How to Become a Chaturbate Model? (2020)

Chaturbate is one of the leading adult webcam entertainment platforms, where people come to interact and chat with some of the hottest webcam models from all over the world.

This site is visited by 400 million + people every month and offers tons of explicit shows in terms of nudity and sex.

Because Chaturbate is an excellent platform for aspiring models to showcase their talent. Nowadys more and more amateurs are showing interest in becoming a webcam entertainer.

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However, becoming a webcam model of Chaturbate is not that tough as many think. You can become their model in no time although you need to fulfill specific criteria.

If you are eighteen and over, you have a good quality webcam at home and you have the passion for performing sex and nude shows in front of the whole world, then this portal invites you to be a part of its colossal model catalog.

Chaturbate doesn’t only let you perform nude and sex shows, but also let you make money  by selling your pre-recorded videos and photos. This site is perfect for models who would like to earn passive income.

Here in this article, you will get to know everything about how to become one of the top models at Chaturbate.

How to get started?

The most important criteria is that the individual must be eighteen years and older. It is mandatory for all the wannabe webcam models to identify themselves and prove their age as well. You can submit any of your ID proof, such as a driving license, passport, or anything of such sorts.

This is the first thing that Chaturbate will ask you to provide. Now, other than your ID, there are certain other things required by the company as well. Take a look at what those things are.

  • Computer or a laptop: You must have a computer or laptop and make sure that your system has Adobe Flash Player installed. If you want to upload your live feed, Adobe is a must.
  • Excellent HD webcam: Because you are going to broadcast a live feed, you need to have a webcam as well. It is always better to have an HD webcam that will allow you to broadcast seamless webcam experience.
  • Good-quality internet speed: The next thing that you need is good-quality internet speed. It is better to have a wired connection rather than Wi-Fi, though.
  • Digital copy of your ID: You must submit a digital copy of any of your photo IDs. A photo ID proof is required so that you can prove to Chaturbate that you are 18 years and above.
  • A place to perform: The best place to broadcast your live feed is from your bedroom. This way, you will have your privacy.

Anyone can become a WebCam Model here at Chaturbate

Here’s the good news for everyone. Whether you are a male, female, couple, or a transgender, if you are interested in becoming a webcam model, Chaturbate is right there for you. Chaturbate welcomes every gender and you can register here without any fee.

If you go by the tags, you will notice that groups are also available. What is essential for you to find out is would you like to perform solo, with a partner or as a group. You will have to make the selection accordingly before starting your show.

Before You Start Performing on Chaturbate - Watch This

How much does the model get paid?

Here’s the thing, even if paid chat shows are free for the audience, you can still earn a handsome income by introducing your tip menu. For example, you can say that you will flash your tits for 200 tokens, to play with sex toys; you charge 500 tokens and more.

You are free to charge on your own. Similarly, you can charge accordingly for your paid shows too. Do remember that Chaturbate works on a token basis. So, it’s the tokens that you will receive and they will get converted into real cash.

Solo performers

Solo performers, particularly females, can expect to earn 100 to 7000 USD per day.. The better and comfortable you are at performing nude and sex shows, the more you will get paid. Those who earn 5000 to 7000 USD per day are loved by many.

They are basically pros and well-established cam models. These models make a lot of money by selling their photo archives and pre-recorded videos and they also get to earn a lot through their public chat shows.

Those who are new to this industry will have to work immensely hard to get to that level.

Couple performers

Couples also get to earn a lot. This happens mostly because people are kind of done with scripted adult movies. They are bored of seeing pornstars faking orgasms; people are now more into seeing real couples making love to each other. This is why couples are in huge demand.

As a couple, you can expect to get paid 1000 to 10,000 USD per day. If you and your partner are good-looking, then you are bound to receive traffic on your page. In fact, couples don’t even need to work as hard as solo performers.

But ensure that you are interested in performing sex in front of the camera. Because that’s what people are here for.

If you are good with webcam modeling, then the earning potential is really exceptional here. All you need to be careful about is the way you perform, how long you will be available, because for the initial days, you will have to be present for more and how good is the camera quality.

Cash payment methods

For cashout, you need to earn $50.00, at least. Chaturbate releases funds twice in one month; however, if you would like to, you can ask for payments every day.. If you earn $50.00, then you can request for payout which is a minimum payout limit. There is one more catch, though.

For daily payout, you will have to pay $3.95 as a processing fee daily. This is why we recommend aspiring models to take twice for the monthly payment.


  • You will not have to pay any processing fee.
  • Check sent by email: No processing fee.
  • Direct deposit: No processing fee for US models.

Check Sent by FedEx

  • Those who are in US will have to pay $4.00 as the processing fee and international models will be paying $80.00.
  • Payment by wire: The processing fee is $45.00.
  • Payment by Paxum: The processing fee is $0.50.
  • Payment by Bitcoin: The processing fee is $3.00.

Different Types of shows available to earn money on Chaturbate

Chaturbate is a premium adult webcam site, where people from all over the globe can enjoy adult shows.

This is one platform where you can perform sex shows in the public chat rooms if you wish to. Unlike most of the adult webcam sites, where you are not allowed to perform nude or sex shows in public chat rooms, Chaturbate puts no such restrictions.

Because there are different kinds of shows available for you, you are free to set your own charges for your services. You can charge for the paid and public shows as per your will .

How to Become a Camgirl on Chaturbate - What I Learned

Tip goals

The first show that you can go for is public shows. Here you will get tons and tons of visitors. You can display your tip menu on your chat box. Let the visitors go through it and they will tip you depending upon what they want to see. This is a great way to earn more.

Also, the longer you stay for the public shows and the longer the nude shows get, the more tokens you get to earn.

Interactive sex toys show

We highly recommend enabling sex toys shows as part of your sex shows. This is the best way to earn more. You can allow the tip to vibrate mode also. This is a function where your visitors will tip you to vibrate your sex toys.

Private shows

Private shows will allow you to chat with someone privately. In private shows, you will be charging on a per-minute basis.

The client who will join you for a private show will try to negotiate before the show starts, but it is totally up to you whether you would like to negotiate  and how much you would like to negotiate. It is always better to talk about the type of shows you offer.

Let your client get to know you better and this way, you will set the right expectations as well. The models of Chaturbate charge anywhere starting from 5 to 100 tokens per minute for a private show.

Spy/Voyeur shows 

If you wish, you can enable spy mode on your profile too. This is a great way to earn more. In voyeur/spy mode, your clients will be able to spy your private chat show. This show type will also be charged per minute.

Clients are usually charged anywhere between 2 to 30 tokens per minute. Such shows are  cost-effective and people somehow like them.

Sell your photos and videos

On your profile, you will even get to upload your raunchiest and sexiest photos and if you want, you can upload pre-recorded shows of you masturbating as well.

You can charge some tokens per file. For example, for photos, you can charge 100 tokens; for videos, you can charge 500 tokens. This way, you will keep on earning passively. Keep your clients happy with your latest video collection and let them buy from you.

Run a private fan club

A fan club features lets your clients subscribe to your fan club membership. Your clients will have to pay if they want to join your fan club.

This way, they will get access to all of your content by paying a substantial amount. Also, make sure to pay good attention to your fans because these clients are your true fans. Don’t let them leave you.

More Chaturbate Features to Try

Apps and Bots

Apps and bots feature of Chaturbate has been a blessing for models like you. Apps and bots help every model in a variety of ways.

This feature will keep an eye on the tip goals; it lets your sex toy vibrate when someone tips you, it can further help you by adding sex games in your profile, where members will be asked to pay off they wish to join in, plus, the app and bots feature keeps the chatrooms entertaining.

You can customize your profile pages

Here at Chaturbate, you are always free to create your profiles. Make sure that you prepare a solid and robust profile.

Share as much information as you can. Upload good photos, videos, add a tip menu and talk about yourself. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to understand how the profile section of Chaturbate works. On top of that, the customer care team is always there to help you out.


Here’s why models love to register with Chaturbate. It offers a cam-splitting feature, which allows you to split your public chat show on multiple platforms.

This is the best way to get an invite for a private chat show. Once you are done with the private show, you can always go back to your public chat show to keep on earning tokens from multiple users.


Chaturbate is a fantastic place to kick start your adult cam modeling career. This site is one of the best adult webcam sites, where you will get plenty of ways to earn money. We recommend becoming a cam model of Chaturbate because the sky is the only limit here.

You will never have to pay anything to this website to register as a model. The signup process is not stringent, the startup is effortless, you will get paid twice per month and you will earn 5 cents per token.

Chaturbate also has a dedicated staff for the models, where you can register a complaint, if any. Just remember that you will need a PC or laptop, high-speed internet connectivity and HD webcam and a space to perform online.

So, go ahead and become a registered webcam model here at Chaturbate today. Go on and register now!

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