Skyprivate Review (2020)

For so long, we have been using Skype to connect with closed circle people or to conduct e-business meetings, but have you ever thought in your wildest dreams that you could use the same video conferencing tool to get intimate with the hottest babes from around the world?

Guess what, SkyPrivate lets you get intimate with sexy girls online whenever you want to.

You pay per minute, and the girls that you will be interacting with are all verified, sexy cam models.

SkyPrivate is a popular web-based chat platform, and it started its inception in the year 2013.

SkyPrivate is among those very few online webcam service providers who have registered and verified cam girls. 


No matter when you would like to chat with these hotties, SkyPrivate will always have someone or the other waiting for you. If you have a Skype account already, then why not make use of it for your own entertainment?

Imagine being able to Skype call some of the best-looking girls who you have never met and seen? Sounds exciting, right?. Wait till you read the complete review of SkyPrivate. Unlike other webcam chat sites, SkyPrivate works a tad differently.

Rather than using the platform directly, you will actually be talking and watching the live sex and nude shows via Skype profile. So, in order to begin the show, you will first need to have a Skype account.

Don’t worry, your Skype information will be safe with SkyPrivate, as the company doesn’t disclose anyone’s Skype’s information to any third-parties. More and more people are looking for intimate online shows. We all know that it is never easy to find someone to get intimate with.

You need to work really hard even if you want to ask someone out for a date. This is the main reason why we have more and more people wanting to go for intimate online moments with cam girls. Firstly, there are lots of beautiful cam girls available.

Secondly, these girls already know why they are here. Thirdly, everyone has a shot at finding someone unique and getting cozy with them. SkyPrivate is a new way to get in touch with high-profile webcam girls.

These girls are verified, and you will find the list of available girls on the homepage of the website. To sign up, all you need to enter is your email address. The site will send a verification link to your email. Once you receive that, you need to click on the link, and you are good to go.

Do remember that to chat or watch these girls performing live, you will have to have a Skype ID. You will be using your Skype ID to make a call to any of the registered models of SkyPrivate and to add money as well.

To begin chatting with someone, check the list of all the available models, click on any of the profiles that you find interested, and select the Skype chat link. This is where you will have to share your Skype ID, add the model’s Skype ID as your Skype contact, and then, you will be set to chat with the model on a pay-per-minute basis.

The SkyPrivate website looks sleek with minimum content and is impressive. It is also very easy to find the online cam models here. You can choose from women, men, couples, and trans. Then you can sort out the models based on their age, price per minute, region, and categories.

If you don’t want to do the hard work, simply choose from the list that you see on the homepage. We found this platform very interesting and hence we have reviewed it for you. Our review will cover all the crucial aspects of SkyPrivate that you need to know.

We will talk about the top features of SkyPrivate, who its competitors are, what are its pros and cons, pricing policy, and more. You will find all the information here that you should know about. The concept of SkyPrivate is straightforward.

It provides you with a safe and secure platform to connect with hot strangers residing in different parts of the world.

What makes SkyPrivate so popular?

In most of the adult webcam sites, the most that you can do is save some of the models as your favorites. You don’t get to know their Skype ID or the personal number for a matter of fact. But things are very different here at SkyPrivate. You will be chatting with some of the bombshells through Skype.

Meaning, you will get their Skype ID. All you need is a Skype ID, fill your Skype account with money, pay the verified sex cam model on a per-minute basis, and keep interacting with them for as long as you want. This is one of the biggest reasons why SkyPrivate is so popular in the industry.

It gives you a different way of interacting with people. You get to have their Skype ID, save them as your Skype contact, keep an eye on their login status, and whenever they come online, you can initiate the conversation by paying the cam host on a per-minute basis.

SkyPrivate, so far, has more than 27,500 verified cam hosts, and you will find at least 2000 of them online no matter when you visit. Each of the hosts is willing to come for Skype interaction, and that’s why everyone loves the models on SkyPrivate. Every interaction that you get to make is private.

Rest assured, there won’t be anyone spying on you;, your conversation with the cam model is going to be discreet.

SkyPrivate is a legitimate platform and not a scam. You will be paying the models straight out of your Skype funds, you won’t be paying any tokens or credits, and this is why it is very easy to interact with the cam models of SkyPrivate.


The models that you see here on SkyPrivate are all verified web models. They are incredibly charming, and they are all willing to come for private Skype shows. You can get in touch with men, women, trans, and couples.

No matter who you would like to get in touch with, luckily, you will find them all here at SkyPrivate. Model index pages of every model are available right there on the website.

It is good that the model bio page is available, as it makes it easier for us to understand the personality of all the models, and who we should interact with. Even though there are many adult webcam sites available on the internet, people still like to try new things.

This is where sites like SkyPrivate comes into play. All the models of SkyPrivate are 100% legitimate. The SkyPrivate website looks impressive, with categories being appropriately segregated.

There are more than 27,500 models registered here at SkyPrivate, and as we discussed, you will find 2000 of them online, no matter when you visit the website. SkyPrivate has made it extremely simple for everyone to select the right model.

For instance, you can choose your preferred gender,; you can choose the age limit, the price per minute, languages they speak, and finally, select a fetish of your own choice. These choices make the selection process very easy.

After you are done making the right choices, you will be shown the list of models online based on the categories that you have selected. If you don't want to go through the hassle of filtering models manually, you are always free to look at the online models' catalog available on the homepage.

The homepage will introduce you to the list of top models of SkyPrivate. You can pick any one of them. Remember, you will have to become a member of SkyPrivate to unlock the Skype ID of the host. If you want, you can schedule a show as well.

The model can either accept your invitation or decline; simultaneously, you are free to send an invitation to as many people as you would like. There are no limitations.


Website link:

Estimated last month’s visit: 294,697

Website Design and Navigation

We were thoroughly impressed by the website design of SkyPrivate. It looks amazing. The homepage has the necessary details that will help you in locating the right cam performer.

Once you visit the main page of SkyPrivate, you will be bombarded with beautiful thumbnails of the top webcam models of this platform. On top of the screen will be a model search toolbar.

Here you will get to filter the models based on their age, pay per minute cost, languages they speak, and type of preferences. For example, some models will be available for roleplay, submissive, dildo, cute teen, and more. Others will be available for oil shows, milf, mature, and more.

These are the types of categories available. You can narrow down your choice by taking a look at the categories and selecting the category that interests you the most. Navigating the site should be easy because of its friendly user-interface. The homepage has all the information you need.

There is no unnecessary content, and neither does the site looks messy. Apart from this, if you scroll down a bit, you will have a section, which says, “I am looking for something special.” In this section, you will find pornstars, girlfriend experience, BDSM/fetish, Jock Men, non-adult, and regular.

How does it work?

SkyPrivate has a dedicated page for how it works. On this page, you will find all the information regarding how this site works. You can chat with the models from any device that has Skype software installed.

You need to recharge your Skype account to begin chatting with the model on a per-minute basis. You don’t need to download any app for SkyPrivate on your device. Here’s a step-by-step guide for you.

  1. 1
    The first step is to register with SkyPrivate.
  2. 2
    Now go to your Skype account and add some funds.
  3. 3
    Go to SkyPrivate again, and choose a model that suits your interests and matches your personality.
  4. 4
    On their profile, you will find the model’s Skype ID; you need to add their Skype ID as your contact.
  5. 5
    You can tell the model about the type of show you have in mind and see if they are willing to offer that.

Do remember that to begin chatting with any of the models; your Skype account must have a minimum of $25.00. While you are on a call with the model, don’t forget that you will be charged per-minute, therefore pay attention to her pay-per-minute cost.

Some models might accept your call, while some may not. We tried calling a few, many did answer, but then there were two who didn’t, despite being online.

SkyPrivate models

The site claims that there are more than 27, 500 registered models, and on average, you will find at least 2000 of them online. The members are from different parts of the world, and they can speak English, French, German, and Spanish. 

All the models are members of Skype because that’s how they will interact with you. Here at SkyPrivate, you will get to interact with only the top-quality, hottest webcam models who are experienced. Because there are many of them, you will find that different models are experts in different domains.

 Some will be experts in BDSM, while others will be interested in other stuff. No matter what type of kinky fetish you have, you are bound to meet someone who caters to that category.

People from all over the globe visit SkyPrivate every day, and because you will be using Skype to connect with these babes, you are not limited geographically. Anyone and everyone can start interacting with these professional webcam models.

Most of the users on SkyPrivate are those who don’t mind spending money on their online dates. You will find men, women, couples, and trans models.

Registration process

To register, first and foremost, every user needs to have a Skype ID. You will not have to pay anything to register your account, so don’t worry about that.

You must load your account with some funds, the minimum amount being $25.00, to begin a pay-per-minute private conversation with one of the models. Because you chat with these professional models on Skype, your identity and privacy are secured.

No one gets to know who you are talking to on Skype, and you can chat with any model at any time. There are no time restrictions. You will have to create a free account with SkyPrivate. Email verification is required, which means, once you are done with your account creation process,

SkyPrivate will send an email link to your email id. Click on that link to verify your account. As you can see in the screenshot of the sign-up page, you will have to enter a username, password, confirm your password once again, and finally, enter your email ID.

Tick on the I agree box, and after that, select the sign-up button. SkyPrivate is very serious about what they email to you, and rest assured you won’t receive any spam emails from the company.

How to Start a Conversation?

After you are done creating an account and loading your Skype account with some funds, you are now free to start a conversation with the models. Readers may note that there aren’t any rooms per se here at SkyPrivate.

You will need to select a model’s profile and look for their Skype ID to add them as your contact. Every conversation that you will have with the cam models will be on a one-on-one basis.

Make sure that you have a properly working internet connection; your Skype account is fully funded because the models generally agree to chat with those who have money in their account.

You will not be joining other users to chat with a webcam model, which you usually do on other adult webcam platforms.

Models profiles

All the models of SkyPrivate have a dedicated model info page, where you will get to see basic details of the model.

Most of the models have shared information such as their age, sex, location, sexual orientation, languages they speak, eye color, hair color, body built, breast size, height, weight, and more. You will also get to read the model’s bio along with what he /she liked and dislikes.

The model info page will also have photos and videos. We recommend checking out as many model pages as you can. Even though all the models are super-hot, it is always better to see who suits your interests.

Mobile app

The good thing about SkyPrivate is that the platform has a dedicated mobile application. You can download it on your mobile phone and browse the website whenever you are feeling lonely or bored, and feel like interacting with someone.

The mobile site receives frequent updates, and the app looks attractive. The user-interface is friendly too. No matter what type of handset you have, the app can be easily operated on all devices.

Top Features of SkyPrivate

  • SkyPrivate has a lot of verified cam models. There are guys, girls, trans, and couples to choose from.
  • Model index pages are available, and the info page is descriptive.
  • This adult webcam site is a brand-new way to connect with hotties residing in different parts of the world.
  • The website looks fantastic and catchy.
  • You can  schedule a Skype show with the models. And it is easy to select a model based on different requirements.
  • Most of the models upload pre-recorded shows on their profile. You can purchase them if you wish.
  • Even though it is not mandatory, if you like any of the models, you are free to tip them.
  • After the call, you can rate the model, and let everyone know if she or he is worth the time and value.

Pricing & Membership Fees

The models set their own prices, but you get to choose the model based on their cost. You can check on their profile and get to know their per-minute charges. Depending on that, you can select any of the models. Most of the models are available for $1.00 to $2.00 per-minute chat shows. You will be paying per minute to any of the models that you decide to interact with. You can also tip the model if you want to.

Skype private shows: $100-$12.00 per minute.

You don’t need to buy any tokens from the website to pay the models. All you havegot to do is load your Skype account with funds and have fun. Readers may note that models tend to ignore those who don’t have sufficient funds in their account, hence if you want to strike a conversation with someone, it is better to have your account well- funded.

Other fee-based services include chatting, private shows, tipping, pre-recorded videos and photos, and schedule shows bookings. You will not have to pay anything to create an account.

Site performance



Cam Quality

8 / 10


9 / 10


8 / 10

Participants online

7 / 10


8 / 10

Unique Girls

7 / 10


10 / 10


10 / 10

Bonus features

7 / 10

Site statistics

Most popular models: Miss Milana, Leila Hot 69, Sexy Slimz, Happy Sloth, Sofia Love, Laurent Cherry, Kalina, Lovely Angel, Yuno Aria, Loissa, Felisha, Stella Smitt, Jessica Boom, Lolita Doll, Curvy Brown Girl, Vanilla Goddess, Queen Julia, Exotic Executive, Nicole Love UK, Frutigao, Barbie Del Rio, Sunny Sylvia, Emily Sweett, Foxy Rina, Belle, Keymoon Asian, Amy Cute, Lola Red, Jenna Cyde, ViolettXia, Pris Devon, Sweet Blonde, Jolie Sophie, Elite Rose, Room 69.

Models: There are more than 27, 500 registered models. These models are not geographically limited. They are from different parts of the world.

  • The total number of models available: 27, 500+.
  • Body types: You will find models with every body type. BBW, skinny, big breast, big ass, athletic, and more.
  • Galleries: Models have uploaded videos and photos on their profile pages. Most of the pictures and videos are free to look at; however, paid ones are available too.
  • Live broadcasting quality: Good.

Competitors of SkyPrivate

Even though SkyPrivate is a one of a kind webcam site, where you get to Skype chat with verified webcam models, is still receives a massive amount of competition from some of the big brands, such as LiveJasmin, Chaturbate, and Streamate.

One of the main reasons why these sites are still leading is that many people are, unfortunately, not very familiar with SkyPrivate. Many people hesitate to share their Skype IDs too. However, if you look on the bright side, SkyPrivate is safer than most of the adult webcam sites.

In terms of privacy and money, both! Here are some of the competitors of SkyPrivate.


The first threat to SkyPrivate is LiveJasmin. We don’t think LiveJasmin needs any introduction because this adult webcam site is known to all. And that’s why they receive a massive number of visitors every month, around 400 million every month.

LiveJasmin doesn’t only let you enjoy private shows with the cam2cam feature, but there are many value-added services available as well.

Take group chat shows as an example. Group chat shows happen for a few minutes, and everyone wanting to watch the group chat collectively donate for the show. This way, the price of the show becomes very affordable.

LiveJasmin is one of the oldest adult webcam sites with more than 200,000 registered webcam models. The reason why these models are so unique is that they are registered with LiveJasmin only, and you will not find them registered with any other adult webcam sites.

The models of this platform are extremely sophisticated and classy. They are available for paid shows, as well as free shows.

A brand as big as LiveJasmin, having such a high number of performers and daily visitors, and consistently delivering top-class content, is bound to be the top adult cam site.


Now, let’s talk about another leading webcam site, which is loaded with an array of amateur performers. Even these models are registered with the platform, but because these models are amateurs, they kind of give the girlfriend experience to everyone they meet.

We are talking about Chaturbate, an adult webcam site with more than 200,000 models that is visited by over 300 million people every month. The main reason why this site is leading is that most of the sex and nude shows are free here.

Of course, there are paid shows too, such as private shows, spy shows, and group shows, but the galore of free sex shows that you get to see there is nowhere else to be found. The models are all 18+, and the site is always overloaded with more than 3000 webcam models.

The public chat shows work on a tip basis, and the models do receive generous tips from the viewers, and hence you get to watch free sex shows right away.


The last challengerf to SkyPrivate is Streamate. This is another good live webcam chat show service provider that has fantastic webcam models with them. Most of the models you will find at Streamate are females.

Even though the models don’t perform sex shows for free, the private, gold, or group shows are simply terrific. You will not have to buy any credits or tokens here; you will be paying real cash to the models, which is why this site hardly receives any payment issue complaints.

Another reason why we liked Streamate is that they have a 24x7 hours helpline number, and the customer support team is excellent. They are always willing to help their esteemed members. This site may not be that old, but they have been delivering good content since their launch.

There are more than 130,000 registered models.


  • SkyPrivate is an excellent adult webcam site, which lets you connect with verified models through your Skype account. You can schedule shows too.
  • SkyPrivate is a legitimate and safe adult webcam site. You don’t need to buy any tokens or credits from the website. Whatever balance you have in your Skype account, the money will get deducted from that.
  • SkyPrivate has an attractive mobile app, which works seamlessly on every mobile phone. The website and the mobile phone app both go through frequent updates.
  • There are more than 27,500 models registered with SkyPrivate, and on average, you will find at least 2000 of them online. This way, you get a lot of options to choose from.
  • The models on SkyPrivate are incredibly gorgeous, and all of them have a detailed model index page with photos and videos.
  • You can narrow down your search for models based on different filters. You can select a model based on their age, pay-per-minute cost, languages they speaks, and the kind of kinky fetishes they are into.


  • Unless you have sufficient balance in your Skype account, models don’t accept the Skype call. And the minimum balance that one must have in their Skype balance is $25.00.
  • Other than Skype, there is no other option to communicate with the models. Also, there is no free minutes’ chat available. You must recharge your Skype account to strike a conversation.

Customer Support

Fortunately, SkyPrivate is pretty serious about delivering robust customer service to all of its customers. The platform has a dedicated contact us page. They also have a FAQ page, which is very useful.

The customer care Skype chat option is operational from Monday to Fridayfrom 10:00 to 18:00, BMT +2. They have shared their customer care Skype ID; you can save the ID in your contact list to get in touch with them when they are operational.


For us, SkyPrivate is a sure winner. This is a unique adult webcam site, and the features offered by this platform are excellent. To connect with any of the models, you will need a Skype ID and funds in your account. Most of the models charge $1.00-$2.00, which is very affordable.

You can talk to the models for as long as you want.

Parting words

This was is our review of SkyPrivate, and we hope you have found it useful. We recommend SkyPrivate to everyone who would like to try a unique way of getting in touch with some bombshells. Go on and become a member of SkyPrivate today!

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