OnlyFans Review (2020)



OnlyFans has grown exponentially over the past few years.

This is arguably the best place for adult entertainers to connect with their fans and double their paycheck. In terms of popularity, OnlyFans is giving a tough competition to other similar platforms of the adult industry.

From cam girls to porn artists, OnlyFans is the right platform to connect with your fans and start earning money.

This social network platform lets porn stars, adult models, and cam girls make money by selling their subscriptions for a reasonable price.

All you need to do is join the platform, upload your adult content, sell them here, and keep earning money. Don’t worry, your account won’twill not get banned! This innovative platform is very popular among adult entertainers and cam girls.

Now that you know that OnlyFans is a premium social networking site, your OnlyFans account will have the following things:

  • Posts: Your post tab will have all your updates, recorded videos, photos, live videos, stories, audios, and other contents.
  • Photos: Under the photo tab, you will have the list of images that will be uploaded.
  • Videos: The videos tab will contain all the videos.
  • Audio: Under the audio tab, you can save all the voice recordings.
  • Likes: Likes tab will let you see the number of likes that will be received for every content that you will upload.
  • Fans: Finally, the fans tab will show you the number of fans you have on OnlyFans.

How does OnlyFans work?

If you are a cam girl, porn star, or an adult entertainer, then you must consider joining OnlyFans to earn extra money.

In fact, famous stars can make double the money they usually earn on regular websites. Through OnlyFans, you will find more chances of being seen, appreciated, increase your fan base, and finally, earn money on a daily basis!

If you are wondering how OnlyFans works, then follow these simple five steps and get started.

Step 1: Create an Account

OnlyFans is particularly for those who have a good number of fan base already. If you feel that you have a good number of followers on different platforms, it is time for you to join OnlyFans, and ask all your fans to join you for watching some of your exclusive content.

Creating an account on OnlyFans has always been free and easy. To register, you won’t have to sign any contract with the company.

With other social networking sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more, there are all sorts of restrictions that make it extremely challenging to post content that your users desire actually.

And the worst that can happen when you upload adult content on these popular social media platforms is that your account can get blocked! That’s why platforms like OnlyFans existFor registration, you will be required to click on the Sign-up option that is available on the homepage.

In the next page, you will be asked to add a valid email ID, password, and your name. Don’t forget to visit your inbox and verify your OnlyFans account. Click on the link provided in the email, and you are all good to go!

You can now upload your content, and your fans will pay the monthly subscription fee for never missing an update from you.

Step 2: Set your subscription rate

The reason why so many adult entertainers prefer to join OnlyFans is that you get to set your own subscription rate. This means that you have full control over how much you think your subscription is worth.

So, be reasonable, and set a price for the subscription that your fans would like to subscribe to.

Be fair and try to be reasonable. Indeed, you would like to earn as much money as possible, but do remember that your fans will be moving from free platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, to a paid platform like OnlyFans.

You need to ensure that you post quality content, and also take care of your subscription cost. Typically, you can expect 1-3% out of 10,000 fans to subscribe to your OnlyFans channel. If we go by this ratio, out of 10,000, you will get at least 100-150 subscribers.

Ideally, you must charge $6.99 for 150 subscribers. That’s the general price. Your rates should appeal to your audience. Your audience will subscribe to you only if you set an affordable price.

Upload good content, and set a realistic subscription fee, and you should start seeing money walking to your account.

Step 3: Time to promote your profile

The best and the easiest way to promote your OnlyFans account is by promoting it on your various social media accounts. You can add a link of your OnlyFans page to your social media page as well.

If you have uploaded recent videos or photos on the new platform, you can share the link of your content on different social networking sites, and ask your fans to join your account on OnlyFans. The better you promote, the more subscribers you will have.

Readers may note that there are lots of adult performers, and you will be competing with a plethora of adult entertainers. Therefore, your content must be attractive enough so that people feel the urge to follow you.

You can share some teasers of your content on OnlyFans on other social media accounts.

Give your fans a taste of what they will miss if they don’t subscribe, and let your OnlyFans account be the main platform where they will get to watch your full-length adult videos or take a look at some of the unseen photos online.

Step 4: Plan your content

The content you are going to upload on OnlyFans will play a significant role in gaining more subscribers. If you upload the same content that you have on other free social media platforms, your fans might not really feel the need to subscribe to you.

You need to give them something more. Have subscribers-only content. Let’s say you upload the poster of the new adult film on another social media account, but make the full-length video available to the subscribers -only, which they will get to watch only on OnlyFans.

If you have a good fan base, then your fans will undoubtedly crave to see more. You don’t have to ask your fans blatantly to follow you on OnlyFans. Create a demand for yourself.

Offer more value on the new platform, give them something new, something fresh, something that your fans would have never seen before. Adult performers like cam girls and pornstars already know what their audience wants.

Step 5: Retain your subscribers

Remember content is the king here. And unless you don’t upload good content, your audience is temporary. As simple as it sounds. Your fans would like to see more and more content. That’s why plan accordingly.

You can upload a snapshot of your new show on Instagram and Facebook, and let them know that you are going to upload the new content on your OnlyFans account soon.

Can you make money on OnlyFans?

You can certainly make money on OnlyFans. OnlyFans is a subscription-based platform, where people shall subscribe to your channel by paying the subscription fees that you will set for your account.

Your fans will be paying money to watch your exclusive shows, and that’s how you will become rich through OnlyFans. Since we have cleared that you can make money on this social networking site, you must be wondering how much money you can make here.

For every subscription, you get to keep 80% of the value paid by your subscribers, whereas, OnlyFans keep 20% of it. If you compare this amount with other platforms like Snapchat, you will realize that OnlyFans is the highest paying social networking site ever.

If you are a camgirl or a pornstar, OnlyFans will let you earn some good amount of extra money. In order to receive that money, you won’t have to use a third-party application through which you will receive your payments.

You will be a service provider on OnlyFans of your exclusive content, you will receive payments from this platform directly on your profile. This eliminates the need for the existence of any third-party application.

The payment and subscription integration of OnlyFans will make it extremely convenient for adult performers to receive payments.

How to make more money on OnlyFans?

Earning money is not as difficult as you may think. Once your account is ready, you can start uploading your content. If a fan clicks on your profile, he will see the number of fans, likes, audios, photos, and videos that have been uploaded on your profile.

Just make sure that you have good quality content on your profile, as your fan will be paying a subscription fee for watching it. Now, you can earn money here through the subscription fees only. You can even earn money through pay per view and tips.

Ask for Tips

OnlyFans is the best place to upload high-quality content and get paid for it. On your account, your fans will see a dollar icon under each post. They can click on that for tipping you. Another way of tipping you can be availed using messages.

If you are a legit adult entertainer, and you are popular on other adult sites, then you must not shy away from asking tips. Along with tips, do ask them to like your posts too.

Sell custom content

The best way to earn tips is by selling something in return. You can sell physical goods, or your digital content. The choice is yours. You can think of selling your photos and videos, products with your signature or pictures on it. Be creative and think of something unique.

On OnlyFans page, you must set up a tip menu as well, and list the items for sale in exchange for tips. Don’t forget to pin the tip menu on your profile too, so that your fans stay informed about it the moment they reach your profile.

Sell exclusive content through Mass Message

The best way to sell your exclusive content is by sending a mass message. This way, you will also be able to inform those subscribers that you have something special for them who are not active on the platform. Mass messages have more potential for selling your exclusive content.

Your subscribers are paying to see all the exclusive content, it is your responsibility to make them feel special.

Make money through pay per view messages

Subscribers often request for custom content, such as custom videos and photos. Custom content is always purchased at a higher rate. Some customers may ask you for custom photos and videos in exchange for $60.00, and sometimes the cost might be even more.

Not just that, you can also upload your custom content and add a price tag to it. You can then send it as a message to all of your subscribers. This way, your fans will get to see what you have to offer, and if anyone is interested, they will contact you to purchase it.

Top 10 OnlyFans Tips for more money

Even after creating an OnlyFans account, you need to ensure that you promote your account as well as all of its content to start earning money quickly. Readers must note that OnlyFans is only a platform for you to connect with your fans better and earn more money online.

However, OnlyFans won’t indulge in any kind of marketing on your behalf. You need to promote your content on your own. Well, you are free to promote your account in the way you want to.

#1: Interact with Your Fans (More) 

If you don’t tell your subscribers that you care for them, they will soon drop their recurring subscription plans. Also, you can’t give away a vibe that you are here just for money!

So, please communicate with your fans, and appreciate them for being a fan. When you will engage with your fans, your fans feel special, and they are more likely to stay loyal to you.

interact with fan

#2: Add the Correct Tags/Keywords

You know that your fans are using certain keywords to search for the content you are publishing. Add keywords that will enable your fans to find your profile quickly.

cam categories

#3: Schedule Your Shows

Always create your content in advance (let your fans know about the upcoming update). This way, your feed shall always remain active.

Even when you are busy with other adult sites, you will still be able to upload content here. Your fans will always look forward to your future feed.

And scheduled content creates excitement and anticipation as well.

camgirl schedule

#4: Promote Your Account/Page

You should make sure to promote your OnlyFans page, as well as content on different social media platforms.

For example, if you have an Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter account, you must let your fans know about the exclusive content that you will be uploading on OnlyFans page.

This way, your ardent fans will feel the urge to follow you on OnlyFans too.


#5: Post as Often as Possible

Post content as regularly as possible. One mistake that adult entertainers often make is lack of regular updates. Let’s give you an example. 

You have subscribed to a channel, and you pay some XYZ fees monthly, but the channel has not been uploading content regularly.

Now, would you still like to be their follower, knowing that they don’t upload content much? Picture yourself as your fans. Your fans are paying to see you more often.

It is better to upload new content regularly, probably within every two days. Let your followers know that you are active, and it is worth spending their money on your channel.


#6: Use Your Other Social Medias

Make use of your other social media platforms. Do show them some teasers about your upcoming adult movie that is going to be launched on OnlyFans.

Those who have subscribed to your OnlyFans deserve to feel excited as well. So, go on and let the world know what you are up to, and that there will be a new video available on your page really soon.

The crux is to hook your subscribers to your page so that more and more people come and subscribe to it.


#7: Prioritize the Vids not the Pics

Subscribers of adult performers want to see more videos than photos. People do love photos, but it is the videos that attract them the most. So, why not create a short promotional video?

Keep it at least 2 minutes long and showcase some of your best moves. Let your subscribers know your worth right away.

camgirl media

#8: Keep it HD

The videos that you will be recording or the live feed that you will broadcast on your platform must be in HD quality.

Let your subscribers know that they are spending their money on the right person and content. HD quality videos are always appreciable.

Even webcam girls like to broadcast their live shows through HD webcam only, and we all know the reason behind that.

Take a look at adult movies, we always get attracted to HD videos and photos more.


#9: Answer their Questions

Conduct an FAQ session with your audience. Take regular suggestions and feedback from your fans, and ask from them what they would like to see more.

FAQ sessions will also help you in understanding how you can improve further.


#10: Don't Forget the Links!

Whenever you upload a teaser of your OnlyFans content, make sure that you don’t forget to add the link to your video and photo.

Give a direct link to your fans that they can click on to reach the website directly. Also, be patient. OnlyFans is no less than a business opportunity for you, and there is no shortcut to become rich.

It will take time for you to start making money on OnlyFans, just do your hard work.


Top OnlyFans girls making thousands of Dollars

Aspiring adult entertainers, here is the list of top ten OnlyFans girls who are right now making thousands of dollars. These ladies are surely going to inspire all of you to join OnlyFans soon and earn double the amount of what you are earning right now.

Do remember, these are all established adult entertainers who already have massive fan followers. Now, let’s get to know about the top ten OnlyFans performers.

Riley Reid

Follow Riley:

Riley Reid is currently leading as the top pornstar on PornHub. One single video of Riley attracts more than a million views. Not just this, she has won a lot of awards for her adult movies as well. Even though Riley is a popular face in the adult world, she is very friendly, funny, and down to earth.

Probably, this is the reason why she is loved by her followers. Most of Riley’s feed has girl on girl videos and photos. She has also uploaded some taboo category videos too. Riley has uploaded an explanatory video too, where she gives jerk off instructions.

This adult industry model keeps her fan base updated all the time with her latest photos. On OnlyFans, Riley has uploaded 3300 images and 178 videos till now. She has received 345.2k likes.

Mia Malkova

Follow Mia:

Mia Malkova has stunned everyone with her blowjob videos, and she has won the PornHub awards in the best blowjob category. Following Mia Malkova on OnlyFans is surely going to blow your mind with her top-level videos and photos.

The beautiful blonde Mia has made you happy with her bold movies, but you might be unaware of the fact that Mia is a secret nerd too!

If you enjoy watching geeky but horny girls online, then Mia Malkova is the one you mustto follow. Also, this adult entertainer likes to enjoy at home more than partying! The model has uploaded 507 photos and 451 videos so far, and she has received 178.5k likes.

Adriana Chechik

Follow Adriana:

Can you imagine a mega pornstar inviting her fans to shoot a porn movie with her? Yeah, she did that!

Now, tell us, why won’t this gorgeous bombshell be among the top ten list of OnlyFans girls? Her endorsement clearly stated that whosoever gets selected will get a chance to cum right on her face! Isn’t this amazing!

Adriana is always dedicated to her fans, and she ensures to upload her OnlyFans page with new and tempting content always. The model has so far uploaded 540 pictures and 282 videos. Adriana has received 133.9k likes till now.

Nicole Aniston

Follow Nicole:

Nicole Aniston is another very popular face in the adult industry. And she started shooting adult movies soon after she turned 20. But what you don’t know about this babe is that prior to her adult career, she used to be a successful banker. Now, that’s what we call a successful career update!

Most of Nicole’s OnlyFans page contains shower clips, videos and anal training videos with her boyfriend. The model has uploaded over 596 photos and 225 videos. Her profile looks fantastic, and Nicole has a nude picture of herself as her profile pic. She has received more than 47.4k likes.

Alexis Texas

Follow Alexis:

Alexis Texas is bold and daring, and if you like juicy booty stuff, you are going to enjoy Alexis OnlyFans page for sure! This LA girl has appeared in more than 600 porn movies till date. Alexis has claimed many awards too, and the model has more than a million followers on her Twitter account.

Following Alexis will be worth the money and time. As she always uploads raunchy content on her Onlyfans page for her fans. She knows how to attract subscribers to her page. The model has uploaded 350 photos and 40 videos so far. And she has received over 104.5k likes.

Lena Paul

Follow Lena:

Lena Paul initially started her career in the adult industry with a mission to get money for starting her own business, but she realized that she is good at it soon! And from then there has been no turning back for this lady. Lena arguably has got the most attractive, natural and beautiful breasts.

Most of her videos contain the next-door girl vibe where she can be seen exploring her sexuality with different people. She enjoys girl on girl, by the way. Lena has uploaded 130 photosphoto and 40 videos. And she has received 51.4k likes on her OnlyFans account.

Emily Willis

Follow Emily:

Emily Willis is a new pornstar in town, but this 20-year-old chick has already blown everyone away with her bold moves. In fact, this young lady is giving a tough fight to all the veteran pornstars of the industry. Emily started her career with PornHub when she was hardly 19 years old.

For those who are into young and petite ladies, Emily Willis is the one they mustto go for. Emily comes online regularly on OnlyFans. The model has uploaded 218 photos and 110 videos until now. Emily has received over 35.6k likes.

Lisa Ann

Follow Lisa:

Lisa Ann has done more than 500 adult movies to date. She is one of the most famous adult performers on OnlyFans, and this pornstar is also known as one of the most hardworking artists. Lisa has her own talent agency, and she often comes live on her OnlyFans page.

For those who love MILFs, you need to follow Lisa Ann on OnlyFans. Lisa is passionate about her adult career, and she is adored by her fans for her stunning performances. The model has uploaded 22.4k photos and 633 videos till now. And Lisa has received 144.0k likes.

Angela White

Follow Angela:

Angela White, the busty young girl, started her adult career when she was merely 18. Initially, Lisa was seen in lesbian and softcore scenes, but after moving to LA, she started exploring all sorts of genres, and today she is considered to be one of the top pornstars.

Angela is pretty new to OnlyFans, but this adult model has already earned a good number of followers. If you want to watch exclusive videos of this bombshell, follow her on OnlyFans today. The model has uploaded 737 photos and 100 videos till date. She has received a whopping 34.6K likes!.

Dillion Harper

Follow Dillion:

Dillion has been in this industry since 2012, and this cute chick is loved by everyone. Dillion calls her fans “Dillionaires”. She has always been professional, and her cute bubbly face makes her movies even better.

Dillion says that she feels delighted to be working with some of the best co-stars and directors of the industry.

Dillion was awarded best tits award as well. The cute model has received 50.0k likes. She has uploaded 2.3k photos and 181 videos. Dillion comes online every alternate day. SheDillion normally uploads to adult content.

OnlyFans content ideas

There are many things that you can upload on your OnlyFans account. Certainly, videos and photos are the musts, but it would be better to keep your subscribers entertained every now and then with variety of content too.

Cushion content

Cushion content is that content that gives your fans an idea about the initial launch of the main content that will be available soon.

Let's give you an example. Once you post a full-length video on OnlyFans, you can upload a photo from that video telling your fans that you have something new and 100% exclusive on OnlyFans. This is a way to promote your main content on the paid-platform, which in this case is OnlyFans.

Add a link below where you can write a little bit about the main video.

Teaser videos

Just like the cushion content, where you will add just a photo from the video, why not think about creating a teaser video to create larger excitement among your fans. Let them have a few seconds of teasers and let them keep waiting for more.

Anyone who gets hooked to the teaser is bound to check out the whole video. There is a huge fan base for adult content. If you market your content right, your video will be noticed for sure.

How-to Videos

Here's the thing; you are experienced in your domain, which means you can give advice on what to do and not on certain topics.

You can think of any adult topics, and talk about it. Not just this, you can even ask your partner to feature in a how to masturbate, or how to finger video that you will be posting. These videos will be both entertaining, and they will teach a lot to the viewers as well.

Not everyone is an expert at anal sex or fingering. So, think of something that will teach and entertain your subscribers simultaneously.

Discounts During OnlyFans Launch

The best part about OnlyFans is that this platform lets you run your own discount scheme for x number of days without any hassle. As soon as you launch your account on OnlyFans, you can think of creating some discounted videos so that your subscribers get to buy it on a pay per view scheme.

This way, your subscribers won’t be spending much, they will get a taste of the kind of content you will be publishing, and you will be in a win-win situation all the way.

Post normal photos

Apart from uploading straight into business videos and photos, keep your account like a typical social media account here, where you share your vacation snaps, cooking photos, and photoshoot pictures. Let your audience see the other side of your life.

Your pay per view photos and videos, etc. will be charged mostly, and these materials will show only the professional side of the model. But your fans are also interested to know about you as well.

From time to time, you can upload a beach photo where you can be seen sipping on coconut water, or a snap ofyou playing with your pet.

Include varieties

If you are into lesbian, anal, masturbation, and more, try to upload as many different videos and photos whenever you can. If you keep on posting only vaginal penetration videos, your subscribers might get bored real soon. Don't give them any reason to unsubscribe you.

Remember these are the same people who have watched you on live camera, or your porn performance on other adult sites, here they demand variety. The more colorful your content is, the higher are the chances of your fans paying for the subscriptions on a monthly basis.

OnlyFans Price 

To become a model of OnlyFans, you must confirm your age. You must be 18 years and above, and you will be required to provide the company with an age proof too. Your photo ID with clearly mentioned age should do.

OnlyFans accepts digital copy; hence while registering on the site, you can submit the digital copy of your photo ID then. Regarding the price. The registration process is 100% free. All the models will take away 80% of all the transactions.

This includes your subscription fees, pay per view fees, pre-recorded content purchase cost, live shows cost, and more. Whatever transaction has been done in your account, the model will take away 80% share, while the remaining will be with OnlyFans.

For subscription, you can charge $4.99 per month minimum on OnlyFans. And if you are very popular, only sky's the limit in terms of subscription fees. For paid private messages, you will be paid a minimum of $5.00, the same is for tips too.

In case of any chargebacks, you won’t have to worry about anything, because OnlyFans takes care of it, and nothing will be deducted from the model's account.

The more subscribers you will have on OnlyFans, the more money you will make. Simple calculation.

If you become successful in keeping your subscribers with you, and you continuously amuse them with your engaging content, you will see your bank balance increasing real quick.

There are many models who along with monthly subscriptions, are making money through their pay per view content too. And you should add content for pay per view because they are sold pretty quickly.

Readers may note that your content will be blocked unless someone exploring your account subscribes. Once the person subscribes, he/she will be able to see everything that you have uploaded on your site.

Indeed, only free content will be visible for free, and the rest that you have set a price for must be purchased by the subscriber.

Your subscriber will also have to renew their subscription to keep browsing your content. The best way to increase your payment is by having a premium fan club subscription. 

onlyfans person

Now, a premium fan club subscription may cost the person $15 per month. If you have around 100 subscribers, then every month, you will be paid 20% less $1500. You request OnlyFans for a payout. There are multiple payment options available for you here.

If you are someone in the USA, you can get a direct deposit cashout or via ACH. If you are residing in other foreign countries, you can request a payment through wire transfer, Paxum, or opt for different ePayments.

The minimum cashout request for Apps like OnlyFans is between $20.00 to $200.00. You can ask for cashout on demand, or set weekly and monthly cashout. It depends on you.

Apps like OnlyFans

If you are wondering whether there are other apps like OnlyFans that you can try, then there certainly are.

Although, we highly recommend OnlyFans if you already have a good fan base, because this platform is highly transparent about its transaction policy, and they deduct the least amount of transaction money. So, the other sites that you can try are:


Just like OnlyFans, IsMyGirl also works on a subscription basis. Apart from that, you can make money through live cam shows, private messaging, clip sales, and premium Snapchat subscription. But the payout is only 70%, which is slightly lesser than OnlyFans.


Another alternative for OnlyFans is JustForFans.

New joinees will get 70% of the total transaction, while the older ones will get 80% of the total transaction. There is a customer affiliate program and model referral program, which will allow you to earn extra money apart from the monthly subscription payment.


Once you visit iWantFanClub, you will be surprised a bit because it looks identical to OnlyFans. This platform pays you 72% of the total transaction. This platform allows adult entertainers to upload different fetish content. If you are a vanilla model, you can still join iWantFanClub.

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