RealLifecam Review (2020)

If you are done watching regular cam girls or boys, and bored with the usual scripted porn scenes, probably, it’s time for you to try something else.

How about voyeur webcams where you will get to watch real-life couples having sex? How about seeing couples doing their daily chores?

Think about it once; you will get to spy on real people!

These people have installed HD web cameras in their houses, and you will get to keep track of every move that they make. 

Be it in the kitchen, sitting in the living room with other members of the house and chatting, or a couple having sex. RealLifeCam lets you watch the live feed of real people. It is just like watching a reality show; the only difference is that here at RealLifeCam, you will get to watch sex scenes as well.

In total, there are 20 odd apartments. All the apartments have cameras installed in each of the rooms.

Even though you will get to watch voyeur cams, there won’t be any private cam shows and private messaging options available. Still people seem to like this platform a lot, and this is the reason why 19,393,832 people visited RealLifeCam last month.

If you compare the number of visitors of RealLifeCam with other voyeur cam sites, you will notice that RealLifeCam is currently the industry pioneer.

There are not a lot of features available, but the kind of footage you will get to see will be crystal clear because all the rooms have HD web cameras installed. It is loved by many as RealLifeCam lets you watch reality shows as well as sex shows.

You will find many apartments active with participants doing different things. Because these apartments are active 24x7, you get to watch the participants 24x7 as well.

From the moment they wake up to taking a shower, watching TV to cooking food, each and every aspect of these participants' lives gets recorded. Once you become a member, you will be able to replay the recorded shows as much as you want.

However, this replay feature will include only the last 24 hours of footage. This site is not like any other voyeur cam chat shows that you usually get to watch on different webcam shows. Often, on adult webcam sites, you will spy on another private show.

You will pay per minute for the spy shows, and that’s about it. Other than that, there are free voyeur sites that let you watch sex scenes. Well, not everyone is into these kinds of things but we luckily have sites like RealLifeCam.

We have reviewed RealLifeCam for you so that we can share our honest opinion about the site. We will talk about its robust features, point out some of the pros and cons, talk about the pricing policies, and more.

This way, you will get to have a clear understanding of this platform, and simultaneously decide whether you would like to spend your time and money on RealLifeCam or not. Most of the features that you will see here will not be available unless you buy the subscription plans.

Apart from the subscription, the site also has a token option for those who would like to try the replay feature of RealLifeCam. Now, let’s get going with the full review of RealLifeCam, and see whether this platform is worth your visit or not.

What makes RealLifeCam so popular?

First of all, there are only a handful of legit voyeur cam sites where you get to see attractive people 24x7.

This platform allows you to spy on people with their permission. The participants of the RealLifeCam website already know what this site is about;

hence you are not really playing with anyone’s privacy. Rather than shows, RealLifeCam likes to call these shows projects. 

Whenever someone new joins it, the site will highlight the name of the person and state that so and so person has entered the project. This is how you get to know that someone new has joined the show. RealLifeCam has 26 apartments in total, and there are more than 330 cams available.

All the apartments have various rooms, and each room has a camera. None of the cameras are hidden. Cameras are installed in different places which makes it exciting.

You will find many girls intentionally performing nude or sex shows in front of the camera. Boys can be seen masturbating when they are alone, and when they are with their partners, they can be seen trying sexual positions.

We have seen a couple trying sexual positions like 69, doggy style, spanking, and many more. Some of the couples can also be seen using sex toys. All these things will tell you that the participants of RealLifeCam are really into sex. However, you can’t expect to see sex for all 24 hours.

Therefore, when they are not making love, the participants can be seen being busy in different work. Most of the time, these people don’t even pay attention to the camera and keep themselves busy like they usually do.

You won’t get access to all the rooms, though. Most of the time, it is only the living room or the kitchen that is unlocked for the guests, but once you become a member, you get access to all the places. The moment you purchase a membership, you will be able to see live footage of all the rooms.

On the homepage of the website, you will see three main things. On your left will be the names of the couples or people who are currently online, in the center will be the live footage of the couple and on the right-hand side will be the floor plan of the apartment.

The floor plan will tell you where the cameras are installed in the house.

The participants of RealLifeCam voyeur projects are ordinary people just like us. They are not the typical webcam models that you get to see. These are commoners who go to office or college. They have a regular life just like ours.

Seeing these people in their pure avatar and also being able to see them naked and having sex just like normal couples do, makes us feel good about it. We are no longer seeing any studio performers acting as per the script. There are no fake orgasms, no fake tits, no fake moaning.

Only there is pure sex. While they are in the mood to have sex, you will see that they are really into it. Once they are done, they go back to doing their normal things. Most of the time, the girls remain naked. Sometimes, you will also see some gang bang actions.



Estimated visits last month: 19,393,832

Website design and navigation

The complete design of the website is very simple. It has a straightforward layout and an easy to understand dashboard.

Once you visit the site, you will immediately be able to see live footage of one of the apartments.

On the left-hand side of the website is the list of online couples, roommates/singles, girls on vacation, and couples on vacation.

The middle area is for the live footage, and then on your right is the floor plan of the website. If you scroll down a bit, you will see the list of apartments that are online. You will hardly find two of them free for viewing, and the rest is only for the members.

Below  is the list of RLC replay categories. Here you will find only the last 24 hours scenes. You can get access to these replay videos if you buy some tokens. The navigation makes this website more intriguing.

We checked several live footages, and each of the pages was working fine and streaming is good as well.

Participants of RealLifeCam

Here at RealLifeCam, you will get to see roommates, girls, couples, and more. The participants of RealLifeCam are regular people just like us. You will not get to see a professional webcam model or pornstar here. In case you are expecting to see them, then this site is not for you.

This site has amateur performers and you will not find them registered with any of the cam websites. A few of the footage that we went through, we saw solo performances of young girls who seem to be in their twenties. These girls were masturbating by using sex toys.

Some were even fingering themselves. Some were just having a good time while taking a shower.

Most of the participants of RealLifeCam are good looking; in fact, we came across a few guys with gigantic dicks and girls with big boobs. What we really liked about these people was that they were in their natural state.

None of the girl participants were wearing an excessive amount of makeup to look good on camera. They were in their natural state, and that’s something we appreciate.

Video quality

It seems that participants are using HD webcams. The video streaming is exceptionally smooth, and all the love feeds are crystal clear. We are happy that RealLifeCam has given special attention to the video quality.

We watched as much live footage as possible to ensure that all of them were using HD cameras, and yes, they were indeed broadcasting their live footage via good-quality cameras. Even the night mode footages were fantastic. None of the videos were blurry or hazy.


You will enjoy browsing the website of RealLifeCam both on your mobile phone and computer. The friendly user-interface will be appreciated by every new visitor of RealLifeCam. Whatever information you need, you will find them on the homepage.

This way, you will not have to juggle from one page to another. You will see the list of online apartments on the home screen, below that will be the saved reply categories. To start watching the live feed of an apartment, click on the thumbnail that you see, and get started with the show.

Do remember, the people living in these apartments can be seen random things too, hence, if you are expecting sex scenes 24x7, that’s not going to happen.

Top features of RealLifeCam

  • RealLifeCam has an easy to navigate website with more than 330 cameras installed in over 26 apartments. These apartments remain online 24x7. So, no matter when you would like to watch someone getting dirty, you will surely find someone or the other naked.
  • RealLifeCam has an easy to navigate website with more than 330 cameras installed in over 26 apartments. These apartments remain online 24x7. So, no matter when you would like to watch someone getting dirty, you will surely find someone or the other naked.
  • RealLifeCam has an easy to navigate website with more than 330 cameras installed in over 26 apartments. These apartments remain online 24x7. So, no matter when you would like to watch someone getting dirty, you will surely find someone or the other naked.
  • RealLifeCam has an easy to navigate website with more than 330 cameras installed in over 26 apartments. These apartments remain online 24x7. So, no matter when you would like to watch someone getting dirty, you will surely find someone or the other naked.
  • This is a dedicated voyeur site, meaning, you will get to watch 100% full voyeur performances only. You won’t be interacting with anyone, and no one will get to know who is watching them. Whatever you see on the screen will be happening in real-life.
  • It is effortless to sign up with RealLifeCam. All you need to enter is your email id and password, and you are good to go. Apart from an easy sign-up process, the platform has a robust customer service team as well, who is always willing to help you.

Mobile version

Those who would like to browse the website of RealLifeCam on their mobile phones, here’s the good news for you. RealLifeCam has an Android app also. You can go to the Play Store and search for RealLifeCam. This app will allow you to watch all the live footage of the active cameras.

Baring the app, the website of RealLifeCam is highly mobile-responsive. Even if you don’t feel like downloading the app, you can still browse the site on your device whenever you would like to.

Registration process

If you want to sign up with RealLifeCam, click on join in. Enter your email ID and a password to create your account. You will receive a verification email on your email ID, wait for it sometime, and click on the verification to verify your account.

You must have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player to stream the live footage. We will share the details for paid memberships soon. It is better to become a paid member of RealLifeCam because it is only when you purchase a membership, you will get to enjoy the full features.


RealLifeCam has two types of subscriptions. One is standard, and the second one is premium. Apart from these two subscription plans, the site also has a replay function, which will cost you some token. A free user will be able to take a look at the free rooms of the apartment.

Certain rooms like the living room, kitchen area, and a few others remain free for everyone. In standard subscription, you will be able to watch the live stream in full-screen mode.

However, if you would like to access all the rooms of various apartments, we recommend selecting one of the premium membership accounts.

With a standard membership, you will be able to browse through seven apartments only; however, with a premium membership, you will get to unlock all the apartments along with all the rooms. You will also be able to stream five different live footage at the same time!

Whereas in the standard subscription, you can stream only three live footage. Take a look at the pricing policy below.

  • Standard- 30 days- $29.99
  • Premium- 30 days- $44.95
  • Premium- 90 days- $114.95
  • Premium- 180 days- $199.95

We also talked about the replay feature of RealLifeCam. This is a feature that will let you watch all the feeds that have been recorded for the past 24 hours. To access this feature, you will have to spend some token.

  • 100 tokens: $10.00- 1-day access
  • 200 tokens- $20.00- 10 days access
  • 300 tokens- $30.00- 30 days access

Site performance

Cam Quality






Participants online




Unique participants






Bonus features


Our score: 82/100

Site statistics

  • Most popular features: Free registration, replay feature, HD cameras, fantastic live footage streaming, lots of online apartments to choose from, nude and sex shows availability, 100% voyeur shows.
  • Professional models: All the models of RealLifeCam are 100% amateur. There are no professional webcam artists or pornstars.
  • Member age: 18+
  • Amateur performers: All of the participants of RealLifeCam are amateurs.
  • Mobile-version: Yes, the website of RealLifeCam can be easily browsed on your mobile phone, and there is a mobile app available for you too.
  • Private shows: No, you can’t chat with the participants privately.
  • Photo galleries: Not available
  • Live broadcasting quality: Excellent. We also talked about the replay feature of RealLifeCam. This is a feature that will let you watch all the feeds that are recorded for the past 24 hours. To access this feature, you will have to spend some tokens.

Competitors of RealLifeCam

It is hard to believe that a site that is so good would have no competitors at all. Now, voyeur or spy mode is available on most of the adult webcam sites, but we wanted to check out similar sites like RealLifeCam with the same functionalities, and we were amazed to find out that there were quite a few of them.

These sites let you watch the live footage of different people in different apartments. These participants never get to know who is watching them and from where. It seems like voyeur cams are indeed getting popular in the industry, and that’s why we have so many similar sites.


The first competitor of RealLifeCam is, without a doubt, VoyeurHouse. This voyeur cam site has precisely the same premise as RealLifeCam.

You will get to see around 35 apartments with girls, boys, and couples.

These people agree to be filmed 24x7, and you get to watch them 24x7 more like a reality show plus the naughty stuff. 

Even in VoyeurHouse, all the participants are from Europe. The people living inside these houses can be seen talking, playing, eating, taking a shower, and having sex. The couples are fully aware that they are being watched, but they do an excellent job of being themselves.

Once you start watching them, you will feel as if these people have no idea that they are being filmed.

There are 38 apartments registered with VoyeurHouse, and daily, you will easily find 35 of them active. Apart from watching people doing day-to-day activities, you will also get to read some highly entertaining blogs too.

The blog section that we found here is hardly available in any of the other voyeur sites. This site has some good-looking participants, and the couples here can be seen banding each other frequently. If you are into voyeur cams, you should definitely try VoyeurCams.


Another good voyeur site for people who are interested in watching reality shows is Camarads.

Camarads doesn’t have a lot of apartments for you, but this site was visited by 2,133,289 people last month, despite having only six couples.

This site is perfect for those who would like to see real couples banging one another. 

If you are interested in live sex shows by genuine people, then waste no time and visit Camarads today. All the live shows are available for you 24x7. The participants of Camarads get filmed 24x7. You will see normal people being busy in their daily lives.

Some can be seen playing games, while others are preparing dinner for themselves and their partner. Most of the people that we came across here remain topless. It seems like a trend with the voyeur webcam participants. The video quality of live footage is excellent too.

All of the members of these apartments are amateurs; hence you will only be seeing real people doing everyday things and getting dirty.

Voyeur Villa

The last voyeur website that we have for you is Voyeur Villa. This is an adult voyeur webcam site where you will get to watch a live stream of real people 24x7.

The different houses that you will find here have HD cameras in each of the rooms.

The best part about Voyeur Villa is that whatever footage you get to see here is raw.

Nothing is scripted here. You can expect to see tons and tons of sex scenes and nudity. 

Just like RealLifeCam, even Voyeur Villa has a replay function that will let you browse through the past 24-hours content for as long as you would like to. The site looks decent. You will be able to browse Voyeur Villa on your mobile phone and laptop.

The homepage will show you the list of online apartments with inhabitants’ names, live footage of any of the flats, and finally, the floor plan of each of the apartments, so that you get to have a better idea about where the cameras are installed in the house.

You will see hot Russian babes as the members of these apartments.


  • RealLifeCam is a pretty straightforward website with all the details listed right on the homepage. For example, you will get to see the list of online apartments on the left-hand side of the screen. The live footage of the apartment will be on the center; the floor plan will also be available, and more.
  • You will have no difficulty in navigating the site. Streaming is smooth, and the houses have HD cameras installed in each of the rooms. These participants are from Europe.
  • Most of the people can be seen wearing alluring clothes or no clothes at all, especially females. Sometimes you will  find them masturbating.
  • There are cameras installed in the bathroom also. This way, you will always be able to watch them naked whenever they go for a shower.
  • The site has a replay function, which lets you go through the past 24-hours footage. This feature is useful for those who might have missed some parts in the last 24-hours, and they would like to go through it again.


  • Those who are only looking for sex scenes; you might find RealLifeCam content annoying because this site will not only broadcast sex scenes but their normal day-to-day life too.
  • The standard version has very limited options in terms of features, and for guests, there should have been a free trial option for a day, so that they can have a better understanding of how this site works. Some people are still new to this concept.


RealLifeCam has a dedicated customer service page and a FAQ page too. If you want to know about the most commonly asked questions, it is better to check out the FAQ section first.

The FAQ page has information like what RealLifeCam is, what to expect from this platform, what types of payment methods are accepted, and more.

Even if you are new here, and you are not sure how this site works and what to expect in terms of content, we recommend you to visit the FAQ page because they have cleared everything there.

FAQ page:

If you have any queries regarding payment or subscription, or if you are not able to log in, or so on, you can always write to the customer support team. Drop an email to, and someone from the team will get back to you shortly.

The good thing about it is that they take customer service very seriously.

Contact us page:


According to us,  RealLifeCam is an excellent and unique platform, where you get to watch the private lives of some random strangers whenever you would like to. The people that you will see here at RealLifeCam are not actors. These are real people that you will be spying on.

They live in an apartment where each of the rooms has HD cameras installed. There are no scripts involved. These people are doing what they usually do; the only difference is in the timings.

The people of these apartments are completely aware that they are filmed; hence don’t worry about spying on someone and feeling bad about it.

To get started, you can click on any online apartment that you see on the homepage. The floor plan will show you where the cameras are installed; you can click on the different rooms to watch each of the rooms.

The site is mobile-responsive, and you can download the RealLifeCam app too on your Android mobile phone. There are two types of subscriptions available, and we think that the best kind of subscription is the paid one.

We are impressed with RealLifeCam, and recommend this voyeur site to everyone.

Parting words

Go on and check out RealLifeCam today to see footage of real couples. Watch them as they engage themselves in everyday work and completely forget that they are being filmed. This site is fantastic. Do come back to read more reviews. Until then, enjoy RealLifeCam!

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