores over Chaturbate when it comes to member-related issues and registration.

Chaturbate v/s My Free Cams – Features

As both Chaturbate and MFC are adult cam sites, they have many features in common. For example, both of them allow broadcasters to host live and private shows. Also, models of both the sites earn through the tips given to them by their fans or viewers.

To access the premium features on these cam sites you do not have to purchase a premium plan at all. You only need to purchase tokens as per your requirements to access premium shows and features. Members of MFC can interact with each other through the community.

Also, they can edit their profiles with different themes and colors to attract other members or models. They can even highlight specific information of theirs to make their profiles appealing and more attractive.

Chaturbate does not encourage interaction with members and neither does it provide any community or forums as My Free Cams does. It provides different sections for searching male, female, couples, and trans models. Also, members can search for models via the tags.

These tags are mostly related to adult and hardcore porn services that the models are offering. On the other hand, MFC does not provide separate sections for performers as it permits only female models. Fewer filters and tags are provided on it as compared to Chaturbate.

Therefore, we can say that Chaturbate scores over My Free Cams when it comes to searching models by their specialties, sexual orientation, and types.

Models of Chaturbate can upload pornographic content in their profile whereas models who upload sexual content in their profile can get banned in MFC. Also, the profiles of models are more detailed in MFC and they can also select the information that they want to hide from the other users.

The profiles of performers are less detailed in Chaturbate and they also do not provide much profile editing and customization options to them. These profiles are more like a chat room which can be used to chat with users and performers.

Both these cam sites can be operated through desktop and smartphones. Chaturbate even provides a mobile app for users. However, this app is only available to android phone users. On the other hand, MFC does not have any mobile app as of yet.

However, the users can use a mobile browser to access this site as it is mobile-friendly. A good thing is that the mobile site of My Free Cams is far more simple and straightforward as compared to its desktop version. The mobile app of Chaturbate is user-friendly and fuss-free.

It can be easily installed on the android phone and does not require much space either. However, as per the statistics, Chaturbate users prefer to use the site (especially the desktop version) more than the app.

On the contrary, more than fifty percent of the members of My Free Cams prefer mobile sites over the desktop compatible site. As a result, we can see some differences in the preference of the users as well. On Chaturbate, you will find more active live shows as compared to MFC.

Chaturbate v/s My Free Cams – Pricing

Members can buy tokens to access premium services and it costs almost the same on both these sites. For example, members can purchase 200 tokens or coins on MFC by paying $19.99 which means that each token or coin will cost them around $0.10.

Similarly, a hundred coins or tokens are offered at $20.99 on Chaturbate which means that the cost per tokens is slightly greater than $0.10. Also, Chaturbate offers 500 tokens at just $44.99 whereas MFC offers 550 tokens at $49.99.

This means that the tokens cost almost the same if you purchase them in bulk. However, members of Chaturbate can even opt for a premium monthly plan. This monthly plan is offered at just $19.99 per month and provided with some cool and useful features to the members.

For example, premium members can use the private messaging option to interact with their favorite models. Moreover, they can also change the font and color of their text messages in chat rooms. Members of MFC can enjoy the premium messaging option by spending some tokens.

Premium users of Chaturbate also do not have to go through the unnecessary and disturbing ads that the free users have to.

No such premium plan is offered by My Free Cams. Both these sites have models that offer free live shows but this number is far less on MFC if we compare it to Chaturbate. It has a huge roster of amateur models and most of them offer free entry to the live shows.

Private and spy shows can only be accessed by paying tokens upfront on both these sites.

However, MFC has different types of shows such as gold shows, group shows, club shows, private shows including videos, etc. for the members who are willing to pay to spend more for accessing professional camming service.

Chaturbate v/s My Free Cams – Member Structure

Chaturbate enjoys a much bigger member base as compared to My Free Cams.

The main reason behind this is that Chaturbate has models from all genders whereas MFC caters for straight male members. The number of male members is greater than the number of female members on both these sites.

MFC v/s Chaturbate – Quality of shows

Both these cam sites have many models who perform amidst great settings. Similarly, many models are using HD cams for streaming their shows on both these cam portals.

Being a site for budding cam performers, Chaturbate features many models who stream with the help of low-quality webcams. However, that is not the case with My Free Cams as most of the models are professional performers who are earning quite well. 

Also, the overall quality of shows and performers is much better on My Free Cams as compared to the Chaturbate. With that said, Chaturbate still offers numerous HD cams that are streaming live shows for free which is rarely a case in My Free Cams.

Therefore, we can still use it for watching HD live shows for free.

MFC v/s Chaturbate – Website Design & Appearance

My Free Cams is certainly a better-looking website with a nice layout and appealing graphics. On the other hand, Chaturbate looks more old-school and does not have a perfect layout.

My Free Cams also scores over Chaturbate when it comes to navigation and overall functionality and features. Even the profiles of models and members look better on MFC as compared to Chaturbate.

Final Verdict

Both these sites are great and entertaining in their own right. Chaturbate can be used by members who are looking for enjoying more free services. Also, it is ideal for beginners and aspiring models.

My Free Cams is better for the members who do not mind spending some extra money for availing exceptional cam services. It is also a great place for performers who want to get better by performing in a competitive environment. 

Chaturbate is a cool site for models who want to supplement their income by selling their sex videos and nudes.

In short, both these sites have their advantages and shortcomings. Therefore, the decision of choosing one cam site among them is up to the requirements and aspirations of the members and models.


These were some of the key differences between My Free Cams and Chaturbate. We hope that you find this information useful. If you have any issues and queries, you can mention them in the comments section.

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