Selling Nudes (2020)

People have figured out different ways to make money and using social media sites and apps for earning some cash is one of them.

Also, many image editing apps are now available which can make even a simple person look extraordinary.

Nowadays, people do not miss a single opportunity of flaunting their looks on social media networks and dating sites.

What if they could also earn by selling their private pictures to their social media fans and followers?

Yes, this is possible today as many adult platforms and social media portals have been developed for girls and boys who want to share their intimate pictures and videos with their fans.

These sites are also ideal for people who are interested in spending some money in exchange for hot nudes. 

Countless nude images and sexy selfies are available on the internet that can be downloaded for free. However, the opportunity of talking and knowing the people who are sharing their nude pictures with you is provided only by some platforms.

There are plenty of ways of selling your nude images and selfies on the internet. Today, we will reveal some of the easiest methods that can be used for selling nude images online. 

Be a model

To be able to sell your nude images on the internet, you must be good looking. The editing apps do make your pictures look good but heavily edited pictures look fake and therefore, good looks are a must if you want a good value for your adult content. 

If you are already having the looks to die for, you can even think of becoming a model. Modeling is no longer limited to only walking on ramps.

Social media has become a great platform to reveal your sexy body and many girls and boys are earning heavily by promoting their pictures and looks online.

Nude photography is a separate genre of photography that is only meant for models who want to participate in nude photoshoots.

However, getting commissioned for participating in a nude photo session is totally different from selling nudes. 

This is because selling nude photographs is more suited for the models who are related to the adult industry in some or the other way. Adult models are those girls or boys who provide adult services via different channels and platforms.

Apart from selling nude photos and sexy videos, these models also indulge in cam shows, phone sex, sexting, and other adult services. If you do not want your parents to know about your nude modeling, the second option i.e. selling nudes online is a better option.

Guys and girls who are not into adult camming or are not interested in providing adult services can also use some sites to make some extra money by selling their nude selfies and pictures.

Working as a full-time adult model is also a good option for those who want to earn a living by selling and promoting adult content. But before that, let us discuss the platforms on which you can earn money by selling nudes while performing in cam shows. 


Chaturbate is the number one cam site that features all types of adult content.

It is used for cam shows mainly but models can also sell their private photos and videos to their followers for earning extra dough. 

Models can also create a fan club to promote their adult stuff and nude pictures. There is no restriction on the number of fan clubs a member can join.

Also, one model can have unlimited members in her/his fan club. 

chaturbate lp

Members need to pay a subscription fee to enter in the fan clubs of their favorite models. Also, the models can set the fee of their fan club. The settings can be managed in such a way that an uploaded image or video can only be accessed by their fan club members.

Also, the uploaded nude pictures can be viewed by the fans for free but other members need to pay tokens for accessing them. The number of tokens that a member has to pay for downloading each video or nude picture is decided by the model.

Every time a model uploads her naked selfie or sexy picture, the members who have subscribed to her fan club will be notified about it. Some selfies and videos can also be uploaded as a premium video or photo. 

This means that whenever a model uploads 'Purchase Only' video or nude picture, that can be accessed only by paying the decided amount of tokens even if a member is a part of his/her fan club. 

Therefore, models of Chaturbate can earn a good amount of money by selling their adult content. This means that they don’t have to rely on cam shows for making money.

Models who work on other platforms can also upload videos and naked selfies on Chaturbate for gathering some extra income biweekly. However, for that, they must earn a good reputation and must be followed on the site first. 

The cam performers who are not interested in creating fan clubs can sell their nudes directly by uploading them on their profile and charging money for it.

Advantages of being a broadcaster (model) on Chaturbate:

  • The procedure to become a broadcaster on Chaturbate is simple and easy. Some other cam sites might follow a strict recruitment procedure but anyone can become a model on Chaturbate by following some simple rules and procedures.
  • Chaturbate is a great platform for amateur models. Therefore, no one will judge you on your cam skills and performance provided that you look sexy and are friendly with the members.


Snapchat is a great place for good looking girls and models who want to make money. For earning money by selling your nudes on this app, you will be required to create an account on Snapchat.

You do not have to indulge in any adult services like cam shows or hosting live and private shows when you are using Snapchat for selling your nude photos.

However, the option of hosting live shows and posting live feeds is also available on this app which means that it can even be used by models who are into adult cam shows and other services.

For earning a sizeable amount of money by selling your sexy selfies, revealing bikini photos, and other adult content like sex videos, masturbation clips, etc. you have to attract a large number of people.

This can be done by promoting your Snapchat account through different social media and adult platforms. For example, you can leave the link or URL of your account wherever you have a good fan following.

There is another way of using this app to sell your nude photos. There are many model listing sites like FanCentro on which Snapchat models sell their premium accounts.

This means that anyone can subscribe to your premium account by paying a monthly or one-time fee through these sites. Moreover, you can promote your account through multiple listing sites to gain more fans on this social media app. 

Advantages of selling nude photos on Snapchat:

  • You can become a model on Snapchat by downloading an app and creating an account. It is just a regular Snapchat account with more privacy settings applied. 
  • This means that you do not have to provide any subscription fees for creating a paid account on Snapchat. The only difference between a regular and paid account is that people pay for watching your content.
  • The settings of Snapchat allow the models to restrict their nude pictures and selfies from people who have not subscribed to their daily posts.
  • A great thing about posting pictures and videos on Snapchat is that it disappears after a certain time.
  • As a result, your fans will be interested in your upcoming posts and for that, they need to  pay some fees monthly on a regular basis.
  • You can open two or multiple accounts on Snapchat. One of these accounts can be used for interacting with your friends and loved ones and the other one can be used for promoting your premium account.
  • This means that you can create a sense of curiosity among others by promoting your paid services on the regular account. It is a wise idea to create a separate account for promoting premium content because regular accounts might be banned after posting adult content.
  • Snapchat does not charge anything from you even if you are making hundreds of dollars every day. This is because it does not provide any kind of premium services nor does it promote it.
  • This means that you can sell your nudes or premium accounts directly to your fans by providing your bank details or details of payment platforms like Payoneer, PayPal, etc.
  • You can sell your nudes directly on this app without using any listing sites. This is because listing sites will charge a percentage of the earnings that you will make.
  • It is an ideal platform to sell your nude selfies and other types of adult content through iOS and Android phones.

Advantages of selling premium Snapchat account on model listing sites

Also, it is not a bad idea to promote your premium account through model listing sites like ModelCentro or FanCentro because they provide a great platform for promoting your premium account.

Apart from that, they encourage the audience to purchase your content and your fans get to pay directly to the website which makes your profile credible. 

If you are a cam model who has a huge fan base on some cam sites then you can divert that fan base to your Snapchat account easily.


If you are looking for a social media kind of app that allows you to sell your nudes then OnlyFans can be the right platform for you.

A great thing about this app is that it can be operated on mobile as well as on the computer.

On OnlyFans, you cannot sell photos and videos individually. It is just like Facebook where your friends get to see your daily posts and activities.

The only difference is that the people who want to see your posts need to pay a subscription fee every month. 

Moreover, the monthly subscription charges can be decided by you. Also, you get to change the subscription fee whenever you want. 

Also, you do not have to be a model or a cam performer to sell your subscription on this platform. You can be a blogger, chef, fitness expert, gym expert, and you still can post some of your private pictures for your fans to see. 

Whenever you post anything on your account, your followers will get to know about it and the people who do not subscribe for your monthly premium account will not be able to see it. 

Moreover, you can even connect with your followers through messages. Also, you can sell the individual pictures to your fans through messages. However, these pictures cannot be pre-posted on your account since your fans won’t pay for it.

Also, you can lock the nude images that you are intending to sell separately to your fans. This will restrict your fans from viewing them directly and would build anticipation.

As a result, you can sell the nudes at different rates to your fans with the help of the messaging option. 

This site can also be operated through a mobile browser. Not only that, but the browser can also be synced with your image gallery or camera for uploading your nudes and short videos easily. 

Advantages of using OnlyFans

  • OnlyFans takes care of all the payment procedures. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the payment. Also, it pays 80% of the earnings to their models.
  • Since it works on a monthly subscription model, you don't have to keep uploading nude selfies or sexy pictures to entertain your fans. Therefore, you get paid for posting anything that your audience might like. 
  • Whenever you post a video or picture on your timeline, your fans will get to know through notifications. Members can post comments and they can like your videos and pictures as well.
  • Apart from the monthly subscriptions, you can also earn through the tips received from your fans. Fans can tip on your posts, videos, pictures, and even through messages.
  • If you want to earn extra, you can also stream live through a feature called Fanscope. This feature allows the performers to stream their live shows only to their fans.
  • The fans are informed about the live feeds through notifications and they can even interact with the performers during the live shows by using a chat box. This chat box even shows the number of tips given by the fans for encouraging them to tip you more.
  • Anyone can create a free account on this site without subscribing to any premium plan and neither do they have to provide their credit card information.
  • The design and functionality of this site are simple and it allows the members to access the features easily.
  • It is one of the fastest-growing sites and even models prefer OnlyFans over Snapchat and other social media channels because it does not ban them for posting and promoting adult content directly on their profiles.
  • This site has a dedicated customer support service that is capable of handling all queries and issues.
  • The fans can give many things such as gift cards, lingerie, or they can even tip them freely. Therefore, models get several options to make money apart from selling their nudes. 

Some tips for the girls who want to make money by selling their nudes

Selling nudes on the internet is not hard nowadays as there are numerous platforms for doing that. However, for that, you must be smart enough to recognize which platforms will work the best for you.

For example, if you choose a platform like ManyVids, you will not be able to attract a lot of followers if you do not post video clips and sex clips.

Therefore, if you are not comfortable in sharing your private videos with your fans, it would be better if you stay away from them.

Girls who are only interested in selling their nudes can go for platforms like OnlyFans and Snapchat.

On the other hand, girls and ladies who are interested in earning more money can opt for cam sites like My Free Cams or Chaturbate. 

You need to be reasonable while charging for your nudes especially when you are planning to sell them one-by-one. This is because you cannot charge excessively for one picture.

A few dollars might not help you so much financially but if you can build a good fan base on sites like OnlyFans or SiteDaddy, you will be able to earn hundreds of dollars even if you sell one picture for 5 dollars or less. 

Also, we recommend you do not charge too low for the nudes because then it won’t help you much. Choose the amount smartly depending on your fan base and the quality of your photos. 

You can also invest some money in making your pictures more sexy and hot. For example, you can purchase a DSLR camera to take pictures. For selfies, a mobile phone that has a good camera would be enough and for appearing sexy you can buy sexy lingerie or thongs. 

Capture the photos in a good light because every part of your body needs to be showcased perfectly. If you are going to capture photos in dark or at night, use the necessary lighting that will  highlight your sensuous curves and body parts. 

You don't have to be ashamed if your body is not picture perfect. Even regular bodies have their appeal and many people prefer to see raw and uncut photos of naked girls irrespective of how their body looks. 

The culture of body-shaming is no longer encouraged in social media and even adult platforms. Therefore, this is the right time to make some money by showing your natural curves and beauty. 

If you are too conscious about your body, you can start with selfies and you can show your body as you gain sufficient confidence. Nude selfies are in great demand these days and they look great if they are shot nicely.

Posting nude pictures is not considered as a forbidden thing anymore. Therefore, we can see many models and even celebrities posting their bold and semi-nude pictures and selfies on social media.

Selling nudes can complement your income but it cannot be considered as a full-time business unless you are into modeling and provide other adult services like phone sex and sexting simultaneously. 

Selling nude pictures on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram can get your account banned because these sites do not promote nudity.

However, you will not face any issue if you promote your profile links or provide other details related to profiles of cam sites on these platforms. Therefore, you must differentiate between the platforms that can be used for advertisement of your services and the sites that can be used for selling nudes.

Patience is the key when you are trying to make some money by selling your nudes. The initial few weeks might not generate a good sum of money especially if you are not that much popular on social media and cam sites.

However, the money will start flowing in as you get popular and advertise your content on multiple portals and sites. Therefore, do not stop clicking pictures or get demotivated even if you are not making money  

A popular cam girl or social media influencer can make at least a couple of thousands of US dollars per week just by selling her nude selfies and photos. This depends on how hard you work and how extensive and loyal your fan base is.

You need to dedicate enough time to build a strong network of fans and admirers by using social media sites and apps.  

Also, your nudes are your assets and you must take care of them. Many miscreants use sexy and nude pictures of other people for making money.

Therefore, always choose a site that has strong DMCA and privacy rules because only such sites can protect your creative property.  You can also watermark your nudes so that you can use the copyright act to bring down the people who are misusing your nude pictures. 

Interact with your fans and followers daily. It has been observed that models and girls who are active on social media but do not engage with the fans lag behind to sell their adult content easily. 

Being friendly and nice will help you to build a strong connection with your fans and they might even agree to pay more.

Do not upload one type of image on the sites because it will be hard to maintain the interest level of your fans with the same images.

Try to add a different element to each of your nude and use different poses, hairstyles, and backgrounds to make them more special.

You can even post a hot black and white selfie or you can use different filters and effects to make your pictures unique.

Now, let us see some interesting sites and apps that can be used to sell your nude images

Square Peep

Square Peep is a great platform for amateur models and girls to sell their nude pictures. It also uses an interesting concept to promote your nudes.

You can upload a kinky nude image of yours on this site and then you can blur some parts of the photo by applying square patches on them.

Now, each user of the site has to pay a certain amount of money to reveal a small part of the photo.

As a result, multiple members can come together and pay a part of the price to unlock the entire nude image.

It also adds an element of fun to the whole process and helps the models to sell their nudes for a high rate.

It allows you to set the price of each square and the site takes a small part of that price as commission.

Benefits of using Square Peep

  • Square Peep dedicates itself completely to the nude images of the models. Therefore, you do not have to take much effort as the members find and pay for unveiling your nude pictures on their own.
  • You can create an account by using your Twitter ID or you can also use your email ID to set up an account.
  • No one can sell your images because the site allows those members only who have uploaded a photo ID to confirm their identity.
  • Only members who are above 18 years of age are allowed to post nude pictures.
  • Each uploaded picture gets divided into 16 squares with the help of 4*4 grids. Therefore, you can hide many squares for increasing the final price of the image.
  • Payment is done for every square that is unveiled from your nude photo. You can even boost your account by purchasing credits so that it reaches more members than usual.
  • You can encourage the members to unveil a square by providing them access to your previously unveiled photos for a particular time (usually 1 hour). Moreover, you can even upload your private videos and clips in your profile to make it more interesting.
  • Signing-up on Square Peep is free and therefore it has a huge member base. However, the members cannot see the photos unless they start revealing the squares.
  • The addictive nature of this site helps members to make money by selling nude pictures.


Images4Sale is a site that encourages hot girls to upload their sexy pictures and nudes. They can even sell their uploaded content to other members for earning extra.

It has a huge member base and therefore, it is not hard to find potential buyers for your nudes. However, only kinky and raw photos get more attention on this site.

Therefore, if you do not feel comfortable posting such pictures then you must look for some other platform for selling your nudes. 

This site allows amateur girls and ladies to sell their nudes and is a great option for people who are bored with the usual adult and porn content. 

Benefits of using Images4Sale

  • Images4Sale has been active for many years and has helped thousands of adult content creators to earn well.
  • It has also been awarded on several occasions by AVN, XBiz, and other well-known names of the porn industry. Therefore, we can say that it is a credible site when it comes to selling adult pictures. 
  • It is more suitable for models who post pictures and nudes related to different kinds of fetishes like BDSM, foot fetish, etc.

Sext Panther

Sext Panther is an ideal site for girls who do not mind engaging in sexting apart from selling nudes.

The best thing being you will also get paid for indulging in hot and steamy text chats with the buyers of your nudes,

The basic idea is to sell your nudes to the members while seducing them with your words. 

Therefore, we would recommend this site for everyone who wants to earn a lot in a short period of time. 

Benefits of using Sext Panther:

  • It has a huge member base of over 4 million members. Therefore, your chances of  earning are high through this site.
  • Sext Panther is a perfect site for girls because most of the members are male. Therefore, one model has plenty of numerous male texters which improves their chances of earning well. 
  • Members do not have to pay anything for registering on this site but other services can be accessed for a certain amount of fees.
  • It is a genuine site that does not indulge in any fraudulent activities. As a result, your photos are safe on this platform.
  • Sex Panther does not have a mobile app yet but the site is mobile-friendly.
  • Apart from sexting, models can also earn money by indulging in a hot phone call and video call sessions with their customers.
  • Text messages can be sent for free but the users need to tip the models after the end of every chat or call session. Therefore, the models never return empty hands from the sessions.
  • The phone number of the models is not shared with the clients as the site provides an internet number to the models for interaction.
  • Moreover, the dummy number is not shared with other members which helps the models to maintain their secrecy.
  • No one will force you if you are uninterested in attending video and phone calls. Therefore, you can only offer the services that you are comfortable with.
  • Moreover, you can add more services whenever you feel like. Your chances of earning more money will increase if you provide multiple services but you can also earn well through exchange of photos and texts.
  • Models can even earn through a referral program, As per this program, each model can refer to many models and she will get $100 as a bonus once the model earns her first $100.
  • For each picture and video that you sell, Sext Panther will give you 55 to 65% from their earnings.
  • 75 to 82% of your earnings through phone calls will be given to you and the site will keep the rest as a commission.
  • 80 to 88% of your earnings that you make through tips will be given to you and the site will charge the remaining amount as commission.
  • We can see that the site is offering a major chunk of the earnings to the models. Therefore, it would be a good idea to sell nude pictures on this site.

Nite Flirt

Nite Flirt is similar to Sext Panther but here you will have to speak with your clients over a phone call.

However, you also can sell your pictures to your clients and they will tip you for your phone call services.

It is a reliable site that provides a major chunk of the money to the models.

Benefits of using Nite Flirt:

  • It has been around for more than 15 years. Therefore, we can say that it is a trustable site for models who want to earn money through sale of their nudes. 
  • Models can serve in many categories such as BDSM, fantasy, and different kinds of role-plays and fetishes. Moreover, they can also indulge in video calls with their clients. 
  • Couple phone calls are allowed too which means that you and your partner can earn together by seducing others over the call along with trading your sexy pictures.
  • It entertains transgenders and men models as well. Registration is completely free and you do not have to provide your credit card details while signing-up.
  • Models can also sell their recorded sex tapes to their clients. Moreover, they can also make money through sexting.
  • The prices of the nude pictures and calls can be set by the models. On average a model charges up to $10 per nude picture and demands $3 per minute for phone calls.
  • It is a decent looking site with an impressive layout and easy-to-use features. Therefore, almost anyone can use this site. 

Other options

Apart from these specialized sites, models can also trade their pictures on Twitter or messaging apps like Kik. However, the correct amount of money that can be earned on such platforms is highly variable.

Also, you cannot violate the rules and conditions of these sites else you will be banned by them. So we would recommend you to use the sites that we have mentioned in the above paragraphs.

Final Verdict

These are the sites and apps that you can use to make good money by trading your sexy and nude photos. We would recommend sites like OnlyFans, ManyVids, Sext Panther, etc. for those who want to earn decently without much assistance.

Also, the sites that offer Snapchat subscriptions such as ModelCentro, Fan Centro, etc. are also ideal for those who are offering adult services through Snapchat. Trade your nude pictures without thinking too much and increase your revenue exponentially.

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