Voyeurhouse Review (2020)

VoyeurHouse is one of a kind voyeur cam website that was launched in 2016. This platform lets you watch 24x7 live streaming of couples, girls, and guys.

Here, you will find more than three dozen apartments, where people can be seen doing their everyday household tasks, talking to each other, having food together, and more.

But the main highlight of this movie is, of course, the sex scenes.

Voyeur cams are becoming increasingly popular among people mainly because people are kind of done with scripted pornography.

Now viewers want to watch real people having sex, and getting busy with their everyday lives.

If you are done watching webcam girls or webcam boys getting naked all the time in front of the camera, then you should try a different genre, and that is VoyeurHouse. 

Come and be a part of it, and watch dozens of people live. The people you will get to see behind the screen are ordinary people.

If you have watched Big Brother, VoyeurHouse is almost the same; the only difference is that in Big Brother, you don’t get to watch the intimate scenes among housemates, if any, while on VoyeurHouse everything is there right in front of you.

Through this platform, you will be able to spy on different people. There are more than three dozen apartments here at VoyeurHouse where the exhibitionists can be seen walking from their kitchen to their bedroom all naked, while in other apartments, you will see a couple having sex.

These kinds of shows are incredibly entertaining and enthralling. There are somewhere around 36 apartments in total, and most of the time, 12 of these apartments will remain active.

Now, when we use the word active, it doesn’t mean that that particular house has sex scenes going on, that simply means that  the house is now available for live streaming.

Sometimes, you will even get to watch a cute sitting on a chair in a bedroom with no one else in the room. This site is pretty good for those who are always interested to know about what goes on in other people’s lives.  

When we were exploring VoyeurHouse, we spied on many apartments, and we found some exciting footage such as, couples having hardcore sex, lesbians touching and kissing each other, gays having steaming anal sex, and more.

When you spy on someone’s apartment, you don’t only get to watch them doing everyday work, but you will also get to watch steamy and hot sex.

Here at VoyeurHouse, you will find paid and free live footage. The free ones will include most of the everyday activities where you will see people doing random things. However, it is the paid footage which consists of most of the cream.

To unlock paid footage, you will have to buy one of the subscriptions. Subscriptions will give you access to all the cameras; you will get access to monthly archive moments, timeline playback, and premium features. To sign up, you won’t have to pay a single penny.

We have already given you a gist of VoyeurHouse, and what to expect from this site, now it is time to uncover all the details about this voyeur/spy site. Read the complete review and find out whether VoyeurHouse is your cup of tea.

What makes VoyeurHouse so popular?

Because there are too many scripted porn scenes available, sometimes you do feel like watching real action happening.

Of course, there are webcam sites available too, but the paid shows are never cheap. You need to pay the models every minute, and the ones who charge you the least hardly know how to perform.

Then came VoyeurHouse, which completely changed the face of how we view live sex cams. 

This website lets you spy on different apartments in Europe, watch the inhabitants cleaning utensils, cooking food, party hard, undress, sleeping on the bed naked, and having sex. No matter when you visit VoyeurHouse, you will find more than ten apartments active.

Even if you see some people sleeping, their live feed will never stop. You don’t need to filter anything to look for the XXX content. Just click on any of the apartments that you wish to check out, and you will see the number of rooms they have installed cameras. Click on any of the rooms that you want to spy on.

VoyeurHouse also has a dedicated blog section where you will get to read about what VoyeurHouse is up to. You will get to read the top highlights of this platform. Most of the blogs will also talk about relationship advice.

The VoyeurHouse community is very active, and you will find new blogs regularly. Now you may think why you shouldn’t be checking out Chaturbate or even LiveJasmin to watch voyeur/spy shows.

You must realize one thing that on platforms like Chaturbate and LiveJasmin, you usually get to spy on someone else’s private cam. The person will be intentionally performing in front of the camera.

However, at VoyeurHouse, all you can do is spy on different apartments. Sometimes, the people inside these apartments even forget that they are being spied on.

Voyeur experience is just amazing here. You will find amateur couples living in these apartments. Each room of their house is fitted with cameras. Through these cameras, you will get to see the live footage of real people getting busy with their normal lives.

You will get full access to all the rooms once you subscribe to the website. When we browsed the live footage content of the website, we didn’t come across any advertisements. The platform lets us enjoy the live footage of real people without any hassle.

The couples that we saw here, we don’t think they are available on any other webcam site..



Estimates last month’s visit: 5,907,601

Website design and navigation

Regarding the website of VoyeurHouse, it looks simple.​

You will not find any categories or such, mainly because this is not your typical webcam site. You will not find a list of online models.

Instead you will be shown the free footages of the apartments that are currently active, meaning online. 

You will also find the list of flats named with the name of the participants. Click on any of the active apartments to start watching the people live. When we visited VoyeurHouse, we could see 35 active flats, while the rest three were offline.

On top of the website, we saw the number of videos that the site has so far uploaded and a blog section. On the right-hand side of the website, you will see the option to unlock all the cams at only $29.00. Under those options, you will find the login option.

Video quality

We are thoroughly impressed by the video quality of VoyeurHouse. Most of the people use HD cameras, which is why it makes it easy for us to watch the live feed without any issue. You will be able to hear what the participants are talking about clearly, too.

Because you will be paying for the monthly subscription, it makes sense to invest on a webcam site that has HD camera quality live footage..

Type of performers

What we really liked about VoyeurHouse is that we came across many couples. There were lesbians, gays, and straight couples. We didn’t see these couples performing on any other live webcam site. All the performers of VoyeurHouse are real amateurs.

You will see babes with big asses and breasts, and men with huge cocks. However, it is not necessary that all of the couples that you see will be good looking. Some of them are average looking as well.

Nevertheless, all of these people want to show us their raunchier side, which is quite impressive. You might even come across couples engaged in gang bang or threesome.


The website of VoyeurHouse, as we said, is very easy to navigate. It has an interactive user interface. The site lists the online apartments on the homepage, making it easy for you to pick the right house. Clicking on any of the active apartments will show you the live footage of the house.

If you look at the right-hand side of the website, you will see the house plan with a proper description of where the cameras are installed. If you see a green button on any of the cameras, it means that the camera is on; in case it is red, it means that the camera is off.

We liked the fact that the site has kept everything very simple. If you want to see the footage full-screen, you will find that option on the video itself.

Top features of VoyeurHouse

  • The dashboard of the website  is very simple. The moment you visit the site, whether you are a member or not, you will get to see the list of online apartments. The ones that are offline will be mentioned as offline.
  • You can not only watch live footage of the models; you will also get to chat with the participants as well. The chat box will be there, and you can send as many messages as you want to the participants.
  • Video quality and audio quality of VoyeurHouse cams are impressive. We found all of the houses with HD cameras installed. No one should encounter any problems in terms of live streaming.
  • There are 38 apartments in total; however, you will find 35 of them active all the time. Even if you are spying on people’s apartments, the video streaming will not be hazy or blurry. Even in the night mode, you will get to watch crystal clear footage of the people along with the excellent quality sound.
  • Once you become a member, you will be bombarded with the archive list of VoyeurHouse. There are over 400 of them.
  • All the cameras remain active for 24x7, meaning no matter when you visit VoyeurHouse, you will find some apartments always active.
  • All the cameras remain active for 24x7, meaning no matter when you visit VoyeurHouse, you will find some apartments always active.

Mobile version of VoyeurHouse

Here’s the good news for everyone. Even if there is no app for VoyeurHouse, you can still browse the website on your mobile phone or tab.

We are happy to tell you that the site is mobile-responsive, making it easy for people like us who don’t like to get stuck to our laptops or PCs, watch the live footage on our mobile phones whenever we want to.

This way, you will be able to carry your mobile phone along with you no matter where you go, and start watching people doing random stuff and get dirty. You are bound to see a lot of naked people, though. Somehow these people living in these apartments like to roam around their house naked.

Well, a bonus for us.

Registration process

It is not compulsory for you to become a member of VoyeurHouse; however, if you would like to access all the 400+ archives, and watch the hardcore action going on, it is better to register and pick one of the subscription plans. So, to register, first, pick a plan that suits your budget.

We will soon share the complete pricing details.. Else, if you wish to become a free member, skip the payment part and click on the sign-up option. To begin with, the registration process, enter your email address, password, and confirm your password once again.

After that, click on the create account option, and your account will be ready.


One can choose between standard or premium membership. Unlike other webcam sites, you won’t be paying per minute for the paid shows. You will be paying every month, and in return, you will get to unlock all the rooms in every apartment.

With a free account, you will get to watch the live footage of 1 or 2 rooms max, where you will see nude people walking, or random people doing random things. These two rooms are usually living rooms and kitchens.

If you want to watch some good stuff, you guessed it right; you will have to pick the premium subscription, meaning you will have to choose a paid subscription. When you select a premium membership, you get access to all the rooms, even bathrooms, and bedrooms.

You get full access to the archive moments, which contain more than 400 archives. These archives will be there for you unless you are a premium member. To make a purchase, you can use a credit/debit card, PayPal account, Bitcoin, or various other cryptocurrency options.

Take a look at the pricing policy of VoyeurHouse.

 Premium subscription: Unlock all the cameras and archive playback
  • 30 days: $39.95
  • 90 days: $95.95
  • 180 days: $169.95
  • 365 days: $299.95
  • Standard membership: $29.95 per month.

Site performance

Cam Quality






Participants online




Unique participants






Bonus features


Our score: 77/100

Site statistics 

  • Most popular features: Registration is free. Once you become a member, you unlock all the cameras. The participants are good. 100% voyeur mode. All the apartments registered with VoyeurHouse are from Europe.
  • Most popular features: Registration is free. Once you become a member, you unlock all the cameras. The participants are good. 100% voyeur mode. All the apartments registered with VoyeurHouse are from Europe.
  • Member age: 18+
  • Amateur performers: All of the participants of VoyeurHouse are amateurs.
  • Mobile-version: The website of VoyeurHouse is mobile-responsive. You will be able to watch the live footage of these participants on your mobile phone whenever you want to.
  • Private shows: Yes, you can chat with the participants of VoyeurHouse privately.
  • Photo galleries: No, however, archives are available.
  • Live broadcasting quality: Good.

Competitors of VoyeurHouse

Because we are talking about voyeur cams, we would like to talk about the voyeur site competitors only. It is better to compare VoyeurHouse with other similar websites, instead of generic adult webcams sites like LiveJasmin, Chaturbate, Stripchat, and more.

So, we did come across some good voyeur sites that we think are giving a fierce competition to VoyeurHouse. If you are interested in VoyeurHouse, then you should be checking out these sites as well.


Camarads is a good voyeur site, where you will get to see six couples being filmed. These couples have voluntarily participated.

Here you will find the couples banging one another, doing regular things, and more 24x7.

Because the participants of this voyeur site want their audience to come to this platform more and more, the girls are most of the time naked. 

You will see them in their bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and even in their bedrooms. The couples have installed multiple cameras in their house so that you get to take a look at them from every angle. These people are real, and their live footage is legit.

For those who would love to see some topless girls having fun in their sweet little apartment, Camrads is the place where you will find them. This platform was visited by 2,133,289 people last month, and daily it is visited by more than 70,000 people.

Currently, the site hosts six apartments, and these participants are amateurs. You won’t find any professional pornstars and neither any pro webcam models. The moment you visit the site, you will get to see a massive screen with a live feed of an active apartment.

You can change the apartment whenever you want to. All the live footage will be available for you 24x7.


Just like Camrads, another leading voyeur cam site is RealLifeCam. This site also hosts some apartments.

People living in these apartments have installed different cameras in their rooms.

All of the apartments will have four rooms, and each room has an HD camera installed. 

This is a legit destination to catch up with real couples having sex. Regarding the live feed, the participants always use HD cameras to broadcast their live feed so that you get to enjoy a seamless show. You can click on each of the apartments to see what’s going on inside.

Last month RealLifeCam was visited by 19,393,832. This site is very popular, and its global Alexa ranking is 1722nd. You will see people doing daily household chores, talking to one another, making food, laughing, and having hardcore sex.

This site looks fantastic, and looking at the number of visitors this site was visited by; we can understand quickly that RealLifeCam is pretty popular among people. You will find many good-looking people here at RealLifeCam.

Plus, this site is visited by more than a million people every day, which is yet again a reason for you to check out the website right away.


The last site that we think is doing well in terms of voyeur content is Hidden Voyeur Spy.

Rather than showing you apartments, you will get to see people filming vulnerable moments of different people.

It doesn’t look like these people really know what’s going on.

But if you are into voyeur footage, where people are getting filmed when they go to the bathroom or lying naked on a beach, you might find this site interesting.

There are a plethora of categories to choose from. This is more like a tube site. Clicking on any of the categories will take you to another site.

Last month, Hidden Voyeur Spy was visited by 343,064 people, and every day, this site is visited by 11,285. Not a lot of people, but they still have a good number of visitors. The top reason for its popularity is real spy footage of people.

This site is focused on nude and sex scenes of people. Therefore, all the footage will be of people being filmed when they are naked or having sex. So, if you would like to compare VoyeurHouse, do visit this site as well.


  • If you love to spy on people and want to watch them doing random things and having sex, then you will enjoy VoyeurHouse for sure. You will get to watch a sexy lady all naked lying on their couch and watching TV or a couple making food while having fun together..
  • VoyeurHouse only has amateur participants and not real pornstars. Hence, whatever you are going to watch is going to be some amateurs, and this is what we really liked. We know pornstars are good with acting, and because these participants are not actors, you get to see live footage of ordinary people having regular sex.
  • There are 38 apartments in total, and you will find 35 of them active no matter when you log in to VoyeurHouse. The premium subscription will offer you tons of useful features, and you will get full access to VoyeurHouse 400+ archives. You will also get to unlock all the rooms in every apartment.
  • The homepage shows you all the apartments that are active, making it easier for you to browse through the right apartment. Navigating the site is easy as well.
  • The video and audio quality of every apartment are quite good. Even if the lights are off, you will still get to watch clear footage of the shows.
  • Most of the people available in these apartments are good-looking. You will find gays, couples, straights, and lesbians here in various flats. You will also come across groups having sex.
  • If you compare the price of VoyeurHouse, you will see that the cost of a monthly subscription is not that expensive as others.


  • The participants are only from Europe, meaning, you will not find people from different countries. It would have been better to see people from different parts of the world, though.
  • You will not get to watch hot action in the free mode. If you want to watch some sex scenes of a real couple, you will have to buy one of the subscriptions and unlock all the rooms.


Everyone wants to invest in a site that has an excellent customer support team, luckily, VoyeurHouse is very serious about delivering over the top customer service to all its members, and that’s why they are available for you 24x7.

No matter when you would like to connect with the support team of VoyeurHouse, you can always write to them, and someone from the company will get back to you shortly.

The website also has a dedicated FAQ page; if you have any questions to ask, or you would like to sort out some payment discrepancies, get in touch with VoyeurHouse and get your problem resolved.

Contact us page:

In the contact us page, you will see an online form that you need to fill. Enter all the details and write a message with your complaint or concern, and the team will reply soon.

If you want to go through the FAQ page:

For those who would like to follow VoyeurHouse on the social media platform, VoyeurHouse is available on Twitter.

 Twitter account:


We are impressed with VoyeurHouse. We think this platform has a lot of potential when it comes to delivering voyeur content. If you are interested in voyeur cams and genuine sex shows, you should definitely visit VoyeurHouse.

This platform is value for money, and you will get to watch people live 24x7. These are regular people that you will get to watch live. This is the reason why people like visiting VoyeurHouse again and again. On average, you will find at least 35 of them online all the time.

All the rooms will show you proper footage of the participants.

No matter when you visit VoyeurHouse, you will always find someone or the other online willing to show you what they are up to. The participants are from Europe, and these participants are excellent when it comes to sex shows.

The archive has more than 400 pre-recorded videos, and until you are a premium member of VoyeurHouse, you will get access to all the archives 24x7.

Another thing that impressed us is the blog section of VoyeurHouse. In the blog section, you will get to know about the latest features, rewards, and more. Some of the blogs will also talk about the hottest sex videos of some hottest couples.

Parting words

For the final words, we recommend all the members to visit VoyeurHouse once and check out the content available on the platform. We bet you will be more than interested in the live footage of these gorgeous people.

Go on and become a member, and start spying on them. Also, don’t forget to visit us for more exciting reviews.

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