Onlyfans Review (2020)

Webcam models are as popular as pornstars these days. The reason for this is the different adult services that they offer.

Many webcam models sell their adult content online either on a cam site or individually by using social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat.

However, these social media apps have their limitations as they do not allow nudity and sex shows. As a result, models who provide such stuff get banned and their fans vanish within seconds.   

To avoid this, many webcam models have started looking for alternatives to platforms like Snapchat where they can stream live nude shows and sell their adult content freely.

Onlyfans is one such site that can prove to be a perfect alternative to apps like Snapchat. This is because it allows models to post nude pictures and videos without any fear of being banned by the website.

Not only that but it also allows the models to sell their nude pictures and adult videos for more money. Cam models like this option as they can supplement their earnings and gain more attention and loyalty from their fans. 

Through this site, the members can become a part of a model's fan club by paying for a paid membership plan. In return for this monthly membership plan, they get complete access to all the adult content posted. 

Today, this article will provide an in-depth review and analysis of Onlyfans that will prove to be beneficial for both porn lovers and aspiring webcam models.

Why Do Webcam Models and Cam Lovers Prefer Onlyfans Over Other Cam Sites?

Webcam sites are in great demand these days and they are getting upgraded with new features and options constantly for receiving complete attention from the visitors.

As a result, models have also started looking for more income opportunities. Many models work on different platforms in their attempt to reach more users. 

However, the webcam sites have their limitations and rules. Moreover, a good part of their income has claimed by the site and the models have to work hard to earn extra money for a good lifestyle. 

Onlyfans is among those sites that take complete care of the needs and requirements of the models. It acts like a social media platform for them to interact with their followers.

Through this site, they can not only host live shows but they can post exclusive content like nude pictures, sexy selfies, masturbation videos, and even adult videos.

Moreover, they do not have to perform daily as they can post their videos and other content in their profiles to keep their fans happy.

The members of Onlyfans get the liberty of viewing the profiles of the models that perform and post content in their profiles. However, the exclusive content can be viewed only when they subscribe to a monthly premium plan.

The monthly premium plan is nothing but a monthly pass that will give them unrestricted access to the premium videos and pictures of the models.  

It is a great site for the models because it allows them to restrict particular people from viewing the videos and pictures as per their choice. The members can view these exclusive contents only after becoming a fan or follower of that particular model.

Also, it is a cool site for the members because they will be watching only the content of the models that they have subscribed for.

Therefore, the members don’t have to filter and search for their preferred videos as they can directly visit the fan clubs of their favorite models to enjoy their preferred videos and photo-sets. Therefore, the adult performers and models can use this site for earning extra income without giving up other cam sites or their daily jobs.  

The members can connect with these adult performers through a mobile app as well. This mobile app can also be used for watching live streaming shows of the models.

A substantial percentage of these subscription fees are credited in the accounts of the models as the makers of the site charge only a small percentage as a commission from the models.

As a result, this site proves to be much better than other cam sites that charge a huge commission from the models and adult performers. Onlyfans have many more features but will discuss them in the below sections.

Why Onlyfans Not A Regular Cam Site but A Social Media Platform for Everyone?

Onlyfans is not just meant for the cam models and adult performers. Here, you will find bloggers, artists, cooks, and many other people who can share something special with their fans.

Therefore, your friends need not judge you if you are popular on Onlyfans. Also, for checking your content they will have to buy a monthly membership.

As a result, we can say that it has people from all walks of life and each one of them can enjoy a great fan following if they create interesting content.

Moreover, you can create an account on this site by using your Twitter Id. If you do not want to link your Twitter Id with Onlyfans, you can use your email id to register on this site. 

Members can upload a profile picture and cover photo as they normally do on a social media site like Facebook. The person can set username as per their choice as the system generated one consists of letters and numbers only.  

You can follow any member of your choice by subscribing to their monthly premium plan. Similarly, anyone can follow you if you are putting up some interesting content on your profile.

Therefore, there is no line drawn between content creators and the audience. Even webcam models can subscribe to a blogger. 

Members can add their credit cards to their account which they can use for paying for their subscriptions. On the other hand, they can even add their bank details if they are expecting to receive some money after being followed by some people. 

There are a basic dark and light mode which can be switched as per your choice. It has a dedicated customer support page as well which can be used if you are facing any issues or errors when you are using this site. 

The mobile app has a similar design and includes all the features that are provided by the site.

Most of the adult performers and webcam models of Onlyfans provide many details in the profile. Similarly, you might also find many actors, actresses, and celebrities on this site.

Therefore, we can say that everyone is getting paid here for creating attractive and appealing content. Some models and celebrities even provide links to their websites in their profiles so that you can know about them even more. 

All these things are enough to say that Onlyfans is a social media site for people who are well aware of the true meaning of entertainment and for the people who do not mind paying if they are getting access to some hot and personalized content. 

For the very same reason, we would like to refer to the performers and models of Onlyfans as social media influencers instead of calling them as adult stars or porn actors.

Remarkable features of Onlyfans

Get paid for all your activities

We usually take selfies and post them on different social media sites with the hope of getting likes and comments. On Onlyfans, you will not only be liked and commented but you will also get paid for the amazing pictures and videos or any other content that you have posted on your profile.

The only condition is that your pictures and videos must be hot enough or you must be popular to get paid for everything that you upload in your profile. 

Adult performers or cam girls can just post raw footage of their evening shower or they can simply post the unedited selfies that they capture from their smartphone and get paid for it!

Lots of notifications

The members of Onlyfans have to go through a lot of notifications. There is a notification for almost every single activity on this site.

There is an entire page dedicated to notifications on your profile. You push comment on a cam girl's picture and if she likes or reacts to it then you will be notified in the interactions or likes section of the notifications page. 

All the notifications related to the subscription can be seen in the ‘Subscribed’ section of the notifications page.

Similarly, there is an ‘All’ section that covers all the notifications, and one section named ‘Promotions’ is reserved for the notifications that are related to the marketing and promotional strategies available on the site.

An exhibitionist’s dream

Onlyfans is every exhibitionist's dream because he/she will get motivated to post their pictures and videos now and they will be paid a good amount for that. 

Many adult stars and even sex workers manage to supplement their income from this site. The minimum threshold that they require for submitting a request for payout is just $10. 

Therefore, the models and popular figures on this site are getting paid daily. This is much better than the cam sites that are offering bi-monthly or weekly payments to their models.

Moreover, adult performers or pornstars do not have the choice of interacting with their fans freely on other sites. However, they can enjoy this privilege on Onlyfans as all contacts can text you freely through the site or its mobile app. 

Personalized porn

Onlyfans has been designed for providing a personalized experience to the users. This includes porn as well as the members get to watch the real sex tapes filmed by adult performers with their real-life partners or other professional models.

The idea is to provide a slow yet steady dose of porn to the users unlike surprising them with unlimited porn content that is offered by the regular porn sites.

The idea of selling monthly subscriptions is not bad because the users might not feel like purchasing every single video or picture uploaded by the models.

Moreover, if a fan of a particular model is not impressed with her present collection, he can always demand a customized video or photoset and the payment for the special request can be processed through the tips. 

The tips can also be given to the models when they are performing live shows. Also, many other options are provided that can enrich the interaction between the fans and the models or pornstars.

In a way, this site weaves more intimate moments between a fan and a social media influencer.

Catered for the performers

Unlike other cam sites that are more user centric, Onlyfans has designed to provide the utmost convenience to the performers. Therefore, everything from the price of the subscriptions to the schedules of the shows is decided by them as per their comfort. 

The models can also change the subscription cost if they feel the need to do it. Moreover, the models receive 80% of the money they make from selling their monthly subscriptions and from the tips they get.

The scheduling of the posts can be done in advance to fulfill the requirements of the fans belonging to different time zones. Also, the models can use the ‘Go Live’ feature to post live videos in their profiles.

The PPV i.e. pay per view messages can be sent to all the fans at once. Any form of media like videos or images can be attached in this message along with its pricing details.

The tips can not only be paid during the live streams or shows but the fans can also provide tips on a post or through a message.

The live shows are streamed only for the fans and are not visible to other members and the price of the custom content can be set only by the content creators.

For example, a fitness model can provide the instructions of a specific set in a video and he/she can either set the same price for all the fans or can even charge variably from different fans. Therefore, the controls are with the content creators here.


Fanscope is probably the best feature of this site. This feature is a perfect blend of the live streaming feature provided by cam sites and Periscope.

However, it has the personalized touch of Onlyfans which makes it better for the users.

Through this feature, the performers or content creators can stream live. They can control their streaming with the assistance of this feature as it broadcasts sessions only to the subscribers.

This feature also allows the performers to earn tips during their live streaming sessions. The performers can set tip goals and earn extra money from this feature.

While using this feature, the feed of your live session will be automatically featured on your timeline.

Moreover, the notifications of the live feed will be sent to your fans or subscribers so that they don't miss even a second of it.

The members can even interact with the live performers through a text chatbox. This chat box also reveals the amount tipped by the subscribers or fans. 


Now that we have analyzed some of the main features of Onlyfans, let us take a detailed overview of the website’s design.

Once a user creates an account on this site, they can confirm their email to keep their account more secure.  Members who have used their Twitter account for registration do not have to follow this step because their accounts are already verified by Twitter.

A new member will not see much on the homepage as they can see the live feeds, pictures, and other posts of the models and performers only after they subscribe to their monthly plans.

However, on the right side of their homepage, they will see the suggestions of the top models or social media influencers.  

Some performers provide many details on their profile page whereas some performers keep everything locked. For watching the exclusive content of the performers, you will have to pay a monthly fee decided by her.  

The content creators usually charge a price from $2.5 to $20 per month for providing total access to their content, however, prices may vary from model to model.

Some content creators also offer subscription bundles at discounted prices. These bundles usually include a bulk subscription of three or six months or even more.

Fans can like a particular post of a performer (content creator) by clicking on the heart icon (tapping in case the fan is using a mobile application) and also leave their comments.

Towards the top right corner of your screen, you will find a profile icon. You can click on it if you want to see or edit your profile details.  The same page can also be used by the content creators to delete or edit their posts.

Users can click on the ‘Edit Profile’ if they want to add or change some information on their profile.

This picture can contain nude selfies or revealing pictures. However, explicit content or provoking pictures might not be allowed on this site.

Separate display names and user names can be used by the members. These names can be edited as and when required. Below that, you can set the subscription fee for your fans.

However, before setting a monthly subscription fee, you need to provide your bank details. After that, you can update the ‘About’ section, ‘Location’, website URL (if you want to promote it), and Amazon Wish-list.

All these details are optional and therefore, you can refrain from providing them. Members can also connect their Twitter and Spotify accounts with their profiles. 

By using the ‘Account’ section of the profile, a user can change his/her registered email id and password. A user can even delete his/her account from Onlyfans by using the ‘Delete Account’ option.

We have discussed the notifications section in the previous paragraphs. Below the 'Notifications' section, you will see a section named 'Security'. Using this section, a member can verify his/her account. 

Verified accounts are more secure as their login credentials and details cannot be manipulated by others. For that, a member of a Google Authenticator app from Google Play or App Store authenticates the profile. After that, he/she can set up an account and enter the key provided by the site. 

The members can also choose to scan the code provided by the site by using the authenticator app. These verification steps are optional and a user can even choose not to verify his/her account if he/she doesn't feel the need to make their account secure.

The latest updates and features launched by the site can be viewed in the 'What's New' section. On the top of your screen, you will see a feather icon. You can click on that whenever you want to post something new in your profile. 

The language of the site can be changed by scrolling down the options that are provided in the ‘Profile’ menu. There is an option called ‘Lists’ in this menu that informs you about the details of fans that are following you and other specific details. 

This list also shows your favorite performers and the profiles are saved for later by you. For example, if you like a performer or content creator but you do not want to subscribe to a monthly plan right away, you can save their profiles for exploring them later.

You can even create your list by clicking on the '+' icon. There is a section called 'Your Cards' which can be used for entering the details of the cards for purchasing a monthly subscription of a particular content creator. 

The ‘Help and support’ section can be used for resolving your issues and queries. The customer support executives of Onlyfans are prompt and address your issues on priority. However, if there is some delay, it might be due to the difference in time zones.

At the bottom of the profile menu, you will find the 'logout' option that can be used to log-out from your account. 


The cost of the membership plans is dependent on the content creators or models. Anyone can create a free account on this site without providing any credit card details. 

The subscription cost might vary from performer to performer but the members have to choose whether they want to purchase the membership or not.

Free demos and previews are hardly provided by any of the performers. Therefore, we can say that this site does not provide any special benefits to free users. 



  • Onlyfans can be a great site for adult performers or any type of social media influencer. It is also a great site for regular members because they can interact in a personal way with their favorite models and performers. 
  • The members can give sexy lingerie, panties, amazon gift cards or they can simply tip their preferred models for impressing them.
  • Most of the models are thoughtful towards the needs of their fans and upscale their content accordingly. Therefore, fans can provide feedback freely and they won’t be blocked or removed by the performers.
  • You will come across different kinds of performers through this site. Some of them like to dance with their audience while some of them are skilled stripteasers. Some performers might provide fitness tips while some of them masturbate live using a sex toy.
  • Though there are different kinds of performers here, the majority of them are here providing and promoting their adult services.
  • It is gaining recognition among adult performers across the world and even porn lovers are looking at it as a good option. Therefore, adult performers and models can use this platform to gain more publicity among the fans.
  • The models can also use this platform to drive enough traffic to their website or social media handles.
  • Content creators who provide quality content consistently get a great response from the fans. The initial response might not be so overwhelming especially since there is no way to track any of your progress. However, your fan base will keep growing if you post regularly and your income will be a symbol of your growing popularity.
  • Social media is no longer about flirting and flaunting your body. In fact, girls also want to seduce men and boys so that they can pay for their nude selfies and hot videos. They see social media networks as a platform for their additional income and use them accordingly. Onlyfans have recognized this shift in the trend and have designed its structure and features accordingly.
  • The website has a clean, smooth, and interactive interface. The minimal design and fuss-free features enable you to use the options easily. Moreover, the navigation is smooth and the layout is user-friendly as well.
  • Most of the performers, especially the ones who have newly joined this site are offering their services at affordable rates. Therefore, members do not have to spend a lot for enjoying exclusive and premium content of hot performers and content creators.
  • Watching hot models masturbate in live shows is a real turn on for some people it is much better than the regular porn.
  • Many models are interested in showcasing their private sex lives through their posts. People who get turned on by such stuff will find this site perfect for satisfying their lust and desires.
  • It is a perfect platform for users who are into amateur porn. This is because the performers do not have much time and space to script their shows and content. Therefore, they can simply ask their partners to make out or have sex with them while streaming live or while recording videos.  
  • This platform is mostly used by sex workers, porn stars, models, and many more to generate a passive income to support their lifestyle. While for others, it is just a way of expressing themselves. Therefore, you will be provided with content from different types of performers through this site.
  • Some of the hottest adult performers and live girls use Onlyfans. Therefore, you are in for some really hot and steamy action if you subscribe to the right models. 
  • The models can lure their fans into buying their sex taps and in turn, the fans can ask customized content from their favorite models.  


  • Each model or content creator has a particular price tag. Moreover, most of the models do not perform daily. Therefore, you need to purchase multiple subscriptions if you need a good amount of adult content daily to satiate your innermost desires which can be really expensive.  
  • The models can edit their subscription costs at any time. Whenever a model does that, the ongoing subscriptions are automatically canceled. This is not only bad for the fans as they feel cheated with their money but even the models can lose their loyal fan base when such things occur. 
  • There is no way to find out whether a model is posting videos and streaming live with an HD or low-quality camera before the viewer subscribes unless they have mentioned it in their profile. However, most models avoid opening up too much in their bios and you might end up feeling cheated if the live streams and videos are not featured in high quality.
  • Some models provide teasers and short clips in their profiles to seduce their potential fans. However, most of the models do not offer teasers or previews.  
  • Many models use this site only for self-promotion. These models do not perform live shows here but use Skype, Chaturbate, or some other sites to promote their services. Watching them on other platforms can cost you additionally.
  • The models can delete their page anytime without giving prior notice to their fans or subscribers. As a result, it might not be good for some users.
  • The features of this site are designed in such a way that they seem to favour the models more. Therefore, a regular fan who is not using this platform for earning money might feel rejected or left out at times.


Though Onlyfans is a unique and one of its kind of site, it has many competitors in the online adult industry.

One of its stiffest competitors that is gaining enough recognition among porn lovers is PornHub ModelHub. 

One of the best creations of PornHub is that this platform allows the content creators to sell and promote their adult content as per their wish.

Moreover, it has a great collection of amateur porn content, and users will not have to wait for a fresh dose as they can buy amateur porn videos when required.

Chaturbate is another platform that allows amateur porn makers to sell their content. 

Moreover, the number of models performing on Chaturbate is a lot more than that on Onlyfans. 

Also, Chaturbate is better for the fans as they can enjoy public videos and live shows of their favorite performers free of cost. However, Onlyfans is better for the models because it helps the models to earn a considerable amount of money. 

If you are into cam modeling but also want to make money by selling adult videos and through other services then sites like ManyVids and Sidedaddy can also prove to be a good option. These sites allow the performers to stream live shows and the price for which the adult content is also decided by the models.

However, these sites are different from Onlyfans in terms of functioning because they do not provide the option of availing a monthly subscription plan for accessing all the content posted by the model to date. 

The models of both Snapchat and Onlyfans work similarly but Onlyfans allow models to post adult content freely whereas Snapchat allows partial nudity only. Therefore, it seems that Onlyfans certainly has a competitive edge over most of its peers as of today. 

Customer Support

This site offers a dedicated page for providing customer services. Members can use the FAQs to solve their queries or they can directly send their message to the customer support team through the link:

For more information about their support services, please visit this page:

YouTube videos

 A video that explains the features of Onlyfans:

A video that provides tips to the models who are aspiring to work on Onlyfans:

Final Verdict

Onlyfans is a fresh and interesting concept for both the performers as well as fans, but it is still in its nascent stage if its popularity compared to other sites that promote amateur porn content.

However, it has got a promising future, and members who understand how to use it for their own use can benefit in a lot of ways in the coming days. Therefore, we recommend all the aspiring models and adult cam lovers to try it once.

Parting words

Create a free account on Onlyfans today so that you can start streaming your content to enjoy the dual feeling of being a performer and a fan at the same time! 

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