Xlovecams Review (2020)

Life often gets annoying when you have no one around to talk to.

This is the reason why we must give credit to sites like xlovecams which provides us with various opportunities to see and talk with beautiful people around the world. 

Xlovecams is a really old adult webcam site, which was launched in April 2006.

No matter who you want to chat with, probably a hot MILF or a young petite girlfriend like a cam model, the good news is xlovecams has it all!

 If you are feeling horny, and you are done with watching the same old porn movies, it is time for you to take a step forward and try out adult cam sites.

Now, just because we have said that you must visit adult webcam sites, doesn’t mean every adult site is worth your visit, and this is when we come into play. 

We review different adult sites for you so that you can get a better understanding of each adult webcam website available and choose the right one, which will be worth your time and money.

As we said, xlovecams started in 2006, and soon after its launch, they became one of the best adult webcam service providers in the world. It seems like this adult site has more than 35,000 registered webcam models, and on an average, you can find 1000+ online models at any time.

What we liked about xlovecams is that they have kept everything straightforward on their website. The site has a category that says chat type. If you want to go for free chatting only, click on the free chatting option, and you will get to see the list of online models who are available for free chatting.

While browsing through the website, we understood that this adult webcam site gives a chance to every gender. You can find females, males, and even trans performers.

Apart from that, there are all types of categories available for you as well, such as females between 18-34 and 35-49 years of age, mature females, couples, lesbians, fetish females, threesome, foursome, transsexual, transsexual couples, male, and finally male couples.

Most of the models available here at xlovecams are actually females. In terms of online models, you can find 1000 of them online; however, on some days, the number might drop down to 500 only. Well, that’s a shame because this site offers a lot of free cam shows.

You can narrow down the models based on different attributes, such as age, bust size, hair color, body type, sex type, eye color, height, weight, sex toys, and ethnic group. The more you streamline your search, the better search result you will get.

The cam models of xlovecams are gorgeous. We haven’t come across a single model who looked average. These models are all amateurs, meaning they are not pornstars or pro models. If you are into amateur webcam models, then xlovecams will be the best place for you.

You can register with xlovecams for free to begin chatting with hundreds of online divas. The site claims that they have more than 100,000 online models, but when we visited the site many times for multiple days, we came across a maximum of 1000 models.

Probably, the company hasn’t updated their content, which we think they should. So, we have reviewed xlovecams for you and we present to you an honest opinion about this adult webcam site.

We want you to have all the information about xlovecams, so that you can decide whether this site would be your cup of tea or not. We have spent quite some time writing this review.

We have checked all the features of the site, evaluated its pros and cons, compared its functionalities with some of the top webcam sites. So, go on and read this comprehensive review and decide for yourself.

Why is xlovecams so popular?

The top reason for any adult webcam site’s popularity is its models. And we are glad that the models available here are amazing. Each one of them looks ravishing.

They have a beautiful figure, good-looking face, they are interested in all kinds of kinky fetishes, and all the models are amateurs.

You can find 1000 models online easily anytime you visit the site. You can expect to see hard and soft core, and sexy live shows. 

These performers are into all kinds of stuff. This site is one of the oldest camgirls service providers, and for years they have been delivering high-quality content. If you are someone who is always exploring the internet for the best free webcam sites, xlovecams will undoubtedly make you happy.

You can register with xlovecams for free, and watch over 300 sex shows for free. The performers of this adult webcam site prefer to wear attractive clothes which clearly reveals their vital organs. Not just women, even trans and male models prefer being naked whenever they come online.

One of the main reasons for visitors to love xlovecams is that you get to see a real person behind the screen. They are just ordinary people like us who are interested in offering their virtual sex service.

This is how you get to locate the right virtual partner, who will love your virtual one-night stand partner. You will get to see them undressing in front of the camera for you. They will tease you, tempt you, and will finally help you cum.

No matter what type of porn show you are interested in, you can always ask the model if they are willing to satisfy it. The performers are eager to give you a hardcore live sex experience, seductive sexy shows, or softcore porn experience. These webcam models are masters of eroticism.

They will seduce you the moment you start chatting with them.

Xlovecams has always remained free for everyone, and the platform claims to remain free for everyone. Whenever you are bored or feeling horny, and you feel like interacting with the best-looking girl ever, you have to come to xlovecams.

And don’t worry, this is not a scam site, where you are asked to pay every time you click on someone’s profile. Whether you want to create a free account or not is totally up to you, but you are guaranteed free sex shows here at xlovecams.

Readers must note that this is not a dating site where you ask someone to meet you at some random place, and then go to a hotel room to have sex. This is a webcam site, where you will find people of your taste who want to date you virtually in an online sex session.

This site is active 24x7, and you will find online models available for you anytime and anyday.



Estimated last month’s visit: 2,805,889

Website design and navigation

Once you visit xlovecams, you will be bombarded with the list of online models.

The website looks impressive with adequately segregated categories on the left-hand side of the screen.

On top of the site, you will see a total number of live webcams, videos, with an option to add credits. Log in and join now for other free options will also be there on top of the site.

The video section is available for VIP members.

To the left, you will see a toolbar, where you can see tons of categories and filter options that will allow you to locate the right model for you. 

You can sort out a model on the basis of her age, bust, hair color, eye color, sex parts, body type, height, weight, hair length, and ethnic group.

To begin a live show, you need to click on any of the model’s profiles. We recommend you begin with various free chat options to get an idea of how this platform works, and what to expect. You will be able to navigate to the model’s page easily. Streaming quality is good.

It seems like the models use HD web cameras. The profile page will have the live footage of the model, information page, pictures, videos, schedule, etc. The schedule section will tell you about the model’s availability.


Xlovecams has more than 35,000 registered models with them. On an average, you must find 1000 models online whenever you log in. This platform is a free marketplace, meaning the models can decide the cost for their private shows.

The company is not very strict when they have to hire the camgirls or cam models, but they do ensure that the models don’t break any company’s policy. You will find all types of models at xlovecams. Models are 18 years and beyond.

You will discover MILFs, teens who are 18 years old, and then mature ladies as well. No matter who you would like to meet, xlovecams has them right here—the models of xlovecams love to perform nude and sex shows for free.

Most of the performers are white with few of them hailing from different ethnicities.

The maximum number of models are from Europe and trust us; all of them are naughty. Models have their model index pages available on the website, which will help you to read more about the models.

If you want to learn more about the model, click on her profile, and then click on the information tab.

You will come to know about their paid chat price, types of shows that the model performs in, what to expect from her shows, languages that she speaks, when did she last login, age, height, weight, hair color, hair length, measurements, bust size, body type, and more.

Models also upload their photos and video; however, most of them will be locked for VIP members only. If you want to know what other people have to say about xlovecams, check out the comment section.

If you are wondering whether you will be watching some real pornstar action or not, then the answer is no. Pornstars do not visit this site. You will find only amateur models here who like to offer free sex shows.

Carol is one of the members of xlovecams, and she likes to offer free chat shows to her visitors. You can find her showing her private parts often.

She can speak English, French, and Spanish fluently. She is 23 years and a Latina. Carol has average boobs, but a big ass. Her measurements are 82-59-86 cm.

Another hot registered webcam model of xlovecams is Saraah. This sultry Latina bombshell is loved by many, and she has a huge fan base.

She has big boobs and an athletic body. Saraah likes to keep her pussy shaved, and she is into nude and sex shows. Her body measurements are 60-85-87 cm.

The last model that you must follow is Chaude Anne. The good thing about these models is that all these popular models come for free nude and sex shows. 

This diva often goes for private shows as well. She has a slim figure with big boobs and can speak in English only. Her measurements are 50-104-89 cm.

Signup and registration

You don’t have to pay anything for registration. Your registration is free, and it will hardly take a minute for completing the entire registration process. To join in, you need to enter a nickname, which must be a minimum of four characters, a password  that has to be of minimum 6 characters, and a valid email ID. Upon signing up, you will receive one free VIP video. This is the bonus you will get for joining the platform. Do remember that you need to verify your account. Hence, don’t forget to check the inbox for locating the email by xlovecams. Click on the link provided in the email, and that’s all. Everything will be done within a minute.

Mobile website

Xlovecams doesn’t have any mobile app, but if you want to explore the website on your mobile phone, it can be quickly done. The platform has a mobile-responsive website. The user-friendly interface will make it easier for you to browse through the site on your mobile phone. This way, you can get in touch with any of these hot babes whenever you want to.

Security and safety

Fortunately, Xlovecams is a safe webcam site for everyone. The models that you will meet here are real, and the live feed is legit as well. Xlovecams pays special attention to the safety of its members. You won’t face any issues once you become a member of Xlovecams.

Top features of xlovecams

  • Xlovecams is a 100% free adult webcam site. You will be able to register for free, and also explore hundreds of free adult sex shows.
  • The models of xlovecams are beautiful and friendly. There are more than 35,000 registered models and you will find over 1000 online models.
  • Most of the models are available for free live nude and sex shows. This means that you won’t even have to invite someone for a paid sex show.
  • The website of xlovecams looks good, and the homepage has all the details that you will need along with the list of online models.
  • The mobile version of xlovecams works seamlessly. You can browse through the mobile site whenever you want to.
  • You can sort the model based on different categories. The site also has a new model page for newly joined models.


Even though most of the shows are free on this site, you can still invite the ladies for private chat shows. The good thing about them is that they don’t charge you exorbitantly at all.

The private shows are incredibly affordable, and that’s why xlovecams is one of the cheapest places to find good-looking girls for virtual sex. There are two types of shows available here, free and private chat shows.

Free shows, as you can already imagine, are 100% free; however, you are free to send virtual gifts to the models in exchange for some money. And then we have the paid shows, which are the private shows, where the model typically asks for 1 to 2 credits per minute.

The famous ones will charge 5-10 credits a minute, but such models are rare. Most of the models ask for 1 to 2 credits per minute.

Do remember that you need to buy credits from xlovecams to get started with the live shows. The charges offered by the models are decided by them, and they don’t like to negotiate.

  • 25 credits: $25.00
  • 50 credits: $50.00
  • 50 credits: $50.00

Xlovecams has kept its token price pretty straightforward. You need to pay $1.00 for one credit. So, each credit is equivalent to the amount paid for it. You can pay through VISA, PayPal, Mastercard, JCB, Discover, Diner, Cell/SMS, and Bitcoin.


There is a paid membership account for everyone too, who want to receive VIP treatment from the models of Xlovecams. The site has not mentioned the cost of their VIP membership account, but they do have one.

If you register yourself as a paid membership, you will gain access to all the locked photos and videos. This option is suitable for those who don’t like any kind of restrictions.

Site Performance

Cam Quality






Girls Online




Unique Girls








Our score: 81/100

Site Statistics

  • Top models: Ema Troy, Steffa, Daniella Croyse, Your Fit Love, Mia Summer, Aria Stone, Malory, Vitells, Emilly Taylor, Chaude Anne, Saraah Johns, Carol Hottest, Kate Mady, Zarah Di Vousy, Cexy, SalommeX, Zoe Dawson, Milana Hot Mature, Brezza Marina, Paola Lady, Jessira Bbit, Karen Brand, Bianca Foxx, Ivanna Miler, Sweet Milky Babe, Lolita Insatiable, Cindy Fontaine, Alisson Foster, Elly Grey, Juicy June, Chilli Gold, Donna Loren, Cin, Adella Sea, Xhot Loli, Holly Mays, Vallery Hott, Laila Noire, Lores Fontaine, Rany Lorena, Magaly Sexy, Lany Doll, Lola Bloom, Emerald, Hot Accent, and much more.
  • Models: The models of Xlovecams are gorgeous. They are from different parts of the world. They vary in body type, age, height, hair color, eye color, etc.
  • Types of shows: Free chat and private chat shows.
  • Body type: Athletic, petite, big breasts, big asses, average boobs, and more.
  • Webcam type: Most of the models use HD web cameras.
  • Galleries: All the models have their particular photo galleries and all the pre-recorded video saved.
  • Live broadcasting video: Good.

Competitors of Xlovecams

There are many adult webcam sites available on the internet which are good. Knowing that adult webcams sites are not new, and there is a wide choice of them, it does get challenging to choose the right one.

But then no adult webcam site is free from competitors, and the same can be said about Xlovecams too. Many adult webcam sites are doing good in this niche, and we have compared Xlovecams to these adult webcam sites to check whether these sites are actually giving a tough fight to this site or not.


So, the first site we thought about visiting is CamSoda. This site is fantastic and is filled with many beautiful adult performers.

The models of CamSoda are serious about their service, and in return, they expect nothing else but respect from their viewers.

The site of CamSoda is impressive and has listed all the categories and the online models on the homepage. 

This way, it becomes easier for everyone to navigate through the site. There are more than 3000 online models at any time. Here at CamSoda, you wouldn’t meet any unprofessional cam model.

The site was launched in 2015, and it is visited by 3,434,531 every month, which is not bad, especially because Xlovecams is a very old site if it's compared with CamSoda’s inception year. The site has an extensive model catalog, and there are tons of attractive features that you will like.

Most of the models use good-quality HD cameras, and the performers of CamSoda are fantastic too. Apart from private shows, you can spy on someone else’s show whenever you want for a very less amount.

The site has more than 20,000 registered models, and there are VR shows available too. Of course, the VR shows will cost you extra, but then they are fantastic.

We highly recommend CamSoda. visit the site and compare it with Xlovecams. You will find at least 500 models online whenever you will log in. You will discover lesbians, gays, straights, and trans as models here. Private chat shows include the cam-2-cam feature.

This site also has pornstars performing in live shows. If you haven’t visited CamSoda yet, you must visit the website right away.


The next site that you must visit is Chaturbate. Do you know that Chaturbate is visited by more than 300 million people every month? Now, that’s a considerable number.

Xlovecams was visited by 2,805,889 people only, while Chaturbate was visited by 417,311,926. Chaturbate has more than 200,000 models with them.

You can find 3000 models online anytime. During peak hours, you can even find more than 5000 models online.

Most of the shows are free, and the free shows contain a lot of explicit content. There are MILFs, lesbians, girls with big breasts, teens, and many more people waiting for you. 

chaturbate lp

You will be provided with tons of solo performers playing with sex toys, and there will be couples also. Plus, you are always free to spy on someone else’s private shows. This company is based in the USA, and most of the models are from there.

This adult site is counted among the top 20 adult webcam sites of all time.

If you want to meet horny singles wanting to have virtual sex with you, Chaturbate will be the right choice for you. There are enough free sex and nude shows available for you. You are free to tip the models if you want, or else keep yourself busy watching the free nude and sex shows.

The models available here on Chaturbate are all amateurs. You can also watch good looking couples having sex. Private shows are affordable as well.


The last site that is worth mentioning here is MyFreeCams. This site is yet again one of the most popular adult webcam sites. Last month, MyFreeCams welcomed 35,892,763 visitors.

Yet again, much more than Xlovecams. This site is only for women, meaning all the models are females only. The performers are willing to come for online sex shows always.

And because this website is so popular, people often tip the models, which encourages them to perform sex shows for free. You can find model index pages of each of the models.

Even MyFreeCams has more than 200,000 models registered with them, and on an average, you can find more than 4000 models online at any time. 


Because this is an online platform, you will see members from different parts of the world. There are lots of models to choose from, and you are free to invite anyone for a private show.

There are different types of paid shows available, such as group chat shows, private chat shows, and spy/voyeur shows. This site is also suitable for people who want to watch hot people getting naked in front of the camera.

And if you want to interact with some of the pornstars, then you are in luck, because MyFreeCams is often visited by famous pornstars.


  • The site looks impressive, and there are many excellent features available. There are tons of paid photos and videos for you.
  • Xlovecams has tons of free nude shows available for you where models can interact with new joiners. You will also find that model index pages are available. Models do get naughty on free chat shows as well, and they usually wear attractive outfits.
  • Xlovecams has tons of free nude shows available for you where models can interact with new joiners. You will also find that model index pages are available. Models do get naughty on free chat shows as well, and they usually wear attractive outfits.
  • Most of the models also use HD web cameras, this ensures that you get to watch an error-free show whenever you want to.
  • Most of the models also use HD web cameras, this ensures that you get to watch an error-free show whenever you want to.


  • Even though most of the girls use HD cameras, the best shows aren’t low cost. The free sex shows that you will get to watch are usually broadcasted using SD cameras which can disappoint few people.
  • The platform must have more online models than a mere 1000. And sometimes, the number goes down to as low as 400. Yet again, a disappointment.


To contact xlovecams, you need to visit their “contact us” page. Here, you can see an online email form. Enter your details and send them an email with the complaint you have. If you want, you can also send the customer support team a direct mail.


Xlovecam is not a unique webcam site, but it has a lot of free sex shows to offer. If you want to connect with some of the gorgeous girls from across the world, you can visit xlovecam once. You don’t have to pay anything for registration.

Xlovecam is a legit and safe webcam site that everyone must pay a visit to.

Parting words

This is our review on xlovecam, and we hope you found this review beneficial. Go on and check out the website right away and start chatting with your favorite models for free!

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